Rating YouTubers House Tours


3.5 लाख वेळा पाहिला2 100

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    1. James Daniels

      Pewds never heard of smart lights/plugs

    2. icha hasibuan

      why pewdipie video almost never got on my reccomendation line youtube? i even subscribe him

    3. Cassy Locke

      At 12:40 in the vid, it feels like the lobby of a hotel.

    4. Jacob Brown

      Can anyone pl say pewdiepies gaming setup and gear?

    5. Grizz

      Jeffrey Starr’s house reminds me of the mansions that old oil barons had. No style just a bunch of unnecessary materialistic things. Just soulless and uncomfortable

    6. isaac_playzs

      In the first place why is the point of judging others pleoples house like other pleople don’t have stuff that you and other people have

    7. Moon Mart

      24:53 **guy opens and closes fridge** **fridge makes squeaking sound** now all I hear are minecraft noises

    8. Gjelbrim Ajvazi

      I forgor 💀

    9. Cristina

      Jeffrey's house is SO TACKY idk how someone would want to live in such an empty fortress

    10. Michael Jericho Nemedez

      Rating house without rating

    11. G G

      jeffrees is so funny because Nathan broke up with him after like a week or 2 and then jeffree moved to a farm because he said his house was to big and it made him lonely 💀

    12. Jacktheraider42.


    13. lightning4tz

      Come on pewdiepie youre to old to bully people

    14. Lilly Anna

      so many Animals suffering in the streets…they are dying in pain….Hunger and cold….also kids and they Need so much Luxus ????

    15. Rikardo Albertus Rajagukguk

      Nice vids Mr beast

    16. siemens1515

      After you killed Lady Dimitrescu Jeffree moved to her castle and put pinball machines next to the bloody fountain

    17. Anjali K

      i think troye's house was just marzia giving felix ideas for their own house

    18. ₒffᵢcᵢₐₗₐₗfₐbₑₜ


    19. Sakura4anime25

      I am a HUGE movie buff, so I would absolutely LOVE to have a theater room like Jeffree's, that would be a dream for me!

    20. Lauren OldAcct

      Idk why Jeffrey needs a gym he looks like he’d pass out from lifting a 5kg dumbbell

    21. Kicune


    22. Brianna Stumpf

      "it doesn't feel homey..... it's got a horrible feeling to it.... everything it cold and scattered" I meannnnnn it's Jeffree Star 😂😂😂 would say that fits his energy

    23. Anneke

      I turn all the lamps on in my house...

    24. bloodvow333

      The funny part is record labels have them nice buses so rockstars would stop trashing hotel rooms

    25. Reyne Derrick

      Australia has a low population and yet such a shit housing market. I don’t think I’ll ever move out. Sadness

    26. Curtis Mccarte

      I feel like the inside of these busses are always the colours and design for a 65 year old rich dude

    27. Mr. H

      Pewds should get one of those old black foot rests, they even rub your feet if you beat them hard enough

    28. Night Light GamerZ

      1:16 watch in 0.5x *Amog us*

    29. saphex

      How the fuck does this man use full screen on that huge ass display

    30. wabisabi

      I am an introvert and i hate troye's house...

    31. Jessica D


    32. Siebe Hoekstra

      tbh the girl in f was better than jeffree

    33. Kristina Navelsaker

      You should do a "designing the perfect house"-series, so you can rate it and put it on top.

    34. Shiva Kanchi


    35. Krazyito

      need a link to that monitor

    36. E . G

      sleeping in a house as big as jeffree stars would be so scary coz youd fall asleep, wake up and get lost inside your own house

    37. Karen Robinson

      The cable set up is something my boyfriend would also freak out on so I found Felix reaction too real and it hit home lol

    38. Josh G


    39. Nabiha quddus

      PewDiePie being respectful towards troye cuz marzia likes it ...so she doesn't get mad😅😅😅

    40. Jasmine Del Rosario

      Leeds showing off his desktop please if anyone could tell me you know what he has if he so down to buy it looks cool if have live wallpapers like his rain one he had on video. Sorry for long message, but man I want that big desktop so badly looks so cool!!!!

    41. kelsey hartman

      did he not realize bieber said “there’s more downstairs” there’s a downstairs in his bus. holy shit

    42. The Jacob Show!

      Pewdiepie: hOw MaNY fRIDges dO YoU nEEd?! Also Pewdiepie: *makes a house out of furnaces*

    43. Yogesh Reddy

      I am gonna plan to rob them with these house tour video🤣🤣🤣😁😁😁

    44. jafulton89

      @the grapes. rich people love balls

    45. Enderboy 64

      🏠 ⏰ 🏠

    46. MrMFreeman

      What is happening to the camera quality here

    47. Jaydon Winger

      I'm tall so im used to being the biggest in any room. So I really love houses I can just get lost in. Houses with so many rooms you forget about one and then you find it and its like a secret room every time

    48. Jaydon Winger

      hahahah AMETURE! pffft imagine paying extra for a "steam feature". Like bruh I just crank the water hot and step out of the water. you can even open the shower door/curtain and you'll steam the whole bathroom. boom sauna

    49. Jaydon Winger

      I loooove accent LED lights no matter the color so I really liked Justin's bus

    50. Monkey_ass12

      Felix needs to review mia malkova's house tour her house is insane

    51. Eric el Nomada

      @7:28 *Justin Bieber be like* : it was, Me, Alfrredo and Rodrigo! You shouldve been there, anyways... xD

    52. Garrix Martijn

      Kayanya rumah sisca kohl juga harus direview deh Felix you have to review Sisca Kohl's house, she's an Indonesian tiktoker.

    53. Rhyme

      Please review Dakota Johnson's house next!

    54. ZUCKIYU

      Why are u watching this pewds?

    55. hUzymAh😑

      Ur legit seriously

    56. Scythe 78

      Jeffree star wastes so much....he spent millions of dollars on random projects in his old house and then suddenly buys another mansion and starts new projects there

    57. Stardustmcphee Tea

      PewDiePie throwing a fit over not having a steamy shower is just great lol... same

    58. Faaz Siddiqui

      what display is pewdiepie using at 2:11?

    59. Elle Ollanas

      Seeing this in Canada on my second week. Thank u for cheering me up Papa Pewds❤️ Me and my siblings watch your vids together ever since Amnesia. Now its just me here in 🇨🇦.

    60. Isabel Ortiz

      how do you not know who alfredo is pewds

    61. SebastianTV Conn

      Ken do be right, the housing market is off the charts expensive

    62. DoughyInTheMiddle

      MRplansr with 500 subs, "Wow, look at Pewd's setup! That's sweet." Pewds: "Wow, look at Bieber's bus! That's sick!" Bieber: "Eh...so this is where I work, and this is where I sleep. It's cool."

    63. Wuqz

      I never noticed this until now but I can just barely notice his Canadian (Ontario) accent. I feel like he purposely altered his voice for so long to hide it that he's nearly lost it completely. He's like the exact opposite of Drake lol.

    64. WishMount

      As somebody who lives in Melbourne, Troye’s house is so fucking typical Melbourne hipster (Fitzroy and Brunswick vibes if you know you know). And yes, market is fucked here- not Sydney fucked- but still fucked up. To have a house like that in Melbourne tho is very fucking rare, you’d have to live in the “fancy neighbourhood” or 2 hours out of the city I personally don’t think it’s worth it.

    65. Martina

      Not particularly a Jeffree fan, but you should've watched the remodeled house tour pewds😅

    66. Daniela Vaal

      troye's house is a HOME. a real home. I'd fall asleep cozy and wake up refreshed and ready if I live there.

    67. Michelle Mercil

      Such a weirdly traditional, old money house for Jeffree. You would think his house you reflect who he is a little bit more.

    68. Angel_15

      Is it just me that loves jeffree’s house especially after all the renovation ?

    69. unknown

      reviews linus of Linus Tech Tips new house

    70. MA L

      Why do millionaires have Breville espresso machines. Like COME ON!

    71. El


    72. ᴾˡˢ ᴴᵉˡᵖ ᴹᵉ ᵀᵒ ᴿᵉᵃᶜʰ 169ᴷ ˢᵘᵇˢᶜʳⁱᵇᵉʳ ᵀᵒⁿᶦᵍʰᵗ

      Dear parents,, just because your child is smiling at their phone, doesn’t mean they have boyfriend or girlfriend, they just watching this masterpiece.

    73. Slushyx Paper

      ok i think i am in a simulation cause when someone puts some random comment it gets a lot of likes but whenever I leave a comment it gets no likes

    74. Chloe Red

      I absolutely love Troye’s house there’s so much personality and homely vibes that none of the other’s had. And so much natural light and greenery?? Incredible.

    75. Goodguy Typhlosion


    76. Bebe

      everytime i see pokimane her hair just gets bigger

    77. Livi Laree

      Troye's house is my dream!

    78. ArchesBro

      If Pokimane has another similar room where she can sit/lay down and watch tv, chill game, then her setup is dramatically better than the rest of these. Beiber's is really good too, but it would be nice if his table was larger for using a REAL computer.

    79. Faelen Crepe

      Troyes house was by far the best out of all of these in this video by far

    80. KrAbbY TunA

      When pewdiepie house tour

    81. Curburt Laurent

      Not a single house was Children friendly

    82. Milkshakes

      Why does Felix say sentences like he’s reading a twitch chat

    83. RobinFlysHigh

      22:45 Me: "I guess you've never met my mom then."

    84. Jesus Damian

      I honestly agree with most of what Felix says. I’d much rather $100,000 to build myself a house than $1,000,000+ mansion. They have no personality and just feel like hotels more than anything. I would stay no more than 3 days on a vacation.

    85. Vixxed Coffee

      I would LOVE to live in Troye's house. It feels so cozy and warm, I love it so much

    86. Dr. Silly

      Felix is so inspirational

    87. Larry

      Boo felix you retired youtube and stop roasting people

    88. Portgas D Ace

      Troye and Bretman's house legit looks cool and comfy. Like people actually lives there.

    89. Joan Smith

      4:40 - 4:52 Why is Christmas music playing in the background? I hear the tune of Gloria,Angel we have heard on High.

    90. Tasneem Sadia

      I also have a house. It has a sink like table, bathtub like bed, shower like light and a toilet like chair, it's 2 in 1.

    91. Moody Dude

      This is cool but did you know that the koala has one of the lowest ratios of brain to body mass of any mammal.

    92. Dahmsy

      12:28 well that is Jeffree Star for you so makes sense 😂

    93. djdaniverse

      Do Jbalvin next

    94. MonkeyBrain

      wtf felix ??? this is dumb. Want to come and rate my toilet (freshly flush)?

    95. BlessedGaming08

      My TV is 90 inches…

    96. mohammadreza

      08:40 i don't have Yard t home but he have sauna at car!WTF i thinks it's for fun

    97. lilac playss

      Jeffery star’s lobby is literally bigger than my house and garage combined..was expecting it tho lol

    98. Dedede63

      15:19 eggdog portrait

    99. Silvia Mihailescu

      This guy, Troy, looks like he intended to look loose, comfy and casual… with that half shirt out of his pants, but turned out to look like he rushed to put some clothes on before the camera man came in. He can also leave the shirt out, there’s an idea(to cover that orange zipper…🤣🤣)… Don’t want to hate on the guy, it looks slightly ridiculous… Am I too boomer in taste of clothing fashion?😂🤣