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  1. Superfly

    That fucking intro gave me nostalgia…

  2. Anto Wibowo

    antartica is cold thou, you can't wear your shorts there

  3. WaterTeaFan

    8:47 lmaoo pewds OUHH 10:02

  4. Waze

    I'm waiting for a vlog of pewds swimming to Antarctica with a floor gang flag to claim the other part of Antarctica

  5. N3RO

    12:20 is the funniest

  6. MrKhanPlays 🅥

    Thanks For 86 Subscribers 100 jaldi krwa do guyz Love U All❤

  7. Connie McFalcon

    Felix: you'd have to go to, what is that? Chile? Me: *sad argentinian noises*

  8. Mr.reaper

    Bruh why can't she eat the same meat ?

  9. Wolfie

    11:06 it's argentina

  10. Brandon

    its a friday here is aus

  11. Vivi Burger

    What happened? I remember pewds saying "mental bro".....then I woke up

  12. N3RO

    4:58 is what you’re looking for

  13. Jinan


  14. Simon TPF ⁶⁶⁶

    Ahh liberals !

  15. The invisible fighter

    So he doesn't heart comments anymore

  16. Secret Agent

    But it's Thursday

  17. CJD

    its friday in australia lol

  18. the bade duck

    why am i watching this when i live there

  19. Vince Heliotrope

    It's Thursday, close enough Felix your almost there! :3

  20. josh boomhower

    Antarctica aaàaarooo

  21. Josh Hiebert

    I'm convinced that modern art is just one giant money laundering ring or some kind of tax evasion loophole. There is no fucking way that dogshit art is worth anything.

  22. Jacques La`Wulfgang

    It's been so long since I watched a video from you. Really glad I did. Still good content.

  23. Joab Guerrero

    9:38 good meme

  24. ImJustHereToWatch

    Pewds! Why not visit antarctica and plant a flag on the unclaimed area then make a vlog about it.

  25. Eden Atua

    As an Australian, I have never heard anyone here call it a cantaloupe

  26. WaterTeaFan

    Its Friday for me rn

  27. Notty Rotty

    Your views are getting lower and lower

  28. Zaden Milfort

    Pewds… There is a hole in the ozone above Antarctica. Look it up

  29. Messina Lyle

    When you need to take down a moth, bring in a professional, from the SWAT team! You know--because it was a cat?

  30. Beth Zyrya

    You would enjoy this essay by Walter Benjamin - "The Work of Art in The Age of Mechanical Reproduction" it is a very interesting take on the way we view art through the years and how it actually ruins the original aura of the artwork. John Berger also had a chapter on it in "Ways of Seeing". Very philosophical and sociological.

  31. Seymon Solomon

    The minute I saw his feet on IG, I was waiting for this video

  32. MysteryVillage0921


  33. Vyshnav Sharma ×͜×

    Any indian guys😆?

  34. Spencer Coley [kOH-lee]

    Ken forgot America is more terrifying than so many other places I wouldn't ever run at night anywhere in America.

  35. Mukarram Hossain Shuvro

    you coming to Bangladesh???

  36. Joab Guerrero

    0:07 lwiay time

  37. EricTheRed

    Wohhhhh my pfp was in the vid thats cool

  38. aboutitsdad

    It was actually on a Friday Pewds, Well Done!

  39. Mergedaura1332

    Never clicked so fast in my life

  40. slougy e

    When this was uploaded its still Thursday for me

  41. Amy May

    You know they make these things called helicopters that will fly over Antarctic. Or you could take a ship, but I'd be afraid of icebergs.

  42. Jeff Kenny

    What is wrong with his feet 🤔

  43. Joab Guerrero

    0:31 you know what time it is

  44. Aris sagias

    11:00 I think there is some glitch going on with the site it should be flat

  45. chika!baka

    Atleast we don't have... belle delphine in our country.. THE WEST AND THE REST....

    1. chika!baka

      Fucking trolls are everywhere..lmao

  46. Laura

    “omg i love it, it’s like colors” big brain

  47. Joab Guerrero

    wow what a quality video pewds especially the intro

  48. Thromnabular Ruple

    Im pretty sure most of the really expensive art that looks like a child made it is literally just a money making scheme by rich people "if I buy this expensive art it will become even more expensive later on"

  49. wolf 9973

    9:41 this is the best one

  50. Mostafa mxs

    Felix never change 😇

  51. EL JAMMO

    Well it is Friday in Australia so you can have a pass.

  52. Marshal Uwu

    Damnnnnn it is friday

  53. A-GamerPlayer

    Alguien mas español que no entiende ni un carajo?

  54. vimal clash

    0:01 bfffff

  55. Josh Aldrine Bulingit

    Its friday here today in the Philippines, just sayin

  56. Trending Live TV

    Lol host. This is funny.

  57. Nate Stokes

    Glad I have the same toes as the king himself

  58. Jake Alyn

    Sive keep doing you lmfao

  59. Pumpikin Boy

    it is friday in the Philippines

  60. Rowl RMM

    Technically the North and South Poles are the other way around according to magnetism. The North 'geographic' Pole is actually the South 'magnetic' Pole. The reason for the discrepancy was arrogant Europeans who designed maps around themselves and also they thought the Earth was flat. So Antarctica is technically not floor gang according to magnetism. You're welcome Felix.

  61. Imperviousdragon

    5:09 🍕

  62. Kassandra Reynolds

    The ad hack doesn't work on anti smoking/vaping ads BUT I DON'T FUCKING SMOKE PLEASE STOP THE METAL MONSTER NOISES ARE SCARY AND I DON'T LIKE IT.

  63. VonjiGG


  64. Jmkap

    26:19 nah

  65. Epicness V

    Drinking game: take a shot every time a Friday with Pewdiepie video don’t come out on a Friday.

  66. CuriousCat

    You should stream yourself playing Yugioh one day on Twitch.

  67. Me-Me

    Holy shit I watched this on Friday

  68. jerome moz

    It is Friday

  69. rein15


  70. Marissa Kay

    SOMEONE please tell me where i can video the video at 7:25 i need to send it to my norwegian friend hahahaha i tried to search for it but couldn’t find it

  71. Dark CT-5879

    To believe the fact that there was a point where there were 1.2M likes 1.2M dislikes and 12M views it’s just funny

  72. Emperor Frank

    more than 110$ for a damn white Tshirt!

  73. 世斗陸Cedrick Meer Maloles

    Love you pewds!

  74. BusJesus

    You can wear that condom suit when you swim to Antarctica like that one dude from 90 day fiancé 😂😂

  75. Matzz Allí

    When your chilena: I got you pewds 😎

  76. keadawg15

    It the wild west hores thieves would put ice cream in there back pocket when everyone else was in Church

  77. Serrated

    The pride I feel for being the 1.3 millionth like is unmeasurable