Her Son Wont Stop Growing At Night (Shocking)...


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    1. Lily Lavazza

      The meat moves

    2. painkillahs


    3. Stephanie Dunn

      5:00 Feeding your kids dog food Tommy: NO

    4. ZeroPoint

      Who else saw pennywise

    5. WhiteSpaghet

      Dont do that at home, your head might get stuck in the door while u're "on 4"

    6. e-e-er-error sans

      Bro calm down my mans just trynna hit the jig. Aint nothin wrong with that.


      When he sort of licked the back of her neck, he showed her Hell, the place where he was formed.

    8. natedog1020

      bro who is candise

    9. Starling

      This man slept with his sunnies on

    10. Марко Кашов

      I like how these guys contradict themselfs the camera man saying that they gotta get out of there and the other is like"we don't have a choise"like first he wants to "help" then he says it as if he can't just go out the door,into his car or watever and just go home like a normal person but he gotta milk the children


      The other guy looks like Karl.

    12. mason ragland

      What was that at 35:49 on the right

    13. Steve102

      since when did pewdiepie wear classes?

    14. Anirudh

      21:27 wtf scared the shit out of me.

    15. endles s

      35:48 😳😳😳

    16. Karam Gaming

      The alien behind ken scared the shit out of me for some reason

    17. XxKingJTuckxX

      Candace died😔

    18. Chase Lassiter

      Ik the videos are cringe, but in there defense they used to catch real child predators. Or at least I thought they did. I was younger now that Im thinking of it predators

    19. Follower Of Duck

      i wonder how many nine year olds watch this and think that this could happen to them

    20. stav kous

      37:00 He's got her, bro! hollow wannabe: *shuts door somehow*

    21. Chloe Cosgrove

      Plz the back arching-

    22. Kellee Smith


    23. Nikkedestroy

      Sorry for my maybe future unwanted thought abt u Edit: and say sorry to that other guy too

    24. UR_SIR PLAYZ

      20:06 Wtf is behind ken like at the side Wtffffffffff ken better watch out

    25. Charles Ferrell

      You know. If the acting was better it might actually not be that bad

    26. Ardany Oliva

      That's how everyone is at night that's hungry

    27. Hir Win

      Name of this chanel

    28. Grace Staines

      Venum is that you????

    29. Checkers

      The kids head turns backwards.....:- it's just grieving

    30. Iannoscoper69's Second Channel!

      Woah 😳

    31. Anxnymous

      13:00 watch out for the creeper

    32. Thy Moisty


    33. Reign Ryn

      4:26 lowkey scared tf out of me

    34. ben s

      I love how it's the same monster in every single video

    35. Elias Warn

      Anybody notice the dude is the door frame of the mustache dudes background

      1. Elias Warn

        Also 20:09

      2. Elias Warn

        He popped up around 4:40

    36. Michael Afton

      Chester keeps it real.

    37. Danny Becker

      21:24 hahahahaha, Zuckerberg

    38. Gulffy

      20:06 Killer Queen already touched this door

    39. Jackichan

      Wait... Her name was CANDICE

    40. OysterSales

      21:26 is that Mark Zuckerberg in the hallway??

    41. theyerm

      I am trying not to say candice candice candice di....

    42. Abdullazeez Ashraf

      Wtf is pennywise doing at 4:27


      You is a best yotuber in the world☺☺☺

    44. CallmeDayah

      35:48 Ken’s background (the dark part) is much scarier

      1. UR_SIR PLAYZ

        It's in 20:06 to wtf

    45. Ross Anon

      I don’t get it

    46. Blaze gaming

      hey pewdiepie BTW do you even change you shirt????

    47. Shan Keane

      I think the bad acting is supposed to make the video more funnier I don't think they wanted to be serious so they make it more funnier

    48. LexifromZargon

      i love the secret scary faces hiding behind you steve!

    49. Connor Barr


    50. Meryll Gabionza

      They are giving mtv catfish vibe w Nev and Max.

    51. valencio

      35:47 why did he edit a weird guy there lol

    52. Iᴄᴇᴅ ʙᴏʙᴀ

      More pwease

      1. Iᴄᴇᴅ ʙᴏʙᴀ

        Don’t be shy make some more

    53. Blaze gaming


    54. kpoppybuddy

      i love Ken's dad jokes

    55. A Ghost.

      The monsters in these are honestly well done and really creepy

    56. Spencer Cha

      That the next venom! Black goo

    57. AlphaFrost


      1. AlphaFrost


      2. AlphaFrost


    58. Cianimations


    59. Weirdzilla

      Ken, how dare you lie to Pewds!?! You literally watched the same video like 3 months ago 💀

    60. MRPandoraHartDR

      The head turn is obviously The Exorcist but the moving meat- Poltergeist?

    61. Desro Ytore

      Its funny how they're more cringe than the video..

    62. BIGBIZZOWZ -

      watch the one with the dad it’s so fuckingg funny

    63. MATRIX OP FF

      Eu entendo um pouco de ingles e adoro ver seus vídeos thank you life

    64. jasmineVIPrecious

      Dad jokes are like the jokes you would get on those fruity popsicles.

    65. Shreyansh jain

      It's fr surprising how much a normal convo between these is SOOOO enjoyable and it's legit fun

    66. Leon Xd

      Im in love with the mum Said pewdiepie

    67. Gugud

      the scariest easter egg is Mark Zuckerberg. He's just there, looking at you, threatening you with random bans.

    68. Mavis Dracula

      whoever edited that lanky figure in the doorway at 4:44 I hate you and I hope both sides of your pillow are warm

    69. Cringe-__-gamer

      why does someone appears besides ken almost every vid

    70. Samurai Doge

      He : Hi- Candace right? Me : Who Candice?

    71. That Internet Dude

      36:38: Heeeeere's TOMMY!!!

    72. That Internet Dude

      I am NOT sleeping tonight

    73. Vanessa Ayala

      sleeping on back gang where you at??

    74. amm gaming

      Lol when Tommy turns around pewds just starts singing Slipknot

    75. Dream Ciolorito

      1) What is pewdiepie fidgeting with i want it 2) Lady needs to call the police her son stole her spine 3) what 4) at like 30:32 why is the dude in the vid why is his eyes so wide

    76. Viramoon

      This dude talks like he's darr man's son

    77. Natalee Barancik


    78. Shraddha Ramchandani

      What r u guys discussing about. Sunglasses. Concentrate on the video please

    79. MynameJeff 08

      I just noticed Pewds has a squid industry butterfly knife trainer

    80. Mephilis 78

      I'll tell you what's really going on. Chester and Parker are homeless, and they need to keep finding more people to let them sleep in their house. That whole "we need to stay here another night" just gives it away. They are squatters , squatting in people's creepy houses. In about 10 years, they will be the monster in the abandoned house that people send in to Slapped Ham, and Chills.

    81. Mephilis 78

      sleeping on my belly makes my neck hurt. Like, legit you can't lay on your belly and have your head straight, or you die. So you have to have your head turned to the side, or turned upward (in relation to your body, not the ground), and you wake up with a sore neck. The same as if you fall asleep in a regular chair that doesn't lean back. I sleep on my side, or my back, with various degrees in between.

    82. Mephilis 78

      I wear the ultimate dad shoes... Black Tony Lama boots

    83. liu chang de

      She had a great time with a alien and now she gave birth to this thing a dude who grows 10 feet tall every night

    84. Mr Marcoplier

      4:25 IT

    85. Kat Bug


    86. Rajani Woollery

      I like the fact 11 mins were turned into 40

    87. Sirius Lerche

      30:12 pewdiepie appers in kens background

    88. Tayne Millar

      Did anyone else see penny wise behind ken

    89. Cooper Banks

      "you grow more when you" *knocks myself into coma*

    90. Tuấn Minh Nguyễn


    91. Nylah Dickson

      Pewds filming a video: Ken and Pewds has a whole conversation during filming

    92. Its Kovljen


    93. MrAlphaGamer69

      pews: this video is so long its 20 mins. Me: then why is this video twice the length?

    94. Gabriel Money

      The sad thing is if the guys in these videos got acting lessons the videos would be amazing. The production value and the elements that make good horror are definitely there, it's just the really stilted acting that brings the whole thing down.

    95. Mette Jørgensen

      Come on dud

    96. Emily Bentham

      Hey pewds I’ve loved your vids since I was 4

    97. Kourtts Mason

      Pewds and Ken taking crap to each other about how they sleep is hilarious. The smack talkin😂

    98. Forrest Holland


    99. Shannon Wilson-Rice

      Seems like pupurdey