Trying to Explain Parallel Universes With My Last 2 Remaining IQ


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    1. Erin Brewster

      Mandala effect?

    2. Andrew Walker

      I watched so much flash and learned about it already.

    3. Joe Schmoe

      unrelated to multiverse theory but I just realized that pewds has the same soulless, almost artificial face of homelander.

    4. The Breathtaking Potato

      My astronomy teacher was doing a lesson on the different multiverse theories and he showed us this video!

    5. Tornike Michitashvili

      Did not understand a single thing but I enjoyed it great video

    6. Sarah P

      this is such a great video

    7. Kevin Krahn

      If you want a complete mind break, look up the MRplans video on quantum teleportation, I've never been so confused in my life

    8. Kevin Krahn

      When I studied quantum mechanics in college I literally walked around my dorm talking to myself trying to understand it, I had a minor mental breakdown... Nothing makes sense, HOW DOES LOOKING AT IT CHANGE IT! TELL ME UNIVERSE!!!

    9. Do you mind if i Slytherin?

      i like videos like this.

    10. jinx86

      Too big brain for me

    11. Bacon withmoreeggs

      An alternate universe is just a duplication glitch in reality change my mind

    12. Bonny Bonz

      Level 3 is literally some Rick and Morty stuff.

    13. MonkeyKong

      Level 1: but what evidence do you have that the universe is infinite? any number, however insanely large, becomes indistinguishable from zero when compared to infinity Others: the cutting edge of physics is still a weak understanding of physical phenomena; the best we have to describe light, for example, is analogies (eg. particle and wave) because light does things that are mathematically similar to oscillations (that we understand fully) and projectiles (that we understand fully), but it is neither of those things: It is light, and we don't have the distinct understanding of it, just analogies that work for specific cases. Also, it would be a massive coincidence if the smallest physical things and the largest physical things were the ones at the limit of our ability to observe; There could be a trillion larger layers beyond "universe" and a quadrillion smaller beyond "subatomic particle". We know basically nothing, except for a bunch of practical stuff that we can use in our middle world. So how can you project from our limited understanding and expect correct answers? If a couple things are different because of new discoveries (and they will be), then wouldn't you expect us to look like alchemists from the dark ages compared to the truth that will be uncovered far in the future? And how far can we really go into ever proclaiming that we have a real understanding of phenomena like a multiverse, when these phenomena seem to get increasingly perplexing and alien the further we explore away from our middle world? We're just falling back on analogies because our minds aren't grasping the actual phenomena, but the analogies could also describe something different than we claim they describe. Do you think the universe is curved spacetime, or is a curved surface a comprehensible mathematical analog (among other workable analogs) for something much more interesting and true that we don't really understand?

      1. MonkeyKong

        22:20 There you go; So this interference pattern could occur because the light behaves like ripples on a pond or sound waves (that we understand), or this picture could be mocked as medieval-adjacent nonsense in the future because, while it is mathematically similar to oscillation equations, it may have a completely different explanation and diagram with a fuller understanding of light. This would be no different that the disclaimer that's now taught with the Bohr diagram that it's not a representation, but a notation style from olden times

    14. Jzx j

      When felix said, "this video just to explain the theory to my dog" Everyone: woof woof

    15. Anita Čeman

      Felix please claim your part of Antarctica, the time is irrelevant unpopular research: Moon is a plasma

    16. It’s Abbycas

      i love your game and your pug

    17. Dora Pang

      I don't understand anything from level 2, but I still enjoy this video, I just love watching him talking smart shit

    18. Jaro Matt

      The thought i like the most: There is another universe where everything, even in the smallest detail, is the same. Everything that happend was exactly how it happend in our universe. Except for those few seconds where you are reading THIS COMMENT, and after that everything stays the same again (or not if you look at a third universe). and this happends all the time with another universe, for every person and thing.

    19. ZZFOR3V3R

      Felix could explain how bananas work and I would be entertained

    20. Rolf Henning

      So when I sleep I am between multiverses, now I’m terrified 😂

    21. Nathalia

      Where did Edgar go

    22. Michalina Kuźniak

      Electron is just shy, leave him alone

    23. Madara Uchiha

      Pewds finally tryed DMT you should be at Joe Rogan podcast lololol

    24. Semerah Padi

      @-@ this quantum physics is too much for me, but i enjoy listening to it, though they all dont make sense to me. im listening to genius @-@

    25. Madara Uchiha

      Hey Felix there is this thing called God and his idea is to make something so big that humans will probably never reach it lol i guess

    26. Danielle Harden

      You need to read the book road to reality, by sir Roger Penrose. A British mathematician, he's on a whole different level. He's worked with the likes of Stephen Hawking, but that book, basically has everything, from a man looking up and realising these stars move.. to the heaviest most complex ideas in physics today. It has all the mathematics to follow, but you don't need to read it, you can just follow the "story" very easily explained, very well written, but my dude, this book is THICK

    27. MiiCreativeStudio

      17:02 Appreciate the extra editing Sive does to illustrate Felix's explanation 😭😂

    28. tinkfly loompa

      Learned this in my physics course and was like "whaaaaat" and now a few years later it's some what more logical

    29. Hypnopompic Fool

      You’ve heard of flat earth eras not get ready for rounder universers

    30. Anastacia Renee

      This is why our lives are so pointless and everyone's should just do what ever they want

    31. Steve Duran

      Are you trying to sleep with me pewds? 🤔

    32. one tome plz

      Quantum physics is just humans throwing darts into a dark room and hoping the dart board is real

    33. one tome plz

      I think that there was a set path but ever now and then u can break of and make new path (ik this sounds like loki but that’s not where I got it from) the reason I think his is because time and space are one so if time is broken so is space so you need more space

    34. one tome plz

      Imagine Edgar explain to pewds

    35. Rayyan Amsyar

      music name???

    36. photomicroscope

      you said you would delete PewDiePie for 100M subscibers

    37. Gustav Meherr

      You should work with "Kurzgesagt - In a Nutshell", its a channel here on youtube that makes videos like these but shorter and with cool animations basically. :)

    38. Nadia

      literally, level 3 blew my mind!! probably in other universe

    39. Ivan Kostadinov

      Feels like Vsauce video, I love it!

    40. haffie♡

      god i loved this video so much

    41. windkitz

      The Level 3 explanation is the one I believe in!! Thank you so much for putting it into your own words, it makes it easier to explain my own reasoning to others by just sharing your video to them 💙

    42. Nynke Krans

      A joke we always had in first year Quantum Mechanics: "Heisenberg is driving with large speed over a road. A cop stops him and says: "don't you know you were going way too fast???!" Heisenberg replies and says: "I have no idea, but I know where I was!"

    43. Nynke Krans

      Something interesting for you maybe is Electron Microscopy. In this way we can actually SEE atoms.

    44. Marcus StaAna

      These nuts are from a parallel universe.

    45. Sir Maoilios

      So you telling me Flatearthers were right without knowing they were right lol

    46. SamKay09

      You should keep doing this videos of explaining complex science to Edgar

    47. Spencer White

      please make more videos like this

    48. sunstripe85

      Ok I love this and this explanation of level 3 made Schrödinger's cat make sense to me for the first time, and level 3 is my favorite now

    49. xernais

      Instructions unclear. I told my teacher about the big 14:17

    50. Guilherme Neves

      This is going to be a long ass post, but it might be interesting to someone. However, don't quote me on any of this, because, although I am currently working on quantum computing, it's like Felix said, "if someone claims to know everything about quantum physics, than they know nothing of quantum physics". Regarding how the electron becomes a particle when observed, the best understanding we have (not saying that I understand squat of it, but what's generaly agreed) is the shrodingers cat metaphor. You have a cat inside a box, and that box is filled with somekind of gas, but on a quantity that has 50% chance of killing it (LD50). Since the box is closed, we have to assume that the cat is both dead and alive for following actions (this makes more sense in computing, but I'll get to that), as we have no clue if the gas killed it or not. The moment we open the box to see if the cat is dead or not, the gas escapes, and as such, if the cat was alive, it will probably jump out of the box and flee, while if its dead it will stay in its position. Either way, since the gas is no longer in the box, the cat is in one state and we cannot undo that, as we cant put the gas back in the box (we would have to get a new sealed box). This happens with qubits, or quantum bits. So we have regular bits on our computers, which are either 1 or 0, or if you prefer, on or off (not really on or off, but the current going through the circuit is either a higher level or lower level). But a qubit can be both at the state 0 or 1. To do this, we cool an electron to near 0 Kelvins, or absolute 0, which is the coldest it can get on the universe (not all qubits are made this way, but the most common are), in vacuum. Real quick explanation on heat, heat happens when electrons are moving, and the faster they are moving, the hotter it is. So when an electron reaches 0 kelvin, it stops moving, and since there isn't negative movement, this is the coldest temperature it can get. Back to the qubit, by putting the electron to near 0K, it moves extremely slowly. Since light is made of photons, we can't measure the qubit because the photon would also be stopped in 0K. As such, the qubit is both in the active and inactive state, and when we want to measure it, we need to break its isolation, and it goes to one of the base states, either 1 or 0. But, while it's isolated, we can perform actions to "spin" it. Imagine that the electron is in the walls of a sphere (this is actually called the bloch sphere, if you want to look up in google for better visualization), and when its in the base of the sphere it's in its inactive state 0, and to get it to the top of the sphere, you need to apply a force on it for the sphere to rotate untill it is up. Imagine like a backpack, while its in the ground, its not weighing on you, but in order to put it on your back, you need to make an effort and lift it. Now what we do is we rotate the sphere, and each operation rotates the sphere a certain amount on a certain direction. Now, since we can't see it, we don't know if the force was enough to lift it all the way up, and as such, it can be anywhere on the walls of the sphere. By applying some operations (or gates) we know the most likely amplitude of the electron on the bloch sphere, and this amplitude is the probability of being either on the 0 or 1 state. For example, when it's half way up, it means that the electron has the same chance of being 1 or 0 when we measure it, and if it is 60% up, than it has a 60% chance of being a 1 and 40% chance of being 0. Now, since in order to measure it, we need to break its isolation state, the electron will no longer be in those optimal conditions that allow it to be and not be at the same time. As such, further operations (normal bit operations) will be as a normal bit and no longer a qubit.

    51. Christina Live

      In the beginning (time) God created the heavens (space) and the earth (matter) 👏🏻

      1. Neg


    52. Christina Live

      In the beginning; God created the heavens and the earth!🤍🙏🏻 [heavens ~ PLURAL]

      1. Neg

        Factually wrong

    53. M J

      As European we know this as 5 years old .

    54. lulunyan

      the way i watched the whole video and understood nothing of it, but at the same time i feel like i’ve understood everything 😂 i do know have a better idea of how the multiverse works, even if it’s just a tiny bit! love this kind of videos!

    55. AIAMBOT

      An easy way to for me to picture our universe being flat, is we dont believe that if we fire a laser into space it would loop around inside/outside our universe and come back behind its starting point. Like, if you run in a straight line on Earth you would eventually come back to where you began but you havent done anything other that traveling in a straight line, that straight line just happened to be on a sphere and our straight line formed a circle when we looped back around but its still just a straight line from one point of view. Apply that to our universe. If we ran in one straight direction in our universe we dont believe we would ever come back to where we began, because the universe isnt inside/outside any shape or form. Its flat, therefore traveling in any direction in space would just keep going in that direction.

    56. Sarah Harrison Squared

      I love these types of videos from you! It makes me so happy that you want to share things you've learned

    57. omninihil

      Pp hav big brain 🧠

    58. Rick Ert

      Nice video

    59. Natalie Nicole Chetty


    60. Alex Tsege

      had to rewatch cuz i missed the whole thing looking at edgar

    61. daviid ayala

      27:28 "how?" my teacher: electrons are shy :v if u see them they try to act "normal" i love the third level! just imagine all cuantum procesess ocurring by the second, how many alternative realitives should exist... one of the most accepted theories about why the wave function colapses is that to observe you need photons to interact with this very litttle low energy thingies and while doing so, you change completely the state of it because light changes the energy of the system... but what i found the most amusing of it all is that alternate states in which particles are do coexist at the same time in order for them to interfere with themselves as waves... I like to see it as "a state is a reality and which is ours is defined when we observe it BUT others exist(ed) aswell"

    62. Rhyme

      u dont randomly born

    63. HJanes115

      Great video Felix!! I love this topic it is very fascinating 💜

    64. Droid6689

      There logically cannot be infinite universes.

    65. Katrulzin

      An egg is both a wave and a particle at the same time. When you throw it, it's a particle, it's a particle, hits the wall, it becomes a wave... Splat. Particle function collapses. I'll take my Nobel prize by mail. Thank you PS: You don't know which Universe you're in, until you open and look in the egg. That's the yoke of the matter. Pssst, this is a joke by the way and I love quantum mechanics.

    66. Annalyse Baker

      I’m so freaking happy I’m seeing this on such a big platform… so many possible people getting inspired by this makes me happy. Just thought I should put some positivity out there

    67. Katrulzin

      I like the term Quantum Mechanics though. It just sounds better.

    68. Popotato

      Poor Edgar.

    69. Jacktheraider42.


    70. XIX Fr

      Felix is much better than my science teacher lol

    71. Vanessa Ayala

      theres a universe where i didnt disappoint my parents lmaoooo

    72. Gage Hermann

      Moar! Also stop trying to hang out. How many times do I have to tell you felix? I like my alone time.

    73. beomgyutie

      I had to listen to this twice because edgar was being so cute i end up concentrating on him UwU

    74. Crystal

      You seemed to really have fun with this video. Definitely do more, it's quite entertaining to watch. 🤣🤣💖

    75. Katrulzin

      I think a while ago I was trying to get pewds attention about double slit experiment, but either way I'm happy he looked into it.

    76. may elsy

      matrix theory???

    77. Anna M

      The third one got me confused af

    78. Vader Anomaly

      Felix i think you should actualy go back to college and try physics in astronomy and w a minor in philosophy

    79. Some Randy

      These videos where felix just talks about interesting topics deserve more views

    80. quess who

      Goes out of the thing Out of bounds


      Subscribe to pewdiepie

    82. Pdinx But On YouTube

      In At Least 5 Billion Universes I'm Pewdiepie : Epic Win In Almost Every Other Ones I'm Not Pewdiepie : Also Epic Win

    83. Andrew Jordan

      I want pewds to be my teacher

    84. Aastha Thakur

      i really enjoy videos like these keep em coming

    85. eoura

      This is one of the most widely misunderstood things in quantum physics and its misunderstood because in the film "what the bleep do you know" they explained it exactly how pewdiepie explained it, inaccurately. It is true that observing the electrons changed the pattern, but its because in order to observe the electrons, they needed to use a light, and the light interacted with the particles in such a way that created this strange pattern. When they stopped observing, they no longer used the light, and because of that, the pattern went away. It wasnt merely the scientists looking at the particles which created the pattern, it was them using a light to observe the particles which interacted with the particles.

    86. Medafellasleep Ayup

      this is my comfort video

    87. SeddincY

      waiting for Pewdiepie and Vsauce collab. Please pewdsss, collab with Vsauce

    88. GroxPL

      Just invite Neil deGrass Tyson for a video already

    89. Kaitlyn Amos

      Gaming videos \(\-_-) Reddit videos \(\-_-) Pewds just talking about things he likes \(•♡•\) (Love all your vids Felix but these are probably my favourite)

    90. Stella Daignault

      These videos are my favorite!

    91. Lel

      Loved this video ! Please make more

    92. Khokohkat

      now you know this.. think about what other shit there is out there the human can’t understand

    93. Anurag Gupta

      TL;DR: Quantum superposition

    94. DraNix

      My brain split in half while watching this video. Half of it trying to understand what Pewds was saying and the other just looking at how cute Edgar was.

    95. Dont trust me I am a troll

      poor sive

    96. Space Cow

      Edgar is just like: uuuugh not again... just let me sleep human

    97. rainy nati

      wow i really love this. please keep doing them 🙏🏽

    98. hulaan mo :)

      parallel universe felix is a university professor

    99. hulaan mo :)

      marzia!! I think felix is drinking again!!