The History of Sweden is Weird..


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    1. Jack

      12:38 mfs last name is slut tit 💀

    2. DDD L

      Anyone from Norway take no offense he's defending his birthplace.

    3. Altar and Incense

      Mickey mouse truly does suck. Kalle Anka is boss.

    4. Ask Davidsen

      great vid


      Being the king of an empire at 17 was honestly not even that young. I’m pretty sure Louis XV became the king of France at the age of 5, just because they tried to have male monarchs whenever possible and their lifespans were typically short af.

    6. uwu

      Pewds after Sweden invaded Poland: "I'm sorry Poland" Pewds after Sweden had a bloodbath with Denmark: "Sorry Denmark" Pewds after going to war with Norway: "SUCK MY DICK NORWAY"

    7. SuperCrafterz

      It's the second time in history, when pewdiepie says "Estonia" (11:50)

    8. John Willy Flaten

      Its great having a big trash bin next to you xD

    9. Dean USA


    10. Alyssia Pierre

      oatmilk actually saved my life because it REALLY helps with making breast milk so thank you sweden !

    11. JMU

      the amount of passive aggressiveness Felix towards neighbouring countries is fucking hilarious

    12. Gert27

      get over it i flip my not a knife around


      Sims is frome Sweden 💚

    14. large rice bowl

      Your g fule taste super good

    15. Filip Heurlin

      Jag är från Sverige hej jag är en viking

    16. Vitamin Electric

      I’m from Sweden and i hate Norway

    17. Oskar Alikas

      There is Gustaf Adolfs gymnasium in Estonia

    18. Lowe J.A

      As a swede i think we all need to agree Swedish cuisine is probably the worst in the world. I have never gone abroad and not been pleasantly surprised by the local food. Except my dad went to England and said it wasn't eatable but that doesn't count. Compared to surströmming its probably heaven. People might hate on the immigrants but atleast they brought some kickass shawarma, kebab and falafel.

    19. Taekatanahu

      Don Rosa is the most underrated American of all time.

    20. DunkinPumpkin

      Mysa = cuddle???

    21. BlasterSW MW

      Don't forget that Gustav Vasa became a dictator after he made Sweden into its own monarchy

    22. Robin Lindgren

      Musse Pigg är lite störig

    23. Kitten Artibya

      boulet bol

    24. The1reclaimer

      Do Mexico history 😂

    25. derReiter

      "Defeated Finland" LOL what Finland

      1. Jarski l

        Well, group of angry forest people who spoke Finnish. Under Russian rule first "Finland" was born in form of "Grand Dutchy of Finland"

    26. jon holand

      fun fact! the Norwegian king has 2 open buttons on his suit and he will close them when Norways owning Jämtland and Harjedalen. (part of Sweden)

    27. Breanna Coffey

      Me cringing bc I have both, Swedish and Norwegian ancestry 👀

    28. Sam See Yong

      Cab u do the history of china

    29. A guy who watches YT

      Did you know: in Norway, there is a place in norway called hell

      1. Jarski l

        In Finland we have "Saananpaskantamasaari" It translates to... "An Island Saana shat" Finland also has places like "horse dick" "Pussy trench" Etc.... These places are named like this, due in 1700s or something Swedish mappers were visiting Finnish region and trying to name places for the map and they asked from Finnish farmers names. The farmers hated Sweds so they just gave some random troll names.... sadly these mappers were serious and those joke names became official.

      2. Hasan

        Bruh Also here in Pakistan, there is a group of people from the kashmir province who have the surname of butt.

    30. Savitar

      När Gustav II *Adolf* went to war against Poland History repeats itself

    31. Aiden Cantrell

      wasn’t the actor Christopher lee given permission to be king of Sweden because he almost married Swedish royalty?

    32. Saana

      Pewds: "Finland" Sive: *zooms in Estonia*

    33. Christopher Lariviere

      I just came here for Carlinus Rex

    34. Lonkgronk

      Sweden, you better watch out, Norway we 'bout to recounquer Jämtland and Härjedalen, and Bohuslän

    35. Eetu Lehtinen

      Sweden when their nordic countries get attacked by the worlds most strongest armies: this is fine Also Finland stornk when commies cant cap their base.

    36. SpitfireWarrior 2077

      As much as Pewds wishes that Sweden was clean regarding the trans-Atlantic slave trade, for most of the major European powers at the time, the undeniable, lucrative wealth that the Atlantic economy promised from the New World would have been too attractive for the Swedish state to ignore and they would want to get involved in it to any capacity, which would have inevitably included participating in its most important element: slavery. Now don't get me wrong, i am not defending Sweden for getting involved with that barbaric practice but one must understand the thought processes of the people in charge of making these decisions at the time, to understand how far we have truly come even though we still have some of those underlying issues to deal with today. It may not be easy, but it is nessacary.

    37. Elysia

      here in holland they also have a word for Olla

    38. FAE #21Quirol Julian

      I like how every time it's about history class, he calls them "stories" not lessons XD

    39. Vimanjo

      Norway better ngl

    40. Nimroc

      8:10 Surprised pewds didn't mention he conquered Norway. lol

    41. Canned Dinners

      5.8 Billion?

    42. ج محمد PES

      هل من مشترك

    43. liam Fredriksson-Sten

      I'm Swedish hej jag heter liam.

    44. æ

      "we defeated russia" POLTAVAAAAA

    45. Даниел Кулевски

      Can you cut Norway in half again?

    46. Simon Andersson

      jag är svensk

      1. Bantcream Guy

        jeg er norsk

    47. Mr Devil

      Pewds: talks bad about Norway. Varg Vikernes: this is war huh Felix!

      1. Gabriel Flatau

        This is uhhhh War

    48. JoystickNoodles

      I've always hated history lessons, but this was actually really interesting and I definitely learned some stuff. thanks felix 😎

    49. denizypinarci

      How did you miss our greatest king that ate himself to death??

    50. Isa

      Vasaskäppet, (the ship) had 64 canons, that's why it was way to heavy to float.

    51. Emmisen 3

      Kalle anka

    52. E

      sweden > norway > finland > denmark

    53. M J


    54. Kandam55


    55. Loke Björklund

      snälla pewdiepie kan inte du försöka bli stadsminister och eller kung i sverige

    56. trodat07

      Donald Duck is blonde, Mickey Mouse is brown. Mystery solved.

    57. ambz

      I’m 14 and i still wait for my kalle anka every Friday and I’ve been doing that for the past 9 years

    58. Robert

      It's actually believed that fika comes from a spoonerism of kaffe which is coffe. But back in the day we said kaffi. Spoonerism is when you swap the two first consonants, 'sounds', in a word.

    59. Philip Sobieniecki

      I am from Sweden

    60. Consuelo Gallardo

      The best thing of Sweden is abba

    61. Fredrik Nygren

      You traitor, you clearly have been outside the borders for two long. You clearly need to be reassimilated

    62. Johan Kjellin

      Love the history lesson

    63. Autotransporter

      Sweden and Prussia, best countries in history!

    64. Sun Jara

      What I'm gathering from the little blurb at 2:57 is its high tea, but Sweedish.

    65. General-von-Jerry


    66. Umair Ali

      content hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    67. Yoosuf Iyaan

      In the start of the vedio a minecraft classic music was there(sorry if i am bad at english)

    68. Harry Jenkins


    69. Igor

      king of sweden is a tf2 player

    70. Disgusting Cow


    71. Crofty

      If they are Swedish Weebs are they... Suebes?

    72. Wiппer

      Could you shut up about Norway? Like actually, this is straight up annoying

    73. DasPotato

      Vasa went down because good old Gustavus Adolphus was like "expand bote" and they did, they didn't compensate for it increasing, so it tipped over and flooded the gun ports, which caused further flooding, until it sank.

    74. Anton Allen

      In Russian history and literature classes we have like a whole section/chapter about how we beat the Swedes with emperor Peter the Great; how the Swedes got as far as Poltava in Ukraine, but then we kicked their asses up back past where St Petersburg would be founded back into Norway, and made them sign a peace treaty. Huh, the more you know

      1. Daniel Hadén

        Sure you did win. But I mean Poland/Russia/Denmark/Norway vs Sweden. Hardly a fair fight.

    75. Eli

      As a swed myself så kan jag verifiera att allt i denna videon är sant. Tack Felix :D

    76. Dyrot

      love Sweden from Indonesia

    77. Tim Mertens

      poland :|

    78. Mcs Mvideo

      Sweden is very nich in golden

    79. Rener Abano

      Actually there a supergroup death metal band from Stockholm Sweden called Bloodbath. All members are from opeth, katatonia, paradise lost and edge of sanity

    80. Pre Malone

      What's their beef with Norway?

    81. Leighton The High School Level Simp

      PewDiePie: *bashing the Norwegians* Me: * is Norwegian *

    82. Waqas2357

      Supper channel

    83. Pelle paltnacke

      for fuyck sake no the vasa ship did leave the harbor. BUt when it got out on the kind of open sea the wind blew on it and made it tilt. So it took in water and just sank. This was a flaw that was made becuase the ship was so tall and skinny so it had bad balence

    84. synonym


    85. synonym

      Svea rikes glory days:) 🇸🇪💪

    86. Bertil Gaming

      Kan you make a video

    87. Arthur Cassuli

      Fun Fact: The swedish queen is brazilian!

    88. Calgacus Caledonii

      The Japanese are Sweebs!

    89. Hedgehog of Dojima

      7:50 and the current royal family is descendents of him or something like that

    90. Aleksi Vuori

      Its not a fucking midsummer...its JUHANNUS

    91. Hedgehog of Dojima

      We invented Oxygen

    92. Remueru

      Pewds can be a great History Teacher ngl

    93. I like pancakes


    94. skini

      Looks like Denmark now has a population of 5,8 billion. And Sweden has double the amount!!!

    95. Tw1st

      Asså Sverige är bara bäst lol

    96. crews johnns

      Donald duck was more popular in Sweden I assume because dnalnd has the se color scheme of Sweden (blue m yellow) plus he's an adorable cartoon duck

    97. dododo

      Where were you when the world go pew pew and boom boom 💥💥. You're welcome, Sweden.

    98. Łukasz Ozdoba

      you have nothing to be sorry for, Poland kicked Sweden's ass back then, so we're cool

    99. Taxon Covery

      More please. I love every content you made about Sweden.

    100. FTGYGAMER1

      My grandma said: what r u doing(btw context, it was the time I had my classes) I said "history" She was like "ok,ok" Btw I'm indian