Showing Jack My Tik Toks


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    रोजी प्रकाशित केले 15 दिवसांपूर्वी


    1. Eden Atua

      As an Australian, I have never heard anyone here call it a cantaloupe

    2. Messina Lyle

      When you need to take down a moth, bring in a professional, from the SWAT team! You know--because it was a cat?

    3. Amy Kinz

      iirc the dog that was bitten by the snake died :(

    4. Matthew Ferrante

      T-Series is almost at 200M subs. Let's cheer em on.

    5. Twisted_Gaming

      16:45 didn’t he eat a bee?

    6. Matthew Ferrante

      The preacher was based

    7. Shitposter9000

      I forgot I unsubbed for 12 karma... I guess I'll still hold it ransom, 12 likes or somethin idk

    8. Jasper Kelly

      when seán said "the game that makes careers" I had a fucking moment where I thought he said "the gay that makes queers" and I couldn't breathe

    9. Ryoma Hoffman

      Owls are not really trainable, owls imprint on people very easily

    10. Jakku_za_Urufu_789

      i love how tik tok hasn't fixed a single bug on the website in like 2 years. and they remove and add things back like: "tik tok its a perfectionist"

    11. Jasper Kelly

      4:40 i am DEAD

    12. Ryoma Hoffman

      Christianity is sus

    13. Ara

      jack just said what we were all thinking

    14. Leafyr Oakfyst

      The guys in the car.. I don't get it.. What's supposed to be funny? They just sitting there. Does he ever get what out??? AAAAAAHHHH!!! WHAAAT???

    15. Good Axolotl

      irish person watches swedish person's tik toks ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    16. justanormalgeek

      I am very proud of the fact that me and my best friend have the same dynamic as these two 😂

    17. Baby Dai

      "I love you, I love you, leave me the fck alone for at least a year" You know maybe I am a cat

    18. emily

      Best duo

    19. nja122890

      17:40 It locks him in by the handle retracting into the suitcase and trapping his fingers. How it knows how far to go without breaking his fingers is a different question.


      the david dobrik one took me out

    21. Empire Mobile

      Note to self 10:00

    22. DKline

      Actually i worked as a delivery driver and the training video there's a clip somewhere in the uk of someone stealing an amazon van

    23. Slash679

      Been calling it a rockmelon for all my life

    24. Flame Gamer


    25. kris865b

      corona go no no

    26. FitzyForReal

      Why do Australia like that bro

    27. Average Sensei

      "Jesus is sus, vote him out" there's definitely a section in hell just for me but that was too good 😂

    28. darkprince56

      Wait, Jack's cat is named Bibi? Mine is too!

    29. CynSynth

      when "You will know that the living God is AMONG US" came up, the youtube app froze and crashed amen 🙏

    30. don't subscribe

      Pew die pie must reply for this comment

    31. avernion

      So… I work with kids to helt them learn swedish. I had them play Among Us to practice talking and argumenting. Should I feel like one of the ones that needs to be mocked? 😅😅😅

    32. Jonathan Pilaar

      We call it rock mellon knew the other name

    33. lights out exploring

      It’s rock melon

    34. nightMARE

      I met matpat once cuz i was ringing him up at a store i used to work at (it was surreal) and I recognized him cuz of his voice at first and was like so unsure of myself cuz he was wearing a mask but he has the same tone as he does in all of his videos, he was talking to steph about buying chocolates that are right next to the register and I was like damn, this man has no clue i’m a huge fan so there’s no way he’s acting like this because he’s aware, he really is just a genuinely energetic guy when it comes to everyday things like this. He’s really nice too btw.

      1. nightMARE

        i rang up another one of my fav youtubers at that store it sucks that I had to quit but like, it’s not like it’s a youtuber hotspot it’s just a random run of the mill chain store in the middle of no where. edit: i respectfully let them both know that i was a fan and silently freaked out trying not to pass out and carried on with ya know, my job. I also verified that is was them cuz like pandemic and shit they’re wearing masks cuz they’re awesome but like my go to question was just like “weird, random question but um, do you have a youtube channel by chance, and is it um… (insert channel name)”

    35. Lauren

      when felix said you're an office fan I thought he said muppets. So he started talking about diabetes and I was so confused

    36. Lauren

      I live in america and have lived in Florida and Michigan in multiple areas and have never had a package stolen. Also if it says delivered, they may have just delivered it to the wrong address (I ordered dried mushrooms and they sent it to my neighbor for some weird reason, but the picture they took looked like my house (against a brick wall with concrete on the bottom). I saw the package sitting on their porch and just took it since it was mine (left them a note despite it being my property that I paid for). Also told Amazon they delivered it to the wrong place so they gave me a refund ,haha.

    37. ViperSlide

      i like how jack is wearing the sony xm4s good choice :)

    38. Cats 4 life

      They are such a chaotic duo

    39. StenWasTaken


    40. Kurt heroíne

      Oro todas as noites para que minhas músicas sejam reconhecida 🙏🙏

    41. StenWasTaken

      I watched all the sharknados when I was 7 lmao

    42. Shadow Basilisks

      ngl cats can get like... worms that crawl outta their arse from eating a fly infected w those things so.... better just to not let your cats eat random flies/insects tbh.

    43. izzy


    44. ManaHolic

      sussy holy spirit

    45. Charlie Forster

      It is orange melon

    46. Fire Birb

      I say rockmelon

    47. matt quatro

      5:23 “so I put that b*tch in 4 wheel drive”

    48. Soro

      Puppy was stung by a bee... Haha not a snake.. If it did, then that tiktok would not have existed

    49. Nae Secret

      I haven't watched Pewds in probably 9 months, Im now laying her with my newborn on my chest after she's fed and i so should not being watching this because I keep laughing and bouncing my poor child on my chest whenever I laugh😂

    50. Nicholas Demaio

      Title was very misleading. Thought it meant pewd’s TikToks that he made

    51. Individualist Rapeā Iūnius Rapay

      In India, Indians call a cataloupe, a "muskmelon"

    52. The last time I took a bath was

      Finally, green pewdipie

    53. Stanly Caminero

      12:39 Pilipinas represent hahahahah

    54. Bren Russell

      18:08 Good soup

    55. Nizar

      Hlo pudidi

    56. Bri P

      18:59 When our youngest dog or oldest dog of our three try to annoy each other our pit often steps between them, or when the youngest is doing something bratty with me when I'm trying to train him to ignore trash or shoes our pit or oldest dog snaps at him to mind. This reminds me of that behavior so much.

    57. CommonTerror

      My P.E. Teacher Gave Us An "Among us Fortnite Sus workout"

    58. Your_amazing_gamer Yay

      22:56 song name ( if there is one) or the piano song :)

    59. Jun Kit


    60. John Wendel

      The dude at 11:32 legit looks like Count Olaf

    61. Molly McDade

      Pastors like that are why I'm becoming Orthodox, because I mean, bones and incense are less out of place tbh.

    62. Beatlemaniac Yep

      Sean and Felix are like the best couple I’ve ever seen🥺

    63. Paxton Westerberg

      Its fine if someone stole pewdiepiea packed he has 100 million dalars

    64. Aah Pandas Run

      I've lived in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania and have never had a package stolen. My old apartment building in Manhattan used to have a broken front door you could just open and still never got things stolen. Where are you people getting your packages stolen?

    65. Plague

      This is what Jack has been up to? Wow no wonder he hasn’t posted much he’s chilling with Pewds lol

    66. LeCheese

      Where Markimoo?

    67. ezpz omi

      that doggo face on 5:27 xD

    68. Mr Variety

      Me being an a true blue Aussie Ive never heard of a canteloup. Lol

    69. tweeleaf

      8:25 we all know what song he’s trying to imitate lmao

    70. Megarion Gameplays

      Adults trying to stay up to date with the memes and trying to fit in: "haha cringe" Adults not giving a fuck about memes, therefore not understanding them: "haha boomer" Where do you draw the line? Are y'all gonna pretend you're teenagers forever or something?

      1. [insert name here because my brain is nonexistent]

        Truth is that we do not care about teachers trying to keep up with new memes. Sure, I respect them for that but I think the idea is just so dumb. Like, just live your life and be yourself. Don't try to keep up just because you wanted the new generations to like you.

    71. Sajawal hussian Sialkoti


    72. Jerry

      18:08 jah doing some baking, love to see it.

    73. KRiSE

      no socks eh, pewds? me neither

    74. Gandalf The Grey

      It’s a rockmelon

    75. motiejusjan

      This should be a try not to laugh

    76. ًًًًًًًًً

      You should bring back Mark as well as Jack. That would be insane😌

    77. Liam Fifield-Enright

      these dogs don't know its called a rock melon tf

      1. ًًًًًًًًً

        Lmao nice profile picture

    78. Meteor Arcade

      I say rockmelon, australians say it

    79. Bader Muhammad

      the dog that got bit by a snake low key looks like the shaun the sheep dog

    80. Tavemanic

      It's a rock Elon

    81. Kamilla Gutierrez


    82. Sethmika Premarathne


    83. Nugget

      Good soup👌

    84. GAAAHHH


    85. Ever Boy

      Those guys were clearly from the UK Felix.

    86. leilani

      5:26 the dog is in the back like “what da cat doin” LMAO

    87. Keelan McLaughlin

      big up rock melon

    88. Anrei

      I love that shamelessly vibing old lady so much

    89. Jess Basta

      That dog wasnt attack by a snake it ate a bee

    90. Jerra Monzon

      Those four Filipino boys in the Bad Romance challenge must be honored 😌

    91. Roxi Hughes

      damn im from new zealand and i call cantaloupe rock melon lmao

    92. Zoomerboomer

      I've had so many preepy girl teachers traying to use snapchat characters and I think that its cringe.

    93. Åce The Åłien

      It’s rockmelon

    94. 𝕀𝕟𝕤𝕒𝕟𝕚𝕥𝕪

      Honestly, I don’t get it. Why are they cracking up at 14:02

    95. Zackary Kennedy

      Two good ole man child’s having fun makes me die 😂😂😂

    96. Masacross

      1:34 I am terrified.

    97. LinkinPark4Ever1996

      12:02 lmfao