Games That Defined Me Growing Up


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    रोजी प्रकाशित केले 24 दिवसांपूर्वी


    1. Arkham Knight

      Elder scrolls V is in my top 3

    2. Pabeyz

      You should try the mod RLCraft in minecraft. Might make you interested again

    3. ofirarg

      Not the walking dead?!???!?

    4. fandadzn

      Happy Weels :(

    5. Wokal

      For me tibia is still best game. Its not rly p2w as you said. You can do whatever you want, content is huge + the OG community of this game makes it really special.

    6. Libra the Blue

      Contra, Snow Bros, Dragon island, Mutant turtle ninjas and You're a real OG if u ever played Dota 💯 playing Dota and Counter Strike in cyber cafes through LAN connection and net is what gave birth to online gaming believe it or not

    7. zacke6


    8. Lukmjuk Poob

      Happy wheels?

    9. karl lee

      i use to watch uberhaxonova back in the day and you were playing the same game "happy wheels"

    10. Heaven On Earth

      Then the pug turned to Scooby Doo and sat next to Shaggy

    11. Santtu Martikainen

      how about hapy wheels

    12. tom pine

      Im really surprised he didn't say shadow of the colossus

    13. Matheus Henrique da Silva

      Tibia was fucking FIRE. I PK'd so much (and got PK'd as well) when I played.

    14. Zozamex

      It's weird how Tibia got so popular in Sweden like everyone I knew played it and there was so much drama that spilled into the real world. Crazy times that taught me a lot about trust and internet security.

    15. toastedclosure

      he straight up VIBIN'

    16. Captain Mike Meloni

      do more series with building type games maybe factorio?

    17. deRuzzoTime

      What about The walking dead!!!!!

    18. Giannis Spirou

      Persona 5, Final Fantasy VII (Original and Remake), NieR Automata, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Gears of War 2, Bakugan Battle Brawlers, Donkey Kong Country Returns & League of Legends. There are games that I like more than most games on this list, but those are the games that "defined" me.

    19. Nintendonian777


    20. Kasangkay Vlog


    21. TheStorm119

      Modern warfare 2 was so good. The depth in the combat was probably the best they've ever done. Being able to shoot down peoples call ins and take down their AC130s with stinger missiles was so damn fun.

    22. John Smith

      He never realised that all these games were so popular BECAUSE of MULTIPLAYER

    23. Joseph Watkins

      The 3ds version 64 is on the 3ds still lol they remade it

    24. Nekotaku TV

      Why didn’t you use a better picture for Tibia and DOTA? orz Plural of pokémon is pokémon.

    25. bobfred2021177

      Those videos you made talking about Tibia are honestly my favorite. Please talk more about shenanigans in this game

    26. Amanda Slabik

      i love this video. i remember you talking about tibia in other videos

    27. Araya Contrera

      the amount of joy that came to me when u put cod MW was unspeakable

    28. rabbit4400

      Tibia man, a true mmoRPG. No rules and the best was to lure high monsters to low level areas and watch the carnage. Or watch someone high lvl do firebomb or ultimate explosion in the city by the bank and watch them all die xD

    29. Dim the Enderman

      There was a time where you couldnt keep me away from Minecraft

    30. Imperial Bagel

      Me with new super Mario bros, Kirby’s return to dreamland, and Pokémon heart gold


      Aku cuman nonton gak ngerti apa yang dibilang nya

    32. Tommot92

      Weird that neither Dark Souls or Bloodborne made the list, I remember him saying clearly they blew his mind

    33. Sharkskiny

      warcraft 3 custom maps and counter-strike 1.6 in a internet cafe or lan party, that was the shit for sure

    34. Generson Bryantheart

      Game that Defined me Growing Up - Suikoden 2 - Chrono Trigger - Legend of the Dragoon - Diablo 2 - Warcraft 3 - Tales of Eternia - Metal Gear Solid - Brave Fencer Musashi - Battle City 1985 (NES)

    35. Nathaniel Carper

      your channel was made on my birthday :0

    36. MrStrawhat14

      I feel what you mean about Dota being played on net cafes with friends and not having personal computer and internet at home back then. Here in the Philippines, them cafes brought so much joy and competitive spirit just from playing Dota, Battle Realms, and CS 1.3 back then.

    37. Petroleum Jelly

      Happy Wheels

    38. Jacktheraider42.


    39. Kade Wylde

      "This is the greatest video game soundtrack ever." Sonic Mania: Hold my drink.

    40. Sisto Activitatem

      For me in no particular order: 1. Midtown madness 3 2. Skyrim 3. King kong 4. Path of neo 5. Lord of the rings: third age 6. Pokemon heart gold 7. Rollercoaster tycoon 3 water edition/thrillville 8. NHL 2002/Madden 2005 9. Harry Potter

    41. Carlos Iglesias

      Bruh I still play starfox n64 on my phone.

    42. M M

      What about The walking dead pewds?

    43. doytch magient

      wtf i thought i was watching an old video of pewds?! he looks so much younger lmao

    44. Manav Meshram

      Do for movies next

    45. curromp9

      u forgot skate 3 lol

    46. Alberto Aragón

      this was wholesome to watch and make me remember my childhood memories, specially Tibia and Pokemon.

    47. BIG D4WG

      This is so wholesome


      funny lord

    49. Carlos Renner

      I've started watching PewDiePie, because a friend told me that he played tibia.

    50. UberWachu

      Happy Wheels ♥

    51. Jeps Garbs

      Happy wheels tho?

    52. John Noir Smith

      Basshunter "DotA", amirite?

    53. John Noir Smith

      It's so rare for me to hear anyone give Tibia a shoutout, but that was such a huge part of my (late) childhood too!

    54. Jackspadicy Meatball

      Weird no pubg

    55. Alfonso Cisneros

      Dude! Where was happy wheels? Enjoyed the vid otherwise.

    56. Maciej Sidor

      Me as a Pole (just like Sweden, Poland was obsessed about Tibia) remember the good times... Depot scams, dupe scams, noob Alt F4 tricks and so on. My first experience with Tibia was getting tricked by my class mate, I bought lvl 8 account just out of Rookgaard for a meal in the school shop. Even better, I thought it was a good deal!!! ... Good old Tibia :)

    57. Lil Thresh

      I was waiting for happy wheels but it's okay ^_^

    58. ARIAS4

      Conker’s Bad Fur Day, Unreal Tournament, RuneScape, PS1 Space Invaders, Resistance: Fall of Man, COD BO2, GB Rats!, GB Daredevil, Bomberman

    59. Juanyeizi

      I strongly agree with the memories with friends, I still LOVE playing videogames, but since I had some problems with my best pals, I don't even want to see pictures of them, video-games aren't the same without them, I just loved our relationship since I was in school and the moment I stopped talking to them, I've decreased my play time and happiness a LOT, I rarely even touch my controller and I feel sad about It, it's just never like It used to be and I hate it.

    60. indecisive ponderer

      I guess he totally forgot about The World Ends With You

    61. trおちんちん

      I used to play a shit load of mods on warcraft 3 frozen throne.

    62. phi

      16:27 pewds is literally one of the kids that would challenge you while going through route 22

    63. LuisGaming64

      On the thumbnail hes literally growing

    64. Phantom Menace

      I’m surprised that Telltales Walking dead Season 1 didn’t make it

    65. Jasmine Turnbull

      Heavy Rain?

    66. Xaunadu

      Still waiting for sekiro part 2 over here

    67. Deltat T

      Tibia sounds like Ultima Online

    68. Μαριανίνα

      After I heard Amnesia! I won't scare Pewdiepie season 2 NOW !!!

    69. Acoymo, Vince Cyrus

      The walking dead was one of the best ones that pewds played

    70. Justin Mackay

      Circus Charlie Earth Worm Jim Mortal Kombat Golden eye Duke Nukem Half-Life Bio-shock Bloodborne Shadow of the colossus

    71. Chef Cornbread

      When he forgets happy wheels

    72. Martin Roche

      Please do a Pokemon play through

    73. Meeko Fortin

      Pewds arms looking thicc

    74. Airborne

      When the video is 60fps but pewds talks in 30fps

    75. R G


    76. Trackridaz 231

      Can we get your 3x3 of Anime & Movies next please :)

    77. Kim Wide Un

      playing blackshot sea at net cafe is the best

    78. ho1m

      Man i still remember being at a LAN party and watching Pewds playing Amnesia at 150k subs because i was to afraid to play it myself

    79. steptoef

      speaking on minecraft, felix has remained so relevant and popular over the years because he knows when to cut a popular series short and move on to the next endeavour. a lot youtubers find something that makes them popular and keep beating the dead horse

    80. FADEX - PUBG Mobile

      Star fox 64 was the 2nd game I ever played on 64…of course Golden Eye was first lol then Mario and did anyone else play the hell out of NFL Blitz? Or just me?

    81. Mephilis 78

      There are randomly generated ships in No Man's Sky that look like hi-def versions of Star Fox's ship. I loved that game, btw. There were some great 64 games, but I think I played the Playstation, and Saturn/Dreamcast more. (Dreamcast was released halfway through that console generation)

    82. Ventus Vanitas

      Yo, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 and Wolverine coming!

    83. gabriel kanaan

      starfox 64 had an amazing soundtrack, it held a special place in my heart. i wasnt as big of a fan of the game as my bro was but i remember the soundtrack was * chefs kiss *

    84. trakalala

      Tibia is like living in latinamerica

    85. Clara Powell

      Any of you guys also notice he didn’t put any of his games on this list😂😂😂

    86. Nukedpancakes3 _

      The walking dead telltale games????

    87. Barry Kam

      1. World of Warcraft 2. Dota 3. Counterstrike 4. Age of Empires 5. Red Alert 6. Final Fantasy

    88. Renan

      Star Fox was also my childhood, it was the best stuff

    89. Oscar Nilsson

      Mulle Meck, för fan!

    90. C3000

      It's kinda sad that pewds forgot about the walking dead game

    91. Stre4k Nuk4

      my favorite game on the Nintendo 64 was probably super smash bros

    92. X Ray Studios

      I played Half life 2 for the first time a month ago and it's honestly still one of the best games even by today's standards.

    93. TheShinyApple57

      I’m so happy that starfox is on this list because I literally love that game with my whole heart ever since I was a kid- I think it was the first actual video game I played and I still do

    94. xVENOMZx

      Can’t believe he missed happy wheels, what an era 😂😂

    95. tony lemieux


    96. Lary

      Pewds must have been such a neighbour's kid.

    97. print channel_name;

      People say your pupils grow 50% larger when you look at someone you love. Felix's pupils 20:15

    98. Camilla Johannessen

      I don't know why, but I kinda thought he would list Shadow of the Colossus as one of his 3x3. I remember waching it everyday and i just loved it so much! Ahh, really makes you nostalgic doesn't it?

    99. PharaohsKeeper7

      So...Cool Math Games? No? Just asking.