I Forgor 💀


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    1. Reza Abbasi

      مطالبه تنذ👑

    2. SIZU PUBG

      Can I get hearts from fewdpie 😁

    3. Jaisal Lakum Studios

      I forgor

    4. Michalina Kuźniak

      For rest of europe Scandinavian countries always look like a dick and balls on a map

      1. Michalina Kuźniak


    5. Naina Sethi

      Pewds: I want someone to wipe my ass His kindergarten teacher: *Bonjour*

    6. Katrina Urmatam

      it’s funny how he said consolidation instead of consolation prize im ded💀💀💀

    7. skum Wun

      I don't believe the apple story either

    8. gmail account

      wait….i rember😁

    9. Romaners SJ

      He forgor 💀

    10. Mephilis 78

      So "South of Heaven" - In my ass or "I'm Broken"- in my ass You pick, "South of Heaven" I didn't actually get to hear much past the intro today, so "I'm Broken" was the last one I listened to all the way through.

    11. Funny Road

      Great video !!

    12. munneyboi

      he forgor💀

    13. Dadliest


    14. Danielle Russell

      good like pewpie good liked it videos somuch i cvording vidoes of anmie

    15. Richard Avelino

      Best Rick Roll ever!! Subbing to that guy once I found his YT channel!

    16. Cleocyde

      I'm gonna answer. I'm from france.

    17. Aayan Rahmatullah

      I forgor 💀

    18. Alongusernamebassicaly

      Im from poland

    19. Airborne

      "Video shows Einstein" Pewds: *"is that Abraham Lincon?"* hello darkness my old friend

    20. Shrimpie

      YES YES YES YES YES finally

    21. Tricky the Clown

      1:58 was the best rickroll

    22. Tricky the Clown

      i forgor💀

    23. ملك الأيس كريم

      Plot twist: He forgor💀

      1. gmail account

        i rember😁

    24. ZipperAce

      I forgor about this meme 💀

    25. BRUNIK1


    26. Payton Walenius

      You tubers that support artists making stuff with their name and brand it instead of suing and getting them in trouble-

    27. Jade Ash

      I am from Egypt. There you go xD

    28. kono hetare yaro

      norway > sweden

    29. marvel najs

      Mega video

    30. Levi Hoeve

      Im dutch

    31. Jimmy Gotti

      The chair toilet had me dying the lid goes up ouuuuu Japanese style the hand comes out o okay

    32. Exquilarites


    33. MMDs 00

      Jojo fan?

    34. Brady Houston

      San Antonio Texas sadly lol

    35. InkyRB


    36. tank26k

      Just your support for my subscription

    37. tank26k

      Your little support chnge someone life

    38. tank26k

      Big fan bro ...from India .

    39. Captain Mayk

      Is the title a code? hehehe

    40. Clover Hunter

      5:30 explain pewds

    41. Mr. Obvious

      1:47 i like how pewdiepie is allowing other people to profit off of his work/identity

    42. Melorumy

      Forgor 😝😝😋😋😋

      1. RedRide RoX

        What does it mean btw

    43. Marian Rucareanu

      10:30 do you remember you're most recent jump?

    44. Wydrenn


    45. Tima

      Pewds forgor to put the link in the subscription

    46. X Chara lol

      Me to i forgor💀

    47. luvi iduv

      Australia 🇦🇺

    48. MoonPieXen


      1. MoonPieXen

        @Pien Noir I know, just commenting

      2. Pien Noir

        She did nit come up with that meme

    49. harvey network


    50. Jeremy Jerry

      He Forgor

    51. H Y

      Me forgor that my account is 9yo

    52. spear_man_44

      12:53 ok i can answer :D! USA

    53. ichikablossom

      A lizard sheds its skin because its growing out of its old skin and needs to discard it. An even grosser fact for you: Most reptiles who shed their skin eat the shedded skin for nutrition. The more you know...

    54. Triscuit 907

      Im from Alaska

    55. Axel Johnsson

      I forgor 💀

    56. JackAttack gaming

      Damn that toilet chair looks good

    57. Eduardo Lopez

      Is that Abraham Lincoln

    58. Envilan


    59. Cao Phạm Duy Sơn

      I didnt know Mumei's forgor is from Pewd

    60. ZionYT

      i forgor

    61. Dirk Moments

      The guy you think that it’s Abraham Lincoln it’s actually just Albert Einstein

    62. PurpleRain

      9:56 *FIRE* in my ass

    63. AnomalyINC

      "I need to do a video about Norway, like I did for Sweden. Do they speak? Do they have anything?" The answers are, in order: 1. No. 2. Oil. 3. Tunak Tunak Tun.

    64. Orange Metal シ

      I forgor💀

      1. Baltazar Catalan

        I forgor💀

    65. ColeTheBug

      Dung defender in my ass

    66. Adam Czerwonka

      you forgor

    67. DARK LEGEND 786


    68. Zam

      I rember 😃

    69. TheAdvertisement

      Name: Pewdiepie Stats: Doesn't care You could say he forgor his stats?

    70. Motasim Faiyaz

      Friday with Pewdiepie!!!!!


      I forgor 🤷

    72. tataloo&putak

      یوتوبرای ما از شما بهترن 💜💙💚💛❤

    73. BallsyBread

      Fun fact: Newton actually didn‘t just get hit on the head with an apple. He noticed that the moon doesn‘t also fall on his head. That‘s why he figured out gravity.

    74. Paimon's garage


    75. Aristomenis Kotatis

      aight felix... im from greece... there you go, have a nice day

    76. Taterbug

      5:32 clash of clans is in the regretful p*** folder

    77. Sub

      he forgor 💀

    78. Netrodude Dude

      title what did you forgot how to speel

      1. AeroZer0

        It was a jojo reference(not a joke the author wrote I forgor on twitter)

    79. Sam McCleery

      I am from Texas for your information


      i forgor 💀

    81. Eridan Aldebarand

      Its just like he hasnt change WOW

    82. sock studio


    83. Beverley Blair

      I'm from Belfast Northern Ireland

    84. MoonDoughnut

      I haven't been watching for Pewds' videos for a couple of years and now I see how older Edgar's got 😭

    85. Jorji Costava

      Please use the old intro more often. It literally made my day better when I was younger

    86. Serious Jakk

      9:56 my last one was "lose yourself" by eminem so it would be wth this meme "lose yourself in my a**"

    87. Arcadius 256

      Still got it!

    88. SkyRjTG

      I Forgor 💀

    89. Sir Chapurato

      I forgor

    90. Gravity

      so where is the link????????????

    91. Agate head


    92. K3NZ130

      he forgor to put his Etsy

    93. Liv

      VA. Ya'll?

    94. Liv

      12:18 Same here tbh My Son gets me out of bed & gives my heart a reason to beat & Felix helps me Stay strong, Smile and keep going!

    95. Babatunde

      I FORGOR 💀

    96. CrazlyDce_

      The intro reminds me of the old pewds.

    97. Edraymund Ones

    98. Super ninja

      It's forgot

      1. AeroZer0

        It was a jojo reference and intentional

    99. Wooters

      New zealand

    100. 7 mice in a prison cell