How Fish Is Made (HowItsMade #2)


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    How we make fish huh
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    1. Swanson

      Man that Vegan Hamburger though!

    2. imsonotessi

      as a Finn - felix brand mashed potato is great. so is the ketchup 10/10

    3. uwu

      Felix getting bamboozled by the goldfish parody video is the best thing ever

    4. Neil Cuaresma

      I can't believe it. Even Pewdiepie took a minute in to catch on that the How It's Made Episode he is watching is pure bullcrap lmao

    5. LURIFAX

      Bruh, change yer name to: Felix Potatismos Kjellberg. That'd be EPIC! 😎

    6. Never Give Up

      I Love Fish

    7. Sophie H.

      the thing with eating fish is that it is unreasonably bad for the environment.

    8. Patrik Jonsson

      I'm from Sweden

    9. the gachawolf puppy


    10. Shin Akachi

      Happy you asked! I'm from Greece where our leaders have fucked us over because they're traitors.

    11. matox01tekk

      Im from Czechia where we have Hamé ketchup

    12. G G

      i love how the vegan lady ignored the rest of the video 👁👄👁

    13. MCpumpskin

      Heii don't spot on my food

    14. Roseline288 Ralte

      The vegan teacher punching the air roght now

    15. Saint J

      florida, felix. im from florida, usa.

      1. Shakthi Ganesh

        Have you ever RKO'd an alligator?

    16. enriched macaroni product

      "the goldfish... known for their love of crowded, compact, and bare environments" i think i see why the chinese domesticated them

    17. Maryam Gaftin

      0:23 lol Flipping nife

    18. MissJEL


    19. FearlessRomey


    20. ج محمد PES

      هل من مشترك



    22. Henry Simmons

      Felix: don't make those fish mate!! That's horrible Also Felix: so this is where I made my Frick chamber where I force villagers to make more slaves for me

    23. Nashad Soeker

      Ive never seen a vegetarian hate so much on a tomato 😭😭

    24. Douglas Chow

      This is why my goldfish reproduce themselves instead of having to support goldfish killers (Not trying to be a vegan teacher supporter.)

    25. Rechell Castro

      110M subers

    26. M J

      So , he's just streamed for over a year and still not get any ... just kidding, he just do a stream whenever and at bad times

    27. sexy man phate

      the bad goldfish are turned into mcnuggets

    28. marito_yo


    29. Joseph Saunderson

      Salmon drone army

    30. Markuris

      Omg please someone make a meme with fish factory reversed and label it as fish army factory.

    31. RoboRat

      I need a pewds balsong

    32. Johnathan Flesher

      When kids made fun of my last name in school it was “Flusher down the toilet. I felt that, bro. Coming from Indiana

    33. Yasin J

      13:29 IRAN

    34. Jade Rose

      The new Fall Guys map trailer looks wicked fun here!

    35. mezr__gimze

      اعتقد اول عربي اني👈🇮🇶

    36. Ethera Evens

      I'm from Malaysia TvT

    37. Thirsty Nardo

      I'm glad he left the satire reaction in. Idk why but it makes it way funnier that he actually watched it.

    38. Umesh pabasara

      From Sri Lanka

    39. ASEK Rodriguez

      these fishies are sentenced to “snu snu”

    40. Niqmal

      What are you holding PewDiePie

    41. thekidtrey

      5:48 now close your eyes and imagine what he could be talking about 😂

    42. tœ0_o

      13:00 bottle surprise 🤤🤤🤤

    43. Deep Anand

      The muscular man then blows carbon dioxide into the water🤣🤣🤣🤣

    44. Deep Anand

      eew, i was watching the parody... lol🤣🤣🤣🤣

    45. Rechele Vaill

      This is the funniest shit I’ve seen in a long time 🤣

    46. LaDeeDon

      As a ichthyologist, this is a great video.

    47. MeiLights


    48. ItzBlade

      Dominican Republic

    49. Cédric Pantjes


    50. Jiminaizer

      Salmon flipper game xD

    51. Ermina Pacavar

      The thumbnail is perfect i mean Our Thumbnail🇷🇺

    52. T fligher

      Where are you from

    53. Crow W.P

      Pewds' reaction is literally me like 3 months ago searching, purely confused, how it 'works' with axolotls and wasting like an hour of my time watching 4 different videos of them doing the tango Literally was just curious and then was so determined to know- Turns out she just lays eggs or something unless I have somehow forgotten, and he fertilizes them- Fertilize? Like plant?

    54. AnomalyINC

      Now this doesn't apply to all fish, but a lot of them don't actually mate. The female lays unfertilised eggs, and then the male comes over and sprays them with his special fishy-sauce. This fertilises the eggs, and mama and papa fish swim away.

    55. 김선훈

    56. Alex Cleveland


    57. Orlando Höntsch Franco


    58. Creative designs 3D Print

      I am from Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦

    59. FlintZero

      Master pewdiepie

    60. Robloxplayer3626

      Where am I from? The Philippines.

    61. Leli Dawi

      Why did you fast forward in the real version Felix?! I wanna know if goldfishes actually like compact small environments because it made me so happy to think they like it 🥺

      1. Le Z

        @Leli Dawi no animal does

      2. Leli Dawi

        @Le Z DAMMIT, that's what I always used to assume, then that parody gave me hope...

      3. Le Z

        Spoiler, they don't

    62. Ciller

      Unfortunately Felix, some information is proprietary

    63. Taylor Hillard

      I love how it took til "a muscular bodybuilder blows carbon dioxide" until he realized,lmao.

    64. Francis MacDonald

      I think they just showing all their tomato torture techniques but the murdering is to much

    65. Joseph Dery

      San diego

    66. Adrian Eriksson

      sweden ofc

    67. Meme Central

      I’m from Pakistan 🇵🇰

    68. Meme Central

      Omg I I’m dead to why would the mean humans do this 😢😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😢😢😢🥺😢😢😢

    69. Jakub pik

      I get what felix is saying and it makes sense ..... I would kill a pig - i have no problem eating it ... But i dont what to eat kangaroos , or ducks even tho they Taste awsome i dont like the fact that a baby was killed just for it to taste good .

    70. Atharva bagale

      After seeing tomato murder the omnivorous vegan teacher will turn full time carnivorous

    71. s0y_AAA

      i'm from the world capital of insecurity.. Argentina

    72. Saitama’s_hair

      This is the video that the vegan teacher picked up 00:03

    73. Jade Ash

      After hearing the Felix commercial and how they say Potatoes I can never un-hear it again. xD (It close to how we say it in Egyptian)

    74. Fiona Idle

      wait no whatg sorry wtf felix fix urself

    75. Dylan Felts

      These are pretty funny

    76. Douglarce02

      HOLY SHEESH That was a trip down hill since 1:16 MY GOD

    77. Camila Vecchi

      Im from Argentina

    78. alex strugari


    79. Peter Knopf

      Hey Pewds, if you ever want to see this process done by hand they have a public display area by the water in Grand Haven where people take their salmon and go through the entire process and none of it is obscured.

    80. Courtney Hopson

      I straight up died when he said “one last joy ride” like when I die I want my one last joy ride like them salmon😂😂

    81. Mr Same

      I come from the blue universe, where everything is blue, even things you can’t see is also blue

    82. Thane Fenrir

      I see the butterfly knife Is still getting its time in.

    83. Calvin Hullum

      I'm from Texas

    84. ade priyanto

      love it when pewds slamed the table and screen got glitch lol

    85. Dayna

      x'D reminds me of Annoying Orange on MRplans

    86. 3antr m3nter

      Anyone know what that thing Felix holding in his hand

    87. scatz

      here's something to search: how is banana ketchup made?

    88. scatz

      I breed goldfishes haha although this is satire, it's quite accurate except for the gold ones being sick and those guys being culled after they squeeze it. Goldfish are actually culled when they're still babies. also, they're not "not doing anything" the male goldfish squeezes the females so that the eggs fall off and the male goldfish just jizzes around everywhere in the tank, this is natural breeding. squeezing of the persons at the start of the video is called manual breeding.

    89. Hugo and Skye

      Haha the vegan teacher reacted to this😂🤣

    90. sueco

      texas el paso in case you needed to know

    91. Lachlan Gilbert


    92. Shadow Snipes

      I'm from your moms house, felix

    93. Triscuit 907


    94. Kawayolnyo

      Greetings from the GLORIOUS mother Russia, Felix. Felix ketchup was one of the most popular ketchup brands in here during the 90's and early-to-mid 2000's. Stop slandering Felix, Felix. Felix is a great ketchup and it does everything better. It's way better than Heinz, for one.

    95. Loke Björklund

      jag visste inte att Felix ketchup hade en en så dum slogan

    96. Roman Garcia

      Nothings real

    97. Blooper Trooper

      I am from Lebanon and thank you for helping us

    98. Horst Hooden

      Speak for yourself Felix. I was just happy to clap some cheeks again and you cant even be happy for me.

    99. adaRes Ada

      org indonesia nonton bilek :bucara apa babi

    100. saiasi

      Me:*intensified god dammit Felix*