Why are anime titles so dumb? w/ The Anime Man


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    1. Mani d Gamer

      Pewds: i havent finished one piece Me: *starts laughing* Pewds: ? Me: its not done Pewds: huh?? Me: its not done he havent got the one piece yet

    2. Lady Oblivious

      God, I loved bobobo~👌

    3. Emperor Frank

      whats the translation for shimoneta_ because it was so wtf anime

    4. E

      Love the Christmas music in the background

    5. Lord Habitaxe of Prydonia

      I have a better title for naruto "Evil fox spirit lives inside me and everyone hates me for it"

    6. Ketsui

      "I'm The Anime Man, Felix! Of course I've watched it all" It's the says in the name, Felix!

    7. Etsumi

      I've seen MRplans videos with titles similar to the way anime seems to have theirs as tbh 😂😂

    8. Xander Johnson

      Came back to give it a second try and he is still the most unlikable people in the PewDiePie Saga right by buffbro

    9. rageguy 55

      My parents died to det me a Fox

    10. Say something positive, or remain silent.

      Yugioh >> *Here , we settle things with children card games* Attack in titan >> *humanity became the top of the food chain, we are going to fix that* Jujutsu kaisen >> *I regret that moment I swallowed that thing , now an evil spirit lives inside me* Overlord >> *can you imagine living inside an online game ? Neither do i* That's the top of my head lmao...

    11. PenNutRader 131

      This is caused me to simultaneously want to get back into anime and run away 😂

    12. yan fenech

      ive watched all of the animes in the video lol

    13. The True Stool

      Now we wait until he notices meatloaf's song titles

    14. Awpogon

      "The legendary legend of the legendary heroes" boom there you go, more legendary-ness


      Naruto: My parents sealed a demon inside me and become the biggest troll of the village

    16. Zarif Zawad

      Demon slayer should be: That time when Michael Jackson was reincarnated as a demon. Or was HE?

    17. Brynn bear

      World break : aria of curse for a holy swordsman 🙂

    18. Bas Ting


    19. Urahara Kisuke

      I Was Stuck in the Washing Machine When Step Brother Suddenly Stepped In...

    20. Froot Loops

      Hunter x hunter would be like: “My dad left me, now I’m fighting ants?”

    21. I Live Here

      Pirate Monkey man is rubber and hasn’t learned to swim

    22. Sankta

      so i am a spider so what is a dumb title but a great anime 8/10

    23. Nero Ikigai

      is it weird if I've seen all of these as well?

    24. Dark_lazor_ Lord45

      Jjba name would be my adopted brother burned my dog alive now im upset

    25. Hazmann

      I'll never be able to get over the fact I once stumbled upon an anime called 'I Want To Eat Your Pancreas'. No cap.

    26. vananyask1

      Ok I hadn't heard of any of these until Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo and I said it in my head instantly cuz my friends/siblings and I would make fun of it cuz we didn't understand anime at the time xD

    27. Markjade Herras

      this is my first time watching felix reacted anime

    28. Galih Candra

      I'm thankful they have such title. It serves as a warning to not waste my time. Lazy plot almost guaranteed.

    29. Beatriz Caetano

      these r more like youtube video titles

    30. Piers

      My favourite title "I Couldn't Become a Hero, So I Reluctantly Decided to Get a Job." :)

    31. MaxMos New

      26:45 SukaSuka BlyatBlyat, Здарова славяне!

    32. Autumn Shipes

      I love WorldEnd lmao I’m so happy it came up

    33. Call Reaper

      12:47 you're welcome

    34. Bisaya KandinG Gaming

      Why do I feel like this is Joey's video instead of pewds... is this the fps of his cam?

    35. David Johnson

      Blame had better be on this list of terrible titles...

    36. Long Xue

      "I don't understand anyone has a mom thing" Connor: *Profusely sweats

    37. Long Xue

      Iirc Tite Kubo named the series Bleach because the Shinigami are like bleach that kills of the dirt (Hallows), removes the filth of this world and make it 'clean'.

    38. PannaCotta

      Damn Joey really be calling out both Grant and Connor in pewdiepie video

    39. Izzy Woods

      i watched Oreimo in middle school, like over 10 years ago and had no idea incest existed before then. So I just thought he thought his sister was cute and that's it. Until... you know...those scenes. It's a good anime in my memory and I refuse to rewatch it to prove otherwise lmao

      1. TheGreatPotato

        This is literally my reaction to Yusoga no sora

    40. bignastysimzz

      Slime 300 is like K-ON isekai

    41. rettwoods

      Bleach is referring to the white masks.

    42. CowInTheField25

      the young ladys school is just gender bent ohshc

    43. Kobrata 25

      Jthey should make a title "who? What? when? Why?" So the title is gonna ask you what the fuck is going on the anime

    44. Eddie Holmes

      Tbf pewds should watch “that time I got reincarnated as a slime” Don’t base it off it’s name

    45. Keir Blank

      Joey's Japanese is the language of the gods

    46. Jed Imasuen-Brodrick

      I guess あいまいみい could be from 曖昧ミー "unclear me" or 愛毎味 "love every flavor"

    47. Brayn Johnson

      Why is there Christmas music playing in the background lol

    48. Gayle Mathiesonk keta

      How dare you insult i've been killing slimes for 300 years anime 😤it deserves season 2

    49. Faybyan ALC

      i accidently eat strange fruit & become a pirate king

    50. Davii Mai

      Joey: If 30 Day Fiancé was an anime Pewds: SOLD!

    51. Mystica Dark

      "my mental choices are interfering with my romance school life comedy" or whatever is GREAT

    52. Jerald RoTube

      Tokyo Revengers -------> I got hit by a train yet instead of dying i returned to 12 years ago and i keep doing my best to get a good future and save my girlfriend. THAT WOULD BE EPIC NAME

    53. Jacktheraider42.


    54. Isseki Remo

      "I haven't finished One Piece"

    55. Jean-de-Dieu Soult

      its main focus is to clickbair since authors are too lazy to refix the name

    56. LikeAPro42

      Don’t forget classic manga titles such as “I Am My Wife” or “I’m the Main Character of a Harem, but I’m Gay so Everyday is Hell for Me”

    57. Pokemon Junior

      The title for this anime What do you at the end of the world? Are you busy? Will you save us? It’s not a question it’s the legit title lmao

    58. OPMoody

      I want studios to start adding “what’s up with that” to the end of every anime title they make

    59. Vector

      That's that yuyu hakusho

    60. Austin Jones

      I have a title for you that recently became an anime but started as a light novel "Suppose a Kid from the Last Dungeon Boonies moved to a Starter Town". The main character is genuinely my least favorite character out of the entire cast up to the end of volume 6 of the LN, because there aren't any other volumes out right now (September 19th, 2021) I don't know if he'll ever become less of an ignorant moronic bundle of pure stupidity and depression. The other characters are great or at least O.K. by me.

    61. 9106 Victor Bose

      pokemon would be, i love hunting sketchy animals, so what??


      My favourite friendship

    63. Obsidian Nebula

      *Two Legends Doing a Legendary Video, The Legend. Are You Busy? Will You Watch It?*

    64. The Wayward Spiral

      In all seriousness, Light Novels are to blame for this. Light Novel is the autistic cousin of Manga.

    65. MakingCookingEasyAgain

      HUH!? PewDiePie never finished watching One Piece? What's up with that lol

    66. Nisha Dass

      Death note one be like:I have a book that kill people and a scary monster so what 😂

    67. Jonathan Daffron

      Should have done ‘That time I was reincarnated as a slime’

    68. Sheriff Woody

      1:23 watched about 3 episodes of this

    69. Will Wilson

      Man the Japanese sure love their portmanteaus.

    70. Srilalith Nampally

      Actual Bleach Title: I got stabbed by a girl and let her live in my closet.

    71. Koichi

      18:27 what about kakoin

    72. - Rozhock


    73. Kraken WasSlayed

      I love how they thought it said "Alpha Sigma" when the guy actually said Alpha Stigma

    74. Nathaniel Barton

      christmas carol bed music. nice.

    75. saos

      Wait until Manhwas and Manhuas got an anime adaptation

    76. Akira

      Its not japanese title that's why

      1. The Whatever 『 』

        It's translated from japanese

    77. Santiago Perez

      That time I got reincarnated as a slime and slime diaries is fire doe lowkey

    78. rayen Chraim

      Pokem : i capture animals and i put them in my basment ignore the children

    79. hoiljakej_r dedo

      I just hate anime

    80. BlaZe magma

      15:30 “It doesn’t matter if your a man or a woman” out of context my boy seems down horrendous

    81. Wuxia Games Central

      If Mr. and Mrs. Smith were an anime the title would be: My spouse is an assassin and so am I, so what?

    82. Holly Clementine

      I forgot bobob-bo-bobobo existed lmao

    83. Holly Clementine

      I kept waiting for the great Rimuru to be brought up lol

    84. Lawrence Lazy365

      Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo Felix, Joey and most other viewers: "Good anime and manga." Filipino ppl: *laughing their ass off*

      1. Moorish Star

        @ezelden negm I guess just like in Spanish where bobo means stupid/idiot.

      2. ezelden negm

        Alright, what does it mean??

    85. Local Enthusiast

      I was walking upstairs and fell down the stairs and broke my ankles, this is not an anime title I need help call 911 please

    86. Samuel walton

      Love the Christmas music in the background

    87. Sue

      watching pewdiepie collab video's always makes me cheeks hurt at the end of it.

    88. Jonathan

      Demon Slayer: My sister turned into a Demon Attack on titan: I lost my mom and my anget issues killing me

    89. hellmila


      1. The Whatever 『 』

        Hi Japanese person

    90. IdleVoidex

      "im a boy with a 9 tailed fox inside of me!"

    91. Slytherin Heir

      Death note title be like "I'll take a potato chip, and eat it!"

    92. Neko desu ga, nani ka?

      most of the ones felix choose are the new ones


      Movie title: *short* Anime title : *5 paragraphs*

    94. Nestor Miguel Baldemeca

      5:30 What are the beats playing in 5:30 ???

    95. Matt Rodriguez

      Isekai and "life-into-RPG-world" have ruined everything

    96. SK Ling

      Naruto to be like: Nine tails sealed in me and i want to become the best hokage to save my betrayed friend

      1. SK Ling

        One piece to be like: I accidentally eat the demon fruit and gain ability, so i decide to go after pirate king's one piece

    97. Sanaa Bouargane

      These gonna get higher in term of popularity because of this video

    98. curlyfri guy

      Didn't they name it bleach because it was one of the creators favorite songs from an American band?

    99. NARO