PickUp Artists Needs To Be STOPPED 🔴 ⚠️


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    1. Timothy Develops Games

      Lol I have been alive for 31 years and not met you yet😳

    2. Coz Porter

      More like, "Be yourself, unless you are anything like these guys, in which case, be literally anyone else."

    3. Bad Art

      Shouldn't it be considered as a rape? Is there any girl who likes that kind of sh?

    4. Kara Jade Byers

      the patience these women have is incredible I could not stand these men this is so unbearable

    5. w jj

      the guy at the end is definitely still a virgin. he's saying all the wrong things you say to a woman. hella weird.

    6. HoggerNogger

      Don’t call these dudes artists they’re cringe kings

    7. Just For Fun

      If anyone can be a pick up artist is pewds

    8. am_Bails


    9. rmnpvlyk

      Stevewilldoit ftw

    10. Brandan Whiteman

      the camera quality of these pickup artists is better than Felix's tho

    11. Michalina Kuźniak

      They sound lika a sailsmam

    12. Vaaance

      Why would these girls respond tho. I always ignore the heck outta "pick up artists" and walk away, or just look really impatient and annoyed until they piss off

    13. natashka1982

      That dude is literally standing with his crotch in their faces. They were too nice to him. I would've told him to scoot

    14. a l f r e d o c a m p i l l o

      They had to do this when they were 15 for frogs sakes

    15. a l f r e d o c a m p i l l o

      1:20 and I feel like I can’t take it, but I’ve been dealing with heartbreak for 3 months and I felt like I couldn’t take the first 4 days so LES GOOOO

    16. Steph Eckstein

      This is why women travel in packs

    17. Beatriz Caetano

      this is torture

    18. MrFemface

      Hmm..it’s not fair to judge these guys without understanding the context behind the videos..I can see how it could be cringy if you don’t know much beyond what’s shown here though

      1. MrFemface

        @kw That is also true. Knowing that really comes with growth and maturity. A lot of the new guys in the pick up community, and in general, don't have a true sense of identity so they mirror what they see from instructors or what they see online. That in turn comes off as creepy and fake. This does no favors to those on the other end of it..

      2. kw

        @MrFemface men need to be a genuinely good person to attract someone as genuinely good. I don’t understand why men be someone who they are not to get someone who doesn’t like them for them and doesn’t even genuinely know them.

      3. MrFemface

        @kw I definitely agree. It was disturbing watching the videos. I will say this though. The gentleman that approached the 3 women sitting on the bench is an instructor and used his video as an example of what not to do for pick up. Still not condoning what he did though. I cant answer for the other videos, but it is obvious to see the men are socially awkward and need help on how to properly approach the opposite sex. We all fall flat on our faces when trying to learn something new. Not all of us have cameras filming the process

      4. kw

        It's cringe, full stop. Doesn't matter the context.

    19. 025Jacob

      thank you for ending the video pewds

    20. Charles Duran

      this is not even picking girls up, its holding girls verbally hostage

    21. Charles Duran

      the second hand cringe is much more painful than being the one who's cringe

    22. Owls n' stuff

      The suppressed rage I felt seeing this

    23. Jarrod Everingham-bryan

      Those videos belong on the dark web

    24. Trup

      The 3rd clip is a troll, hes doing that on purpose, you dumbasses :D

    25. Hilu8D

      I have two experiences where I had to tell a guy to leave me alone and I've been lucky that they understood. In both times I was walking home from a bar. The first one was two guys escorting without asking me and my friend to my home. I didn't want them to see where I live so I just strictly told them to go to another direction. Other time I was alone and this guy comes asking things and walking with me. I said I want to be alone now. I'm glad I've been brave enough but I don't judge anyone who isn't. I'm just hoping that everyone can stop feeling guilty about keeping your own boundaries.

    26. Israel Argueta

      You’re not gonna shake my hand proceeds to shake his hand

    27. Mr Becker

      this could be a video on how to detect a rapist...

    28. ✿MJF✿

      Why is it always a guy teaching how to talk to women? Wouldn't a woman herself know better to tell how to talk to them?

    29. don marx baria

      This is just like hitting on women.. forcefully. I don't know if I make sense but my jaw hurts watching this. I have a PUA friend and he's never like this. He just knows how to put smooth lines while having a normal conversation and not like this.. not like this..

    30. Kuini nurse :]

      If I was one of those people me be like In my 💭 tHiS BITCH…

    31. E K

      Great video can you make another one

    32. Mighty Moon

      I’ve been in this situation before and it makes me so uncomfortable to watch. 😰 I don’t get how a guy can be that oblivious and strange to another human being, let alone a woman/women he hopes to have a possible relationship with. 😱

    33. Viroh

      I like how felix cringes at this, bcs he is a baby and everything has been handed to him so he doesnt need to try in life.

    34. Whisky Whims

      Dudes are giving us other dudes a bad name, jesus. Why?

    35. Menninkäinen

      Why that guy in second video is so close to her like please leave😭 and he TRIED TO F/CKING KISS HER?!! she didnt want thathchhcjvvcv That in third video that dude was shitty like wtf?! He shoul have just left.. like he manipulated situtation. Dude f/ck you and your feelings, leave them alone!

    36. László Juhász

      they are faking it for content, probably girl is a friend

    37. keira llaneza

      third dude is a mad pick me

    38. SkitzLewis

      This is the first time i dont watch a full pewdiepie video

    39. Jack

      I wanted to exit the video because I forgot that this was Pewds' video...

    40. Onit Miths

      Guy: *keeps talking* Me: “Welp, good talk, bye”

    41. woman

      The second guy is uncomfortably close it’s hella creepy

    42. Jacktheraider42.


    43. KimBHope

      I wanna get paid to sit with these wierdos, my normal personality is super unique with no filter so I wonder how they would react to the bonkers shit that cpmes out of my mouth. Ahh I would totally do my voice acting voices outta nowhere just for the inconveiniences

    44. Max Scofield

      I do not like this. Pewdiepie content is good. But this hurts me

    45. omnitrixian

      Pewds, watching you scream and get scared isn’t cringe. It’s hilarity.

    46. Ocean Man

      basically sexual harassment

    47. R H

      It’s like the guys gonna pull out a weapon. Scary af

    48. Wil Dasovich

      That Steve will do it theme song throwing me off 🤣

    49. Davii Mai

      -Pickup artist- Professional creep

    50. JacaLOKI Vacinado

      Well, seems the idea is simple. Don't approach women. If you a handsome guy, they will approach you and give signals , if you are a ugly man, figure out a way to become less ugly as it is possible, or else keep calm and cool and admit to yourself sex is not for you, and go live your life with some good distractions in mind. You won't die if you don't make sex, no joke.

      1. Platinum Shores

        Super cope right here. 98% of them won’t approach men so don’t make excuses for them. They should man up and talk to women

    51. Avery Mather

      I'm actually playing minecraft and i was so scared when he used the minecraft sound getting hit. frick you felix

    52. Senal Shanoy

      Please kill me. The cringe is too strong

      1. Myth Proyect

        *ends life*

    53. BlasterSW MW

      tell me you want to be arrested for sexual harassment without telling me you want to be arrested for sexual harassment

    54. innovativeproperty rehabilitation

      Making fun of fat people who go to the gym is cring. Some guys need a lil help. Be yourself, is the kind of dip a de do da logic that helped them get that way. i think pua's are hoping to remove cring, mother nature (women) will be ultimate decider. Societal cues have been ignored , level 2 retraining is required. You point and shriek but have offered no real solution. You're part of the problem. Context was merky too

    55. Nour Muhsen

      12:40 This is the real definition of pseudo-psychology. This is so painful to watch.

    56. Nour Muhsen

      9:51 That's the ultimate skill of bullshiting relationships.

    57. Nour Muhsen

      3:42 Is that man trying to hunt a gold digger or hook up with a good woman?

    58. Asian Studios

      I couldn’t watch it I just had to skip

      1. heh

        Ik it’s too cringe

    59. OffSet Productions

      People like this make me think the infinite tsukuyomi would’ve been the move 🤦🏼‍♂️💀

    60. Ace The FireDragon

      Omg this is so cringe. It’s more cringe than the minecon cringe complications. I’m literally dying inside.

    61. Danielle Russell

      good likeso much likeit good likeit all good

    62. Danielle Russell

      good likt so good like it good pewpiediegoodfans fan videos good

    63. Marwat 302

      A small Gaming Creator💖. Need your support Bhai Log.😘 Dil s shukria in advance🕊

    64. Urushii

      To me the second guy is literally assaulting her. Not OK.

    65. _iglor ١


    66. AsianTim13

      This was painful to watch

    67. David Vee

      Are these pick up artists or f**king creeps?! 🤢🤮

    68. Brendan Broas

      I’m embarrassed for them and need to slap 👋

    69. Brendan Broas

      Lol wtf

    70. Brendan Broas

      Cringe A/F

    71. Zannatul Adneen

      PIEDIPIE dead then

    72. The Doctor

      Last clips...what on earth was the guy doing

    73. Juan Labiste

      Felix's face at 6:19

    74. Let's Read Textbook

      When someone you're trying to undermine turns out to be out of your league be like:

    75. Pedro Albuquerque

      The big problem is that pick up artists look reinforce the idea of looking at women as they are an alien, an animal to hunt or like a Rubik's cube that you have to apply some kinds of formulas to solve it. Dude, the biggest secret is just to talk to women as another human being that they are, it's just a fucking person. If you can talk normally to a friend, why not to a woman? And ffs just don't do something that a creep or a sexual predator would do like stopping her in the middle of the street or following and corning her up. Just think for a second "do I have a chance of getting my face pepper sprayed by doing this?"

    76. Godsillah88

      the last guy was supposed to be creepy, right? That was part of what they were doing... right? and also, the answer to if it's okay that she was uncomfortable is YES. You can't expect everyone to behave and say perfect things all the time. sometimes it's going to get awkward, and that IS okay.

    77. Holge

      Like it or not…most women love it when you talk to them in a calibrated way. It is a fact. And I had more dates with beautiful women than 99.9% of men because I have the courage to talk to them.

      1. heh

        U ain’t brad pitt chill

    78. Godsillah88

      The trick is to make them want you before they know that you want them. Make it casual.

    79. Kath E

      Some people in the comments don’t understand that women will smile and laugh with these men (who are almost always standing over them or cornering them) purely to be polite and not upset the potentially dangerous stranger that just approached them. They are, in reality, very uncomfortable and don’t have a way to exit the interaction so they have to play nice. Keep in mind that when women are hit on by strangers, some of those strangers follow you or get aggressive when you don’t act the way they want you to - something as simple as “please leave me alone” can trigger defensive reactions in men who think they’re entitled to women’s attention. This is something every woman has dealt with, as well as young girls hit on by older men who don’t know how to protect themselves in those situations.

      1. Minth Puding

        True and if the guy live in the neighbourhood it much worse. I knew someone who got harm because of this

      2. ✿MJF✿

        This! Like you can obviously hear how the laugh is awkward laugh. I've had old men making stupid jokes to me to impress me and i've been like "Haha..." even tho the joke was very creepy and gross.

      3. 8th House Alchemist

        Facts. A man will beat you or kill you if you slight their ego. You never know who you are dealing with until it's too late. Even the quiet ones that appear to be sweet. They'll be the ones that will be passive-aggressive and come out of no where. It's frightening especially if you're under age.

      4. defensiveninja

        This one time my friends and i was dancing to this festival and this dude came and was asking me questions. at first it was fine but he kept asking when i wanted to dance with my friends he started asking where i live, how old am i and mind u, he looks 40 and i was 16. i kept looking back at people trying to ask for help without asking for help and one of the guys got the signal and grabbed his shoulders and started talking to him. I took the chance to leave and stayed with my other friend. I do not know how to turn down those as politely as possible without them acting out.

    80. Lindsay

      Can you please patrol the clubs to save us from the cringe. Felix pls hepl

    81. Gia Thanh Trịnh

      Bad video for pooping time :v

    82. SomeIntrovert

      These are the type of people that will see that "Hey girl are you a construction worker? Cuz you building" video and will use it as an actual pick up line for their video

    83. Mushini

      As a Male I want to publicly announced that we are in no way, shape, or form associated with these creatures. There has been more constant sighting of such beings appearing all around the globe and scientist are yet to discover the reason for their existence. I apologize for any trouble they may cause.

    84. saiki’s left antenna

      Everything is not daijoubu

    85. Mister I

      Pickup artist huh? How is that a form of art?? Lol

    86. MoneyMo

      I thought this video was nitpicky with the 1st one, he just seemed kind of awkward... but damn are the rest of them bad. It's like they eliminated rejection by not taking no for an answer, lol. This must be that difference between persistence and creepy. I think the last one is showing the students what not to do though.

      1. belen

        the first one literally harassed her???

    87. Nico Kerber

      this is pain

    88. Evolv Gaming


    89. BroManDudeGuyPhD

      Same dude trying to psycho analyze the woman straight up asked to SMELL HER GUM

    90. Ali Master

      Where is the original video?

    91. kelsey hartman

      it’s nice that these videos exist so guys can realize how girls are treated and cornered

    92. Emma Cunneen

      send him to jail is right pewds lol I was in physical pain watching the second guy

    93. Eriana Velez

      at 5:09 I had this memory of that time Pewds was voted sexiest man 👀

    94. Daizzzy

      cringe level 100000000000000000000 MAX i cant OMG .... literally just keep checking the commet to ESCAPE from the vid why you do this to us pews

    95. anima099

      I think the guy in the end is a mole and the women aren't in on it. In the same way the women are paid to be there, he's paid to do everything wrong when asking a girl out.

    96. anima099

      The number of "noooo...." and pauses I had to do on this one. Does Felix get money from clicks? Because I'm sure he would have gotten so much out of them with this vodeo.

    97. anima099

      Pewdiepie, awarded as one of the most handsome faces in the world for consecutive years, hates the idea of picking up girls while overconfident average joes do it all the time.

    98. TheAdvertisement

      I had to stop watching this video the cringe hurt me physically.

    99. subzero

      All these girls who are like "cringe, send these men to hell" are also the ones at the club complaining "why does no guy approach me". Good luck lmao

    100. Anon Anon

      i can't do this