He Has Been Visiting Her at Night..


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    1. Follower Of Duck

      these two collabing is what gives me life

    2. Tamanomizu

      15:44 Jesus fucking Christ.

    3. Fag Boi

      I got one cinnamon toast cunts

    4. Beka Rex


    5. Blankphotograph5799

      I tried to touch the like button as softly as possible

    6. Shraddha Ramchandani

      I am a drummer I have drums in my room so if that happens to me I would be like “ what instrument do I have in my room? And then she would say piano me:call 911 get up get my knife out take my AK out and open the door and bop out………… peace

    7. skilarbabcock

      Jesus, that's just a bad Ghost Adventures Copy...

    8. Vertex 69

      Its fake

    9. Sayan kr Dutta

      Poor monster

    10. kylee ee

      toasties 🥺

    11. firetoy465

      I love that pink guy edit snuck in there

    12. Hailey Schoenfelder

      Do they not understand they are making fun of ghost adventures and it’s not real 😂

    13. WATСОН TM

      Wait, this actually is Filthy Frank, why did they need need to identify him?

    14. 3 Mimuse

      PewDiePie is such a narcissistic person that he didn't provided link of original video.

    15. Alishba Nahar

      Bruh life of luxury scares me- 😭 I have nigHtmaRes aHahHa I'm such crY baBy

    16. theyerm


    17. synx 1

      18:19 joker in ken's background

    18. Malte Matu

      Cini Minis is the Perfect name for kens Community

    19. Malte Matu

      its kens birthday. subscribe to his channel and get 5 mill. Nice birthday present + he shits in the shower. Just perfection

    20. Raphael Martinez

      I've been watching felix ken vids for a good month now and I have to say, I wasn't expecting mr. bean on 16:44

    21. Mr mod


    22. Hexavius's Evil Lab

      Me: What a great day to play Medic! *Every Spy in in a 100 mile radius:* 12:46

    23. Martha Newsome

      Pewds acting like a 9 year old flipping around a plastic knife.

    24. Ignacio Garijo Campos

      Is this a podcast?

    25. Dawson Curtis

      Good video

    26. Georg S.

      Damn pewds is as bright as Galadriel when she fights Sauron

    27. Meghan VHT

      Ken toasties


      edgar in the room!

    29. Shreyansh jain

      18:20 almost gave a heart attack fuck you sive

    30. Mephilis 78

      Hey, Ken, there's 288k likes.... you know what you must do

    31. Its Pretty Normal

      Is it me or did I see annoying orange behind Ken

    32. Rajani Woollery

      Edger walks in like a boss

    33. Triton Wescott

      Mr beast sent me lol but I subed

    34. aSarcasticFish

      Kens audience should be called toasters

    35. C O O K I E. L I F E.

      I was a skin walker🤭🤭🤭🤭

    36. Jimmy Assiniboine

      There a dude in the back of cinnamons house at 1645 and it’s funny as hell

    37. AshleuLee

      Just call them Cinners lol

    38. Lee Lexi(cold girl) 한국 감기 소녀

      16:44 I got goosebumps when I saw Mr. Bean and thought it was a demom

    39. NK Nick

      We just not gonna talk about the ghost of Heath Ledger appearing behind Kenny boy?

    40. Russianpro 69

      calling the police for help 🙅‍♂️ calling youtubers for help✅

    41. Maddie Undead

      Toasters? Simple and cute.

    42. c:

      stupid orange scared me

    43. Kuntley

      squeaky front door is op. you dont hear it when the garage is close anyways.

    44. Kuntley

      poop in dat bih

    45. Cringe-__-gamer

      18:21 did anyone else see the jocker on the right side of the screen

    46. pnut Theweenut

      His skin is smooth in this video

    47. Shraddha Ramchandani

      Stay hydrated gamers🙂

    48. abol Hp

      Salam azizam man az iran

    49. Fathia Medina

      9:32 omg i found a Easter egg

    50. Neel kant

      This looks like roast viedo more than reaction viedo

    51. Master of gaming on 100

      Asaassasasaasassasaasasaasassasasasasasasasasaassasasasasasasasasasasasasasasaa e

    52. Sentis

      2:01 how did you get my secret file

    53. uzumaki god740

      I love the stuff kin put in his background to spook people

    54. Rei D T

      ey, Bro army was catchy

    55. taylor ladoucuer

      Heath Ledger? Is that you?

    56. Steel Tips

      not me getting more scared over mr.bean behind ken than the video theyre watching

    57. Džiugas Suris

      Did I just see annoying orange in the left to Ken?? 9:20

    58. Tristan Atwell

      The random Heath ledger joker at 18:20

    59. Barbara

      Chesker is a new ship now 😍

    60. Jesse Cid

      I haven't watched pewdiepie videos for a long time and i am on a ken+felix videos marathon

    61. empty link

      Context....: HE DID NOT POOP ON THE SHOWER

    62. blaze faze10

      Did anybody see annoying orange in the door

    63. Dylan Purches

      You now have sole ownership over Beyonce.😐

    64. Zoe B

      I keep getting jumpscared by the images sive put in kens hallway

    65. Beybladeforge

      Did anyone else notice the joker in the background

    66. April Shields

      im gona stroke it

    67. Daniel Z

      Okay but the thumbnail was the reason I clicked 😂

    68. Dust Sans

      It just sounds like sleep paralysis

    69. Nico Stricz

      i liked this video because of the commercial vor vpn. You're hilarious haha

    70. Minth Puding

      19:13 best laughter I got lmaoo

    71. Vqp14

      13:38 will get ready because shit about to go down

    72. RJ rishi

      *me downloading another vpn to download Nord vpn*

    73. Cross Exteremer

      Seeing Edger Falling A sleep while vpn

    74. Dark Psychic

      NordVPN China and North Korea hate him!

    75. sam eddison

      Killer sofa is a cult classic 👌🏻👌🏻

    76. Shrekshrooms

      5:31 *A R M Y*

    77. Ballingamer5569

      the girl is 19 she said she hasn't lived with her mom in 4 years 4years ago she was 15 years old the don't make sense

    78. M Ikmal Nursobah

      Im from Indonesia

    79. Shahid Malik

      Amazing video 😘😂😂😂❤️❤️❤️😊

    80. hananoinu

      why is there a freddy krueger on 6:19??

    81. Jayy Restrepo

      The pics in kens doorway kept giving me heart attacks

    82. AAAEA

      18:20 sive you lil shit...

    83. guggamol

      lets go ciniminis

    84. Vincent Roy

      The monster got Emma’s dress wow this is amazing

    85. Skittlq

      fun fact: using a trackpad you can actually gently and lightly click the like button

    86. skylar jayne

      ken made me laugh so much in this video lmao

    87. mikey kun

      they got my phone is school and they say they finna give it to me at june

    88. Dream Team

      I am not dream

      1. Dream Team

        I am a fraud

    89. The_HelloAce


    90. anima099

      A good name would be the Kennibals just for fun.

    91. Kit Kat

      Bros running after them like "YO WHERES MY HUG AT" 👹👹🤨

    92. MrSuperwhale

      10:17 the horror

    93. SmokePhatt

      Pewdiepie is straight up lying lmao i been watching since the beginning. he definitely called it bro army.

    94. LZend

      *Boomer Army* Ken, no need to thank

    95. Sara Strohschein

      9:24 THE FACE BEHIND KEN!!!

      1. Sara Strohschein

        I lied. ... 16:43 has me dead. Sive, you're the true mvp

      2. Sara Strohschein

        Aaannd 13:38 the kangaroo lol There's a ton more but I think I already proved my point lol im a loser

      3. Sara Strohschein

        And 10:52 lol

    96. GamerWolfFang

      I pressed the like button so gently I cracked my screen I MASTERED THE GENTLE FIST!!!!

    97. Saph things

      I'd call kens community the Cerealists.

    98. Jill Lin

      Ken看起來變了好多 記得大學時超愛pewds的片 還會經常找舊片循環播放 Love from Taiwan 🇹🇼🕊️❤️

    99. JuanchoKaster

      Tiembla pewdiepai, te quiero