Explaining The Doomsday Argument to my Dog.


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    1. It’s Abbycas

      we’re is mia

    2. M J

      9 min to explain two extremely two ideas. Of course it's not be understood.

    3. Sidak


    4. Nicolas Smith

      Felix I can play this in school without the teacher asking me to turn it off. You look like you're a teacher. I'm high asf rn

    5. derpnerpwerp

      I'm sorry but this makes like 0 sense.. you can't just say with "95% confidence" that we are not within the first 5 percent of humans to ever live.. that is basically the leap that allows you to pull the doomsday number out of your ass... I mean imagine if I bought a toaster and within 10 minutes of opening it up and plugging it in I asserted that I was 95% sure that it was past 5% of its total lifespan.. thats completely baseless

      1. derpnerpwerp

        @M J there are a couple of ways you could try to derive that figure.. but you can't just "say it" and take it as a postulate or something. That represents the entire bulk of his prediction. If you know you're not in the first 5% of humans then you have a hard boundary on the number of humans that will exist. You could try to *derive* the figure based on then probability of any individual species going extinct (which would be a dubious exercise).. you could base it off energy requirements of individuals vs some figure for available resources.. but I'm sure you wouldn't arrive at

      2. M J

        Actually one can. Think about it, as you seem smart, he did do explain it both to bad though. Take good care

    6. Miroh

      This is genuinely interesting

    7. Richard Farkaš

      I am sure youre just explaining it wrong, or rather just a little too simplistic, but the first doomsday just seems way too arbitrary. So we just assume, that we are already over 5% people to ever live? i cant say that with 95% accuracy, can you? Then again I am going to research the topic further. I want to see the actual math behind it.

      1. M J

        It is 9 min so I read a book about Leslie's and watched the second . Take good care. It is actually cool

    8. kaster_ s

      Prwdiepie meseed up the ad at the end of the video

    9. Mikailah Buppert

      Pends teaching Edgar makes me so content I play it to go to sleep

    10. absolutely

      please more vids like this

    11. Markus Selander

      Känns som att du hade kunnat göra det här mycket mer pedagogiskt och roligt

      1. M J

        9 minutes for two .. ,

    12. DairyMilkDay

      This was actually really interesting and well-explained, thx! ^ ^

    13. Delima Simbolon

      Pewds is such a jenius person.

    14. Simsing Around

      All I understood from this is that I never learned how to do math in school 😂 .. but I watched the whole thing lol

    15. LighterShade

      can someone explain how he got 1000/1001 at 7:58 please?

    16. Hassan Jaral7⃣

      Felix just flexing knowledge😁

    17. qsaelmo 911

      me: lisnining

    18. Airguardian

      The end killed me, LMAO

    19. Maria Sakseid

      being norwegian really is a daily struggle

    20. Toxicity

      I needed google translate for this video

    21. Coyote_Lord_Kyro


    22. K.V.J

      I feel like this theory took aloooott of assumptions to give us a dooms day year

    23. Waqas2357

      So nice

    24. SmokeScreen Gaming

      I think the 15,200 is a minimum

    25. EvanYaData

      Every video I watch… I hear the Swedish accent more and more….

    26. alex

      i love this stuff. felix is really smart.

    27. Oniel


    28. Oniel

      I slept as well

    29. Alexander Wittrup

      This is some weird ass pseudoscience. A 50% chance of an early doom and a 50% of a late doom…? What? Where do those percentages come from??? And the first one, what does that number even mean? 15000 years? Of what? It has *no* base in reality, it’s just a randomly calculated number that indeed might be true. These calculation just aren’t based on enough information.

      1. M J

        So if you know nothing and choose between head or tail in one try then it is 50/50 . Knowing more about the coin you use Bayesian theory so this is actually correct, but I do understand how you're thinking. The second point is just is just a an example as any . Take good care of yourself

    30. Portrait of a Blue Avatar

      I lost count how many times I had to rewatch this because I can't follow what Felix is saying... And I'm a STEM student majoring Math bruh 😔

      1. M J

        Lol, finally someone I agree with. I think this was too short and cut wrong.... take care

    31. Tim Geh

      Since I am a cognitively superior intellectual this video stimulates my brain perfectly.

    32. Hao Asakura

      Edgar !!!!

    33. Madeliak and Monroe

      That theorem is based

    34. Fʀᴇʏᴀ Lᴀᴜʀᴇɴ Cᴀʀᴛᴇʀ

      as a half norsk half english female, offended :,( JÆVLA DINE MAMA DU SVENSK FITTE

      1. Fʀᴇʏᴀ Lᴀᴜʀᴇɴ Cᴀʀᴛᴇʀ

        @M J takk du, også ❤️

      2. M J

        ❤️ ta hand om dig (take care of yourself)

    35. chief meow meow

      im glad i have enough knowledge about statistics to understand this

    36. Anish Panigrahi

      Ran out of content....henn felix

    37. Haryo Wicaksono

      Pewdiepoe talking about the letter N, kind of dangerous ngl

    38. Coffee Break

      Honstly Felix could be a teacher in logistics XD

    39. Aiden P

      watched this now after he said he ran out of ideas and this was a example, tbh i liked it

    40. Avid MJ

      He’s a little chicken nugget

    41. M J

      Too short to make sense

    42. Octavio Percivaldi

      I love when you do math in your videos xD

    43. Bassy

      Big brain

    44. Brent

      Couldn't the Leslie doomsday argument be explained by humans at some point becoming semi immortal beings?

    45. Kisuha

      I love math

    46. Windy Forest and a platypus

      I stopped watching pretty quickly because: I didn’t understand any of this at all, I don’t like math, and I have adhd

    47. Felix Giannerini

      bro I'm doing bayes theorem for my psych course at uni and ngl seeing it laid out in a completely different context helped me learn it so much more lmao thanks dude

    48. Alpha Xic

      I love how in this whole video edgar looks like he just wants to sleep

    49. Pauline Faith

      I couldn’t follow this at all

    50. Fewjix

      It was 2021. I was watching Pewdiepie explaining math... wait, what?

    51. Trending Live TV

      Hahaahha your dogs says sleep now not math. I dont love probability topics. Youre a genius!!!!

    52. Trending Live TV

      Hahaha and your dog is super cute and smart.

    53. greenidentity

      Pewds plz no butterflying near Edgie thx

    54. TheAdvertisement

      I can't blame Edgar for falling asleep, I could barely understand this myself. Felix is so big brain.

    55. TheAdvertisement

      It's nice to finally see Edgar taking back the channel.

    56. Abdullah

      where does the 20n come from for leslie doomsday?

    57. Justin Gibbons

      Edger - "JUST LET ME SLEEP!!!"

    58. Anton Golovko

      I think that Pewds is having an existential crisis

    59. kaylee stubley

      why is this so interesting to me? I don't know what's going on but damn I'm enjoying it

    60. Leb

      This camera thoo

    61. Miku Rin

      I don't think it's correct since the human population would not sum upto a 100 billion so doomsday is probably gonna happen sooner than we think

    62. Syndicalibre

      Pewds, why is it 15,200 years? shouldn't it be 1.52e14 years???

    63. David James


    64. Lucas Matos Macedo Teles

      Dude, WTF are u talking about!?

    65. Bhaarath Putran S

      cute edgy

    66. Roland Katsuragi

      So are these theories just calculations of the human race's currently projected expectancy then?

      1. M J

        It's is just math without much knowledge. ... so most for what we can do with speculation. Like we can't even predict the weather 10 days forward so .. Take the best care of yourself

      2. M J

        It doesn't matter as you can use any species as it's just interesting thoughts . Take good care.

    67. Eclipse S

      This is kinda using probabilities wrong... It's interesting, but is not helpful in making predictions. The assumption that we have a 95% chance to be part of the last 95% humans, as well as the probability of a quick doomsday being 1/2, relies on the assumption that events which we don't know anything about must be equally likely. From the same assumption, I can prove there is a 99,9999% chance God as he is described in the Bible doesn't exist : We don't know if a god exists. Therefore there is a 1/2 chance a god exists. But many civilisations have described many gods. So even if god would exist, let N be the number of gods humans ever thought of, then there is a 1/(2N) that the specific god that christians worship exists. N must be very high and can theoretically approach infinity as new religions appear. Therefore the probability that God exists is negligible, while if you are atheist, you have a 50% chance of being right.

      1. Eclipse S

        @M J Okay, then with what we know and what I have calculated, religion is stupid and religious people are irrational and stupid. You didn't read my argument, did you ?

      2. M J

        So the thing is just that with minimal knowledge we do best calculation like these two. Take care

      3. zahinepic

        It's weird to involve the topic of god in a question like this because we don't know for certain what god is planning. We can probably count god's existence to be a factor for a quick doomsday.

      4. zahinepic

        Involving god in math is kinda a weird thing imo. Obviously, these are just calculations and probability of WHEN will doomsday happen. We still haven't gotten to the probability of factors that leads to the end of the world happening. Felix's calculations for the long doomsday to happen is very very very very unlikely. Using his calculations, 99.9% we will get a quick doomsday, and when it comes to a quick doomsday, we are not certain when it could happen, because factors such as meteors and others.

    68. Kamisha Braddy

      Finally math is actually interesting.. Edgar is like aight I'm just gonna fall asleep

    69. ody vinty*

      This explanation is terrible lol

      1. M J

        I thought he good explane it more slowly and better.

      2. zahinepic

        Hmm not really. I understood it and I suck at math so I think he did a pretty good job at explaining it.

    70. Sarah C.

      I love these types of videos where he does whatever makes him happiest

    71. blazeit69bigb00b

      I have no fucking idea what the hell is going on I’m just watching Edgar

    72. royaleshi 213

      Pls Pewds do more of those arguments their entertaining

    73. popcorn

      I'm so confused

    74. Lorenzo. t.

      Silly Swede, maths is for Russians. Your first argument’s premise is completely arbitrary and will adjust at any position in time. For example, when N exceeds 200Bn, the your p value of 0.05 will be applied to a greater number of existing people. Your findings are not constant.

    75. Goodguy Typhlosion


    76. Fell Hermit

      As far as I’m concerned we’re living in doomsday

    77. Beban XD


    78. David Matthews

      5:35 idk if I’m being stupid but don’t you get one ball and have to guess which one it came from. Wouldn’t it be the 1000 because there is 1100 balls in total but 1000 of them are in one box so it’s a higher probably it came from that one? Idk

      1. zahinepic

        Umm. It's the argument of probability. In a box filled with 100 balls. You have 1% chance of getting the ball numbered 5. In the box filled with 1000 balls, you have a 0.1% chance of getting the ball numbered 5.

    79. Fade 72

      Edgar is now the smartest dog in the Universe as of what we know 👀👽

    80. Ben Amos

      PewDiePie teaches 9 year olds maths, the peak of humanity has been reached, it's all downhill from here folks. Also if the Higgs field is metastable rather than stable at any moment it may collapse to a lower energy ripping apart every atom in the universe.

    81. Lori Duvall

      So if the planet wasn't going to be a giant cinder of ash because of global warming within the next century, then I guess we humans would've been able to look forward to many more years based on your calculations. lol

    82. Joseph O'yek

      I feel like the math is wrong... I can feel it...

    83. Weerat

      the frame rate of the face cam died today

    84. veljko angelovski

      8:50 hes seen some shit

    85. ATARASHIman

      whos watching this in year 17 222 give like to prove him wrong

    86. Neidys M Milanes

      I have no idea what was going on but I love it

    87. Dylan Barton

      He’s now to the point where he can make a video about math and everyone just watches anyways and still enjoys it.

    88. xoxo

      The first one used a number made up on baseless assumptions and then the second theory used the outcome from the first to get an answer so it’s all based on nothing. It sounds smart but these theories are nothing but speculation and theories are usually based on assumptions with a reason

      1. xoxo

        Rlly enjoyed this video though he should make more like these

    89. Coco Mp3

      Ayo song name?

    90. Ilma Visi Rahmani

      i love learning statistic with pewds pls make more!!!

    91. elilettuce

      Whats up with the weird cuts? Sive u ok? ;_;

    92. Jack Raiden

      That background musiiic

    93. Maxine Bailey

      Conspiracy theory: Norway doesn't exist

    94. Random Human

      My brain hurts now

    95. Lemun


      1. Lemun


    96. Pieter Borghgraef

      It's still vacation Felix my brain...

    97. RossDog

      If you're here watching Pewds and feeling inspired then keep going grinding away! We are all in the same boat here looking for ways to help all our channels. keep up the good work and Never Give Up!

    98. Liz Hellsing

      You lost me like half way through

      1. M J

        Lol me too as I've actually read the first in a book and it's easy to see ones bear bet for an alien to telling us S/he is 2000 yearbook,d to get the best prediction (stop imagining an alien lol). Would be to doubling it as we have no more information..,, take car of yourself.

    99. Hollis Woods

      Math is math.

    100. xx xx

      3:50 we are at 10B humans right now?