Rating the dumbest deaths in history..


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    1. Char

      This is dumb ways to die yet Felix is rating the dumb ones onto F tier

    2. Wafle

      till this day subtitles haven't been added

    3. Cl

      when a weird video starts with your favorite song

    4. absolutely

      PART TWO

    5. Bario IDL

      6:50 im surprised keeps didn't sponsor this video

    6. Sapphire Torremoro

      chrysippus of soli sounds like a wholesome man pls rip

    7. Sapna Sana

      I would love a part 3! As long as you're not bored I'm on board with your videos

      1. Ey Ey

        @Sapna Sana I guess

      2. Sapna Sana

        @Ey Ey damn I'm late as hell

      3. Ey Ey

        He already did?

    8. The Run

      the elephant painting looks weird because the artist probably heard it second-hand. I bet they hadn’t even seen an elephant before in their life, much less a war elephant carrying people. They were trying to draw from description given by others.

    9. Sarah Cornell

      What if Diogenes Laertius was the one behind all these deaths, he's just coming up with crazy stories to cover it all up!!

    10. A Guy

      "Don't make people into chairs" Ha haven't seen Borat 2

    11. Evan Scale

      Hearing so many Greek names by Felix is like hearing Ken saying "Husqevarna" over and over again


      8:20 Eminem= I am alive 🤣

    13. Daniel Ermondo

      Personal timestamp 6:29

    14. Homeless Venturian

      Imagine all these great philosophers watching this man put them on a fucking tier list

    15. Melo Hell

      i love the song

    16. Destiny Hansen

      I’m a little confused on how he ranked them. Was it on how he liked them or how believable they were?

    17. Last Mistake You'll Make

      They turned that guy into a chair? That’s a good deal 😎

    18. ج محمد PES

      هل من مشترك

    19. Asian Noodle

      Drinking Mercury grants you eternal life… in Valhalla

    20. ジェイ

      How about in Anime?

    21. Zoltán Kotra

      I wish someone else made this video who actually could read.

    22. FrancoYaya

      The town I live in was named after Saint Lawrence. What a madlad

    23. Jeremy S

      I live in fear of choking to death while living alone. I never buy hard candies or things you suck on like werthers for this reason.

    24. Jeremy S

      I feel like there were a couple serial killers running around back when, killing all these people, then paid some weirdo to record whatever they could think of for cause of death, and everyone was simply like...okay.

    25. Christ already Won

      Goals in life: - Don't end up on this list. - Don't end up the feature of a Mr. Ballen video (unless it's like the guy who nearly got swallowed by a whale but survived and is just continuing to dive like a boss).

    26. Dadliest

      Saint Lawerence is a savage.

    27. M J

      XYZ a1

    28. faith sherman

      Why do you blurt out ur swearing now ☹️ it ruins the videos.

      1. M J

        It's Swedish... take good care

    29. Amazing Rofa

      You didn’t add subtitles.

      1. M J

        They - the translators, misused their power . Sorry to. Take good care

    30. El Rapha

      maybe that diogenes guy was a serial killer and invented all those deaths to get away with the murders

    31. DapperFox

      To think how close I came to dying to a pear we have pear trees in our yard when I was a kid my siblings and I would throw them at each other 😂

    32. Drake Styles

      I want more of these pls

    33. Drake Styles

      Pls never stop this series

    34. She's Ok Stop Asking

      I love that Felix is just chilling, playing with a butterfly comb/knife (I can’t tell)

    35. Yogansh Khandelwal

      Imagine if someone died of laughing when they heard about the death of the laughter guy

    36. Danntheman

      True story I literally almost died from Laughing, I was helping my Brother in law move and he said a Joke while I was heavy lifting, I literally laughed and then choked and could not breath and ended up spewing everywhere, Honestly its been a laughing point in the family now but I thought I was going to die

    37. Austin Polson-Wabie

      Wierd idea for a new video but I like it a lot, the first one was a whammy

    38. Jessica Johnson

      The skin chair: made from people, by people, and for people

    39. BENDRAT608

      Thumbnail: Flappy bird Game played: Dumb Ways To Die A Long Time Ago...

    40. AygianAlt

      Weird Deaths: *_Exists..._* Diogenes Laertius: *I was there, 3000 Years ago...*

    41. Dinoxavier

      Hi pewds

    42. Hayden Roberts Composer

      Felix skipped over the most interesting part about Aeschylus’ death. He was in the woods after a prophecy that a house would fall on top of him, killing him. In a bizarre twist, the house was actually a turtle.

    43. Ashton Salinas

      Imagine being killed by a tactical tortoise

    44. nyTo 4Core

      I was waiting for this one 7:36

    45. Josomez

      The beans ambushed Pythagoras

    46. Hallo Hallo

      Crassus was taken alive and, according to legend, executed by having molten gold poured down his throat as literal reference to his unquenchable thirst for wealth

    47. Ingenium

      Qin Shi Huang (a fictionalised version) is one of the main characters of an amazing manga called ‘Kingdom’, highly recommended. Garnt had is in his manga 3x3 in the trash taste manga episode recently.

    48. Blue_Nocturne

      porcia cantonis , gosh she killed herself by eating cole ..... :/

    49. Sk Integral s to n

      One of the Dumbest piewediepie contents

    50. Emil M

      12:33 Makes me appreciate "You laugh, you lose" on a whole new level.

    51. Hedgehog of Dojima

      7:35 I read about him earlier this week in chemistry class

    52. Metta World Peace

      Cow manure is now ma cure!

    53. Victor Heras

      Do another one

      1. Wargamulaya වර්ගමූලය

        @Victor Heras no problem :)))

      2. Victor Heras

        @Wargamulaya වර්ගමූලය thx just watched them

      3. Wargamulaya වර්ගමූලය

        He did 3 parts

    54. Olle

      Huh he gave the first woman he came a cross the D

    55. Qualiangelica


    56. Diva V

      I can imagine hundreds of years later some dude will be doing this with our generation- "Several people died because they refused to wear a piece of cloth on their face" "Dam that's- wait several? Wdym several how many dude several can be 7 and also 10k, imma look it up" "K let's see how ma- 4.5 MILLION HOLY FRICKING GOD HOW- aight that's Defo E teir-" (Ps I know many people didn't just die bc of not wearing a mask and I swear I'm not trying to be insensitive, just trying to make a joke so please don't come at me 👁️💧👄💧👁️) (Rip all the angels who died of Covid)

    57. JA 12

      Ancient greeks really died for what they believed in

    58. random Dude

      Empedocles' death looks like JoJos reference to me

    59. James M

      Post-humorously hah


      the terracotta army was built by the Hellenes.


      not true.

    62. Brban Brbanski

      "Posthumorously" Does pewdie make it his goal to misread everything he ever reads?

    63. Gloomy  Rainbow

      plot twist : pewdiepie is the one who determines who goes to heaven or hell from how they died

    64. mR. BlanD

      I remember laughing so hard that I got sick for 2 days

    65. Dirk Moments

      In heraclitus death He is mummified

    66. Brittney [Kay]


    67. Starside Relics

      Lmfao the turtle one though, why were the Greeks obsessed with exaggerating deaths. What are the odds that ONE person has been killed via eagle-turtle in the last 3000 frickin' years?

    68. Uyt 44

      "Qin" is pronounced "Chin" it's where "China" comes from

    69. Super Studios

      "I know I should not eat the forbidden snack"

    70. Tenneny T

      As a Jschlatt fan I know all about Scaphism

    71. Tenneny T

      Post Humourosly

    72. nikki

      I thought in the olden days they all died at age 30

    73. Zackarias Åkerman

      SWORDS ARE LONG KNIFES, fact check it breh

    74. Taylor K

      St. Lawrence may have been grilled, but it was his tormentors who got roasted.

    75. Taylor K

      St. Lawrence may have been grilled, but it was his tormentors who got roasted.

    76. THE CYBORG

      Fun fact: This is actually a game title

    77. Aki Gunting Gaming

      I thought KSI had the worst camera quality but pews is the worst.

      1. AeroZer0

        Someone is spoiled.

    78. Comrade Славянский игрок 251

      nice using hat stock market game 2 hats

    79. Shania Too

      Died of laughter, died of anger, is this the sims😭

    80. scrumbled eggs

      im fench and in france there is a saying which is "mort de rire" which litterally means "dead of laughter"

    81. Rashen Perera

      Sophocles: *chokes on an unripe grape* Me: *literally eating grapes while watching the video*

    82. E=MCRectangled

      Haven't started the vid yet but something that comes to mind is this footage i saw years ago that was basically a movie scene involving a helicopter, a shitty actor, 2 kids, and a lack of safety. Basically during the scene the actor is crossing this shallow lake thing while there's a helicopter above and something happens, helicopter crashes and decapitates the guy and one of the kids and i don't remember what happened to the other one. It so dumb and i feel bad for those kids but not the parents, they lended their own children to some guy in exchange for money. Who does that?

    83. Isaiah Dickinson

      That's a dagger

    84. HV1 Counter

      Pew DIE pie

    85. Robert ღ

      17:34 :DDD

    86. J Dubs

      Bowser’s ancestors bouncing on human heads before Mario was even born

    87. Optimusprime809

      I doubt any of these dead folks thought they'd be famous for their stupid deaths 😂

    88. Sebastian


    89. bocoy noiu

      I always thought that pewds is smarter than he acts, but the moment he called Herodotus 'some guy' it was gg for me

    90. oct0nuts


    91. Keirsten Culver

      The way he pronounced Antigone lmaooo

      1. bocoy noiu

        This is very insensitive. I didnt watch you for some time and I am very disappointed at what this became.

    92. Yav Yav

      Themistocles literally saved Greece… sad

    93. DracoFire

      Can't believe you don't believe me. The hats haunt me to this day...

    94. Richard Starkmann

      Love Thies sort of content haahha

    95. Ghostshot990

      Diogenes probably killed a lot of people and they just believed his excuses so he just started saying the most ridiculous shit he could think of

    96. Nick Henson

      I find it so hilarious that these people died in a time where famine and disease was so common and now in our time we are sitting here watching Pewdiepie rate how they died 😂😂😂😂💀

    97. HaBeFaStro

      This is quite nicely educational. PewDiePie has some excellent Balisong skills!

    98. Cyrus Glodove

      17:50 Pewds not realizing it's a wikipedia page so the thing about St. Lawrence could be a joke by someone else.

    99. leo dazzle

      MV rất hay, i like it 😢😓🙁

    100. Aloshi

      I feel like a psychopath laughing at how people died but it is so funny. It feels so wrong but it is funny