MrFeast KICKED OUT Of Store, What Happens Is Shocking


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    1. LoneStranger089

      Uhh...damn, the like 10-minute long period where neither Pewdiepie nor Cheese-Tard Ken can understand what is going on is obnoxiously ridiculous. I think Pewdiepie is legit stupid enough to believe that this video is real and that Ken is stupid enough to do literally everything Pewdiepie tells him to. Because he wants Pewdiepie's likes and views.

      1. Preimer's dad

        Why *shouldn't* a video have the 10-minute mark anyways? Pewdiepie doesn't even have ads anymore shown on his channel.

    2. Samuel408

      Why is there a grown man wearing kitty ears 🤣🤣🤣

      1. Preimer's dad

        If I remember well, there was literally a Dhar Mann video about how you shouldn't judge someone of which headphones they wear, and here you are.

    3. EstephaniaNB

      Jajajaja cringe

      1. Preimer's dad

        Ikr, Dhar Mann is cringe af.

    4. please help me reach 60 subscribers

      He has 110 million subscribers and he has average views of 2million Dhar mann has 12 million subscribers and he has an average of 2 million views So the point is*"YOU ARE A LOSER"*

      1. Preimer's dad

        Your username is literally the open pinnacle of self promotion. And this is what Dhar Mann taught you? Be a snowflake and compare someone like this by views just because one of them did a reaction video?

    5. ember13dp

      My dude has got the Jack Nicholson eyebrows going on.

    6. Nazif Eram

      looked more like bruce wayne buying supermans house in justice league than a mrbeast thing


      Subscribe bro

      1. Preimer's dad


    8. Joshua 5

      Cocomelon sucks

    9. Joshua 5

      PewDiePie defeat Cocomelon

    10. Later Tech

      you jealous youtube dummy

      1. Preimer's dad

        Why would he be jealous?

    11. Shourya Sharma

      Dude get ur beard back

    12. NoFr1ends

      is your chair glowing?? I NEED THAT

      1. Lazy

        Buy it

    13. Chuyan Caram

      I’m here because of dhar Mann 😂

      1. Preimer's dad

        You don't look like another ignorant fan who tries to attack someone just cuz Dhar Mann portrays them as evil.

    14. Sebas_da_fish

      I have always wanted to know how can I get that knife that you keep flipping around???

    15. ododm1


    16. Icefy

      I Love It When The Notification Co‌mes, "Someone Has Subscribed Your Channel" 😁 It Alw‌ays Makes My Day!..

      1. Lazy

        Nice now this will get likes and subs

    17. Feltur Tura

      i hate you pewdiepie

      1. Lazy


      2. Natasha Bhatnagar


      3. Preimer's dad

        So positive 👶

    18. Ignaye

      Ok but somehow i got addicted to pewdiepie reaction vids

    19. Pratyush HP

      T-Series: u suck pewdiepie and lives to regret it

      1. Lazy

        He stopped caring about t series get a life

      2. Preimer's dad

        Why do u care about something that doesn't even matter?

    20. Madara Uchiha

      In all fairness. If this happened to PewDiePie it would be the same result. I mean if PewDiePie decided to not shop at a store because of an asshole Employee, he may get fired.

      1. Madara Uchiha

        Terrible acting either way.

    21. Sesameseed gaming 01

      I mean say what you will about dhar Mann but he still pools like 3x to 4x the amount of views as pewdiepie

      1. Preimer's dad

        @Sesameseed gaming 01 That's not how it works fetus 👶

      2. Sesameseed gaming 01

        @Preimer's dad never knew more views means more popularity

      3. Preimer's dad

        Never knew Dhar Mann taught you that more views means better content

    22. theyerm

      Dhar mann typing in chat..........

    23. Jumpee


    24. Jibyju Ibrahimovic

      Wtf where is the link that was actually good.

    25. SolarTree73

      We love you PewDiePie!

    26. Clacker

      My teacher just showed us a Dhar Mann video in class What.

      1. Preimer's dad

        She isn't even a teacher if she showed you a Dhar Mann video.

    27. Puffhell

      Whay happen r youtube gaming vidos

    28. Kirigaya Kazuto

      Me:Turns on cc CC:Mr beEf

    29. Niysiah

      I lost respect for Mr beast once I watched his video where he was donating to or as he put it appreciating female streamers. The video was filled with him basically telling women act different, don't dress that way, have respect for yourself ect.. for money. For example there was a female doing yoga or dancing or something like that and her top showed cleavage, not even an innapropriate amount of cleavage, and he implied she needed to have more respect for herself because of her clothes.. there were a few other things he said to the women in that video, and I'm not a feminist or anything of that nature, it just hit me wrong.. since then I've noticed and realized some things he does.. I do appreciate the fact that he helps people who are in need but I honestly feel after watching his videos for awhile that he's just not at all a genuine person, fake for the camera's and that's it. I'm just saying.. Sean did something similar, donating to twitch streamers for a video and despite the fact that he did it for a video he was kind, respectful and just the genuine smile he had when he seen how much his donations mean to the streamers, and that's the difference, that genuine heartwarming feeling.. I've never gotten that or seen that from Mr beast, even back when I would watch his videos all the time.. it's that feeling of transparency, you begin to see his angles where that line crosses from helping others but ultimately helping yourself because you know people will eat up anything that seems like a good cause. Anywho sorry to ramble I just really don't fuck with Mr. Beast.. clearly.

    30. Occboc

      Bruh how the fek does a store that has ps5s in stock struggling

    31. PRO BG

      Next dharmann vid be like: dad goes to get water instantly regrets it

    32. German Kitz

      *Its animation for youtube upload do not worry he still Record*

    33. Mytpat 2.0

      I am subscribing

    34. Nisha Thakur

      I'm sorry i just unsubscribed

    35. Sharp Claws

      I didn't realize the said "MrFeast" instead of "MrBeast" until I watched the video

    36. WaterMilk

      Subscribe to Ken guys

    37. not cbt


    38. xtzi xx

      Don’t let Trashy paytes find this video out Lolol 😂

    39. Kaine


    40. Vento

      This is straight up a dissig

    41. RankaZer0

      Mr. Beast is great until you tell him no

    42. Sammer Hajjar

      Editor best video! P.S. keep up the fantastic work to all of y'all.

    43. MrDog 🐺🐾


    44. Huzen Yang

      The cringe is extra strong in this one.

    45. Jacob Richmond

      Joe looks like the dollar store Tom Brady

    46. 【 RADLEA 】

      Seriously, can anyone please tell me, what is the thingy that pewds always hold in his right hand???

    47. Kausar Banu

      Everytime, Karen calls the manger.. but this time, the Karen is the manager himself-

    48. Kausar Banu

      Next video of dhar Mann : PewDiePie Makes fun of Dhar Mann, Instantly regrets it. Also, PewDiePie, you shouldn't make fun of Dhar Mann or else he will make fun of you like he did to Mr beast. be ready for "PooDewDie" 😂

      1. Preimer's dad

        So having fun isn't allowed on MRplans?

    49. minecraft is 234

      Dhar mann sucks pewdiepie rock's

    50. Shrek


    51. Dan Jonx VR


      1. Dan Jonx VR

        How did you know what I meant?

    52. Sathira Wijeratne

      What if Joey didn't pick the key😂

    53. commandblock_commander

      i like the way pewdiepie is playing with a butter fly knife

    54. Khieu Sanothona

      handler more like my chandler he my fav more than karl

    55. Heyyofryman

      I’m too baked for this👊🏻

    56. Jacktheraider42.


    57. Dumb Man

      Thank God this comment section isn't invaded by trolls.

      1. ender 3210

        "Thank God this comment section isn't invaded by trolls" *1 hour later*

      2. Anti fake Preimer gang

        gay kid

    58. Yngkdnited

      Mr.Feast looks more like Mudsig(Ludwig) than Mr.Beast

    59. soham

      who let Hank Schrader loose


      Subscribe to pewdiepie

    61. Ze_ Ango

      Felix is seriously eating the gfuel powder cmon man

    62. subscribe and i will subscribe back


    63. Nemesis

      Mr feast

    64. Ronald4728 (deleted by my mom)

      Mr feast its mr beast

    65. samar   dancer

      Tati sala

    66. Hridaan Jhaveri

      Ya know Dharr Mann totally butchered mr beast for me.

    67. Shimon

      This dhar Mann's video is like Chinese knockoff of mrbeast😂

    68. Amanuel Yibrah Mehari


    69. Kindly Help me reach 200 Subscribers With No Video

      Fun fact: Just imagine how many people come here everyday

    70. aruminoi vincere

      imagine someone backing a semi into a parking lot to buy everything in a store.

    71. Aahil tm cvn

      THAT'S IS NOT MRBEAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!😡😡

    72. Yoshxi

      I’m so jealous u have 110M subs

    73. sherbert :p

      13:07 - the shrimp from shark tale..

    74. sjtez

      'when you're young money seems like such an important thing.' Right, which is why young people are so well known for respecting and cherishing the money they have, and not spending it on frivolous things like insurance and investments.

    75. Diamondsky

      Don’t make fun about dhar Mann he changes life’s

      1. G1optimus

        its called criticism, its how the internet works.

      2. Preimer's dad

        Still doesn't change the fact he endorses toxic messages.

    76. M. Banerjee

      Moral: Money makes people nicer.

    77. cheese straw studios

      ah yes, the moet popular philanthropist, *Mr.Feast.*

    78. kristian kearney


    79. Yossi Yehezkel

      "we love everyone on this channel" *6ix9ine tho*

    80. Khaby Lame Fans

      MrFeast is sooooo nice 😍💕😢

    81. Amy DeClue

      Pewdiepie just insulted his son lol

    82. Ethan Funches

      Dhar Mann ruined mrbeast

    83. Ethan Funches

      Hey you an t series should collab then you would be better then then you will have more subs

    84. Tom


    85. Josh Bosh

      Why does Mr Feast look like Ludwig

    86. warlordboybeast 1000


    87. warlordboybeast 1000


    88. Leonardo Meza pasch

      Mrfeast eats to much

    89. probro yash

      pewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwdiepieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 😂😂😂😂

    90. Kazi Tasrifuzzaman Shomudro

      Felix bro, get a life and create controversies once again, and let the age of enlightenment begin!

    91. Danielle Russell

      good likeit somuch good likeitvideos good

    92. Danielle Russell

      good like it mrbeast so good like so good hes best good

    93. Ruthvik Reddy

      Pewdiepie are subscribed to Mr.beast

    94. Ruv

      Now i Hate PewDiePie

      1. Preimer's dad


      2. NEW ZU WEN Moe


    95. Erob

      I actually liked the actors in this Video

    96. Lucas Silva

      Hello everyone, imagine this would be the last day of you upon earth, what would you do? Talk with those beloved ones and say I love you? Donate everything you have to charity? Or maybe follow Lord's will... Would the last day be enough to talk to everyone as you wish? Donate everything you have for whom really need it? and make the perfect God's wish? Any day can be the last day, so make it worth it right now, be the one you know you must be right now, don't let it for later, if you are so confused that you don't know from where to begin, start with a prey to your Lord, asking for directions and read his holy bible, that you'll find the way and the true meaning of your life..

    97. THE MS


    98. Jessohn Joelle Co

      I was wondering if Pewdiepie or Felix copy MrBeast by giving away money so he is a good man and also to beat Cocomelon and t-Series