Vegan Teacher is in Love with me


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    1. Gabriela Rodríguez

      Anyone else looked at the search thing and saw h3h3 LOL 😂

    2. sebastiank2939

      anyone else notice she looked up h3h3? no just me?

    3. Mr.reaper

      Bruh why can't she eat the same meat ?

    4. Midnight_Lynx

      What is wrong with the vegan teacher we can eat whatever we want specially the vegan teacher

    5. Yentl Tellings

      I’m watching PewDiePie, watch ThaT Vegan Teacher watch an old PewDiePie video.

    6. Yentl Tellings

      Awh, I ship them. 😂

    7. Sarada Page Diocletian

      Crazy thing is I agree with a lot of her points but she's so damn insufferable.

    8. rachael Imoagene


    9. officer dogelore

      Vegan teacher has the determination to fight against China

    10. Hayden Hill

      She has a crush on him no doubt

    11. We Are Hereos

      you wanna be her daaaaadddddddddyyyyyyyyyy.

    12. Asnar Keen

      here the timestamp for where the video really Begins 7:15

    13. Nawak Art

      Me finding the video cool. Me remembering I m vegan. Going to the comment. I m going to do like I didn t see it 😭 Guys pls.

    14. Kameshki

      Vegan teacher : ayo you! now I will milk you

    15. Tyler Scott

      “She took a 1 and half minute video and turned it into a 15 minute video” Y’all just took a 15 minute video and turned it into a 30 minute video 😂

    16. Łîl šûññÿ

      Why did she search “h3h3”

    17. DarioGamer555

      I eat vegan burger end vomit out of my mouth

    18. Lily Clover

      Excuse me but I've been to sea world and it is full of hurt animal's

    19. Justina Slemin

      Just imagine someone tells the vegan teacher there going to a vegan camp to learn about the animals and they take her to a animal slaughter house 🤣🤣

    20. Legendary Lizard

      PewDiePie: Have ya ever like, threw a plant at a duck. Because I have haha Vegan teacher: OMG YOU GET A CHECKMARK FOR CHECKING IF THE DUCK WAS ALIVE!

    21. Kemenyan Quantum ART

      95% of dhis video is talking, and 5% is REACTING TO THE VODEO

    22. megoffy

      she says its a vegan burger, but it literally has cheese on it lmao

    23. Slightly Crazy Vegan

      Hehehe you do know that That Vegan Teacher knew it wasn't vegan right? It was a prank.

      1. Legendary Lizard

        Hehe did you actually know That Vegan Teacher is you little twat! 😜

    24. fox_gaming12

      11:36 Vegan teacher:"There could be beans in there made of beans" Me:Yes this floor is made out of floor

    25. Marrone Family

      shes the obisite of nice to ssniperwolf watch it!

    26. Daniella Cardenas


    27. c h 0 c l a t e

      I almost died from watching this

    28. Reeceyrice07

      This women probs hates matt stonie

      1. traithor Laived

        Hahaha, how about tanboy kun

    29. wayne johnson

      U need 200million

    30. coolosc 74


    31. shawn_548

      Vegan teacher watching this video right now: WOW YOU STUPID F***

    32. ÏtżGächä Pïckłë

      In the beginning those “nuggets” were mozzarella sticks (I could see cheese spilling out) 😂

    33. Tapan pyne

      Move your webcam a little side

    34. smrthu

      She is the nicest to PewDiePie

    35. Katrina Samarita

      Vegan teacher should review all mukbangers, nikocado avocado at least 😂

    36. Die2infinity

      This Vagen teacher is why we have people in our society that actually believe the world is flat, She's the classic Stupidit Karen I just feel sorry for those who meat this woman (Yes i put meat instead of met because of the joke opportunity dispite the grammar being wrong) Also I know it's meet not meat again I used meat for the joke but for real imagine the people who actually had to talk to her in person

    37. {The Zensers}

      Is a Karen bad or a vegan Karen bad?

    38. ANUSHKA A

      haters- this is the worst channel fans- call the vegan teacher pls XD

    39. TBASRG

      I love ur videos so much you cured my depression😭😭 my mom always abuses me and my brother doesn't care😭😭😭 I love ur videos so much I always cry cuz of my mom😭

    40. Not.KOD__LeGaCY

      Ye apke niche gir geya tha

    41. Not.KOD__LeGaCY

      Hohohoiu lol bhai onek funny

    42. irfah ibrahim


    43. feras jameel

      this video hurts. it really hurts

    44. • bübblė_pøp •

      “I googled meat” Vegan teacher“That are VEGAN”

    45. Claire Anthony

      I got kicked by a goat

    46. ND15

      Have you seen how she attack Billie eilish for being a bad vegan

    47. Willy G

      pewdiepie: moves vegan teacher: OMG GUYS HES VEGAN YES VEGAN GXD pewdiepie again: gets burger vegan teacher again: yep it vegan check mark! me:…….huh

    48. The Falcon

      I'm vegetarian and just want to say vegans and vegetarians aren't all this stupid lol.

    49. The Falcon

      I just subbed to his channel today lol he is like the biggest MRplansr right now so am I correct?

    50. hyper duck

      Is so curse to see 3 face cam

    51. ashplays Gurl

      I feel like shes trying to create a positive era around pewdipie so she doesn't get canceled.

    52. Kate Cooper

      My girl That Vegan Teacher tryna get some of that PewDiePie clout by saying all good thing about him

    53. Norideom

      3:32 that tune is from the amazing world of gumball how has nowone else relised

    54. dave obrien

      Can I give u a reason vegan teacher that there is not point of tell Him CUZ HE EATS MEAT.

    55. Lea and Blue

      I love how she says "You've grown up so much" and we haven't even go pasted the thumbnail XD

    56. milliegacha

      Let's be honest if she tried to cancel him uhm she'd be banned in 1 min

    57. J C

      I am vegetarian but that vegan Karen makes me want to eat meat again 🤣🤣🤣

    58. Kirk's Adventures

      Who puts fish in their swimming pool?

    59. Lomas. Kl


    60. Zvanzicsh


    61. School work

      Hey guys, two words. Water sheep

    62. Wyatt Creger

      Cancel that vegan teachers channel

    63. Peang Rithymuny

      This sucks

    64. gojou kakashi Silva


    65. SirSmiley

      I got advertisements for meat on this video with "Vegan" in the title

    66. ahmad sherbini

      Pewdiepie and Ken reacting to vegan teacher reacting to pewdiepie reacting to how fish is made

    67. dan dobrowolski

      Veganism is a cult.

    68. Maddie Barrett

      18:00, she was going to say OBJECTS! 🤣

    69. J PLAYZ

      It.. has… cheese…….

    70. Junhoh Yapp


    71. Alankrita Vikram

      I died when he said that the greatest threat of the internet is the vegan teacher

    72. Reign Ryn

      If the chicken is vegan, then the person who eats the chicken is a second hand vegan.

    73. Natasha Boulianne

      She almost called the goldfish objects 🤣🤣🤣

    74. RagingNami

      Pewdiepie I feel so bad that you and Ken witnessed this crazy that just makes my head hurt.

    75. Tuấn Vũ

      Si why

    76. Tuấn Vũ


    77. Ellie Garcia

      Im dying of laughter rn

    78. Maisey life

      This 60 year old women has a crush on a 32 year old boy

    79. drone337

      Vegan teacher:spots pewDiePie eats a not vegan meat* Vegan teacher:that is vegan PewDiePie eats it*

    80. Ringuis08


    81. Peggy Cascio


    82. Y.Dox

      23:30 really. REALLY this vegan woman always say that line and it really annoys me

    83. #its_mee

      The vegen teacher talking about fish not eating them ME: bruh i am eating fish YUM

    84. Gamer1986PAN

      Knowing the originial video from PewDiePie and watching this Vegan Teacher is why i can't trust any vegans out there. She even did't notice that the fish scene was some bs and Pewds showed the correct one after.

    85. Antonina Khramova

      Tbf, in every class I had that everyone hated there was this one student who's teacher's favorite for no reason, I don't see why the vegan class has to be different.

    86. bennyj harkless

      its called the life cycle

    87. Blueb3rry

      That vegan teacher is in love with you he doesn’t even know if all those things are vegan

    88. Family Bennett

      Why do you hate her I liked the song and the vid that she did

    89. Janvi

      Vegan karen

    90. ZbrannonLive

      What the thing in his hand I’m curious *pulls out wallet*

    91. DJ GUY

      vegan teacher=total karen

    92. lin yuchen

      if pewdiepie says no a thousand times........

    93. Deepti Sharma

      You are not even 2 you are 3 1st is t series 2nd is set India

    94. Deepti Sharma

      Check t series 193 million hahahahahahhahahahahahahh loser

    95. Onit Miths

      Feels like how non-fans want pics of Pewds for clout, this chick is featuring Pewds in her vids for views. Hopefully not 😭

    96. Ultimate Will

      bread is made with milk isn't it

    97. Ralph Yeet

      12:28 I really don't care I want to eat the normal ones because it makes me feel powerful.