I Laugh Sive Gets A Raise


4.3 लाख वेळा पाहिला4 000

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    Crying tiktok guy - @mckeebond

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    1. Colored BANDAGES

      23:53 BULLSHIT THAT SHIT BOPS... But I do agree, we do that

    2. Jmkap

      26:19 nah

    3. Amy Tattersfield

      I Love Sive's Face Mask!

    4. Bruh Bruh69

      Draaain gang

    5. Linnea Sieurin

      Ummmm part 2 please

    6. Kiko WRLD IV

      "no way it gets 500k likes"...has over 570k ATM

    7. Hrithik Sahu

      this is the funniest shit i watched in a while. Sive and me have have similar humour.

    8. Man of the Toast

      0:17 I have those dumbbells bruh :0

    9. Hex14

      Why would you take her to taco bell on the first date?

    10. Melissa Laurie

      Sive. You guys got over 500k in less than 2 week we need part 2 now love you Pewds

    11. doliio volay

      Everyone: The worst he can say is "No" Him and his friend: 23:12

    12. Regi3Australian

      That hold music is what i got when I called the NBN guys

    13. Ghoul on wii

      Dom made it🤣

    14. Natasha Bhatnagar

      You know having sive around like ven the doodle makes me chuckle

    15. Cody Price

      why is he wearing a mask

      1. doliio volay

        Part 2 wya

    16. Laura Versey

      It’s the nhs hold music

    17. Cruel Crusader

      and i thought people masked in their own car driving around alone was bad...

    18. NotTylr

      Draiiiiinnnnnnnnnn gannnngggggg

    19. Rev.

      I just fuckin lost it in the first clip

    20. America Yea

      There we go 500k lets do it

    21. Chanandler de Bong


    22. don't subscribe

      Pew die pie must reply for this comment

    23. Jorge Chavez

      Fred Knudson Nickacado doc?

    24. Megarion Gameplays

      ey sive, hook me up with that meme folder, man

    25. Andre Rickabaugh

      Where pt2

    26. Sapna Sana

      The cat one was the best one And the one with the grandma omg Loved the clips Sive!!!

    27. Michael Davis

      more sive

    28. Nathan Davison

      Part 2 wya

    29. JA MES

      What’s w the mask wearing tho

    30. Yung Vonn

      what’s the trump drain gang meme😂😂

    31. Michael Uden

      yo whats the joe rogan video called ive been dying at it all day.

    32. pecansaregross

      ey they did it 500k

    33. niels brouwer

      I dont think it was really funny

    34. nilleftw

      You get this shit every day, but damn.. thank you for videos like this. Makes any shitty day so much better.

    35. Abhinav

      Part 2 when ?

    36. Agata

      Sive: is it a ha-ha? 🥺 Pewds: *light confused laughter* Sive: that's a ha-ha!! (25:41)

    37. Matthew N

      God damnit sive. The Sheffield United one made me spit out me drink all over my shirt

    38. kukuh iman putra raharja

      some of them aren't actually that funny but felix and sive's reactions make it funny.

    39. John Creed

      I relate so bad with the Puerto Rican’s one 😂😂

    40. JDJGG

      I couldn’t stop laughing at the purto rican and amogus neme

    41. TheCollectiveGaming

      Woooooooooooow you just gonna roast old school reggaeton like that! Rude!!!!!!! 😂

    42. iden


    43. mikikosmos

      Sive is me when showing my mom anime pictures or random memes that I laughed at and then my mom's like .......

    44. pashi baba

      Is sive british?

    45. Whisky Whims

      are ye winning son?

    46. luke casavan


    47. luke casavan

      Ive never laughed so hard in my life lmfao

    48. Luiz

      Filet-o-fish is actually damn good

    49. China LeBeau

      So nice to see bigger youtubers giving smaller ones shoutouts! Sive is truly a kind man

    50. bilishu aliss

      I’m a Puerto rican and I don’t find this offensive. I too would leave the beach. Also it’s not just the music, it’s the lack of sound / volume respect for the rest of the people there l

    51. Joobie Joobie

      Well, they actually got 500k likes

    52. SirTaki_Killa

      Call any vons or albertsons and they got that bumpin song on the hold

      1. bilishu aliss

        Why the fuck is he wearing a mask alone?

    53. Ray's Boom Boom Room

      Filet-o-fish gud TikTok bad

    54. PessimisticDiabetic


      1. PessimisticDiabetic

        My names frederik lol

    55. Hyto Guitar_style

      10:30 yo that shit got me good, it has no context what so ever

    56. Madison Marko

      you got your 500k goal O_O part 2 coming soon? ;)

      1. Madison Marko

        why do i sound like a robot

    57. Jackson Schott

      Soooo where part 2

    58. Katie Goodell

      Thats our hold music at my job! 😂


      sive's finally getting a raise!!!! top editor trapped in basement MOMENT!!!! lmfao.

    60. ErinIona

      Sive! I have heard that default song, usually whenever I call my doctors. I am guilty of ordering a filet o fish ONCE. It was not great and was purely because of pregnancy cravings

    61. Krisztina Fekete


    62. Chubbyy

      pewds should look at that video when the 3 hardest things to say is:i love you, im sorry and worchestershire sauce

    63. Decentral Gaming Tutorials

      When the first one is a South African clip XD

    64. Adrian Lidström


    65. Tyler Wargo

      Pewds hit way more then 500 K likes 😹😹

    66. ColdRuss

      I'll edit Filix

    67. Morgue Original Music

      Wearing a stupid face mask at home? Wtf

    68. LinkinPark4Ever1996

      Why the fuck is he wearing a mask alone?

    69. Braeden Sichterman

      Ok but why is Sive wearing a mask?

    70. Super Midoriya

      muslims will tend to eat fillet o fish because the chicken isn't allowed in their religion

      1. Jacolazo

        Nah chicken is helal, and pig is haram. Even if chicken would be haram too there would still be beef burgers

    71. Corrupted Love

      Bro got 500K likes in two weeks

    72. MiiCreativeStudio


    73. ᜃ ᜊᜆ̟ᜑᜎ

      We need sive to do YLYL. Those are all God Tier memes

    74. Lil weenis

      How hard are you making sive work look at his eyes

    75. Temuulen Uuganbat

      ay ay ay dont call us mongols funny we sound cool

    76. ClaytonP

      I got an ad which began with a cat farting perfectly on cue with the cat coughing clip

    77. Steven Diaz

      Bruuhhhh that do be puertoricans tho😂😂😂😂😂

    78. bibi

      The clip repeating cucumber made me lose it It's not even that funny LMFAO

    79. Riley Kliewer

      Link/title for the Joe Rogan alien clip?

    80. Camden Barron

      That editor Goose = geese Moose = mooses Absolutely slayed me omg. Because as a Canadian I can tell you all with confidence, the plural of moose, is just moose. Mooses isn't a thing, so funny.

    81. Apple PieZ

      Pewdiepie is awlays an racist

    82. Joshua Mckinney Video

      300k got it by far

    83. Addison Bumbleburg

      Sive is a meme expert. I loved all of these 😂😂😂😂

    84. bcvbb hyui

      I haven’t seen pewds laugh like that in ages ! Sive deserves all the raises on this one

    85. Mother Brain

      There are many bad

    86. Sakib Ahmed

      Get that second partttttt

      1. bcvbb hyui

        you know you're an overworked video editor when you say "6am last night". like is that 06.00 in the morning or 18.00 in the evening (6pm) lol

    87. Greed_XD

      Holy shit the realisation that they use the same hold music in Australia in the UK

    88. Tori Jane

      I used to work at a credit union and that customer service meme was our waiting music. It’s a fucking bop.

    89. The Dude

      Is this the guy that shot pewds partner on that bridge...? What's his name again?

    90. Hmmm that’s kinda sus

      We got the 500k likes, what’s now? 👀

    91. Matthew Vaughn

      How cringey it is to be a witness to someone showing someone else memes that arent funny. Sure some are, but god damn is there a disconnect somewhere along the line. Most of the tiktok ones are just cringe tbh.

      1. Jacolazo

        Even tho I really enjoyed that video ur kinda having a point. They don't have the same humor, and sometimes it's just a little akward

    92. Gabe M

      Cisco hold music

    93. Lislanne Lima

      Gente eu achei q era o maicon na capa KKKKKKKKKKKKK

    94. boynatey44

      How has pewdie never seen the John census thing. Its from like 2013

    95. László Juhász

      12:28 john cena prank call, her husband or boyfriend asked them to prank call her multiple times

    96. Emily Thompson


    97. Jesus Daniel

      I’m a Puerto Rican and I completely agree

    98. Youtube Only

      500k bro lessss gooo