Who is NOT a BTS STAN????!!!!!! 😡😡😡


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      It’s not cultural appropriation. It’s just cultural diffusion.

    2. pan cake

      kpop ge

    3. Thestral: the undead

      The world will be divided into 7 parts each supporting their idols lol 😅

    4. JustSomeMexicanWithaMustache

      Fan not stan. Not all people who listen to bts are crazy idiots.

    5. fuckoff

      OK BUT THE MOLE, I WOULD LITERALLY BE BESTIES WITH HER I’m so much more into EXO honestly, and I’m also like an old school kpop fan so I stopped obsessing over it in like 2018

    6. Sidak


    7. Nicole Galera

      ken making the heart sign is the most adorable thing

    8. Nicole Galera

      pewds try to listen to jpop group ATARASHI GAKKO! they're pretty lit and make very cool music and they're hilarious

    9. avy 🕴

      i want felix to meet felix from skz

    10. Chole Cass

      Smashed like because of 8:45-8:54 lmao

    11. • Aston gfx •

      group of gays

      1. Cryonep

        Why do i hear more than 1 boss music?

    12. rupali

      pewds! long time watcher since amnesia and happy wheels days. i just wanna say cultural appropriation is real (disparities and differences of what this could mean between cultures e.g. non white versus white). im not going to say much because this would turn into a definite back and forth in the comment section, but i just hope you (and anyone else reading this) are open minded to learning why people very feel cultural appropriation Is a modern phenomenon. thank you for reading

    13. Anna Liew

      never thought i can live to see the day felix sing 'gee'. =')

    14. Tignarita :P

      all of these fans suck, none of them are true armys because they kept gatekeeping and they were weirdly obsessive. it's people like them that give the rest of us armys a bad name

    15. Suvercha Gupta

      30:40 best thing

    16. G G

      i hate gate keepers like please shut up 💀

    17. Chelsea Tracy

      petition for jubilee to make a who is not a pewdiepie fan

    18. ella

      what everyone loves V he is my bias too

    19. Wren Darling

      i love that Mary brought up GG wow lol i wonder if she knows stray kids lol

    20. UncookedCereal5924

      Imagine not knowing who Grateful Dead are

    21. Tasmina Trisha

      Pew die pie roast bts smoothly hahahahaha 😏😏😏


      Shit ken

    23. Coleus Santus

      I hate BTS and Kpop suck, change my mind.

    24. Joel Ramdhan

      Back then I used to think that his name was “junglecock”

    25. Patricia Magana

      Does anyone remember any of the older bands like infinite, brown eyed girls, crayon pop, etc.?

    26. サリナーー

      I’m mixed race… if cultural appropriation was a thing, that means that my mom wouldn’t be able to partake in my dad’s culture, and my dad wouldn’t be able to in my mom’s culture,,

    27. DD YOUTUBE

      टी बी एस 🤡

    28. vedant borkar

      What is BTS can someone explain me please?!

      1. Jenninie

        BTS is a South Korean boy band group named Rm, Jin, Suga, Jhope, Jimin, Taehyung and Jungkook

      2. DD YOUTUBE

        Saiman ke Reddit me aa batata hu

      3. Foxygrxnt

        @vedant borkar bts are a korean boy band

      4. vedant borkar

        @Foxygrxnt explain me pls I'm confused

      5. Foxygrxnt


    29. Abella Bezit

      The fact that Pewdiepie has more subscribers than Ariana grande when Ariana grande as logic is supose to be more subscribers-😭😭😭😭😭

    30. Bee Smith

      I could listen to these guys talk about literally anything for 30 minutes they’re hilarious

    31. محمد قاضي

      Grumpy white old men

    32. into the mystic

      Felix not knowing who Grateful Dead is just made me feel so old

    33. JumJums doodles

      If the hater gets revealed they'll get canceled.

    34. JumJums doodles

      If the hater get revealed they'll get canceled.

    35. jinsfingers

      The fandom is super huge and diverse, which has it's pros and cons, because we have our delusional fools and then our stock marketers and then some other cookies in the basket so pick ur poison

    36. k'cie gordon

      I thought bts was bdsm I’m so dumb

    37. Genius

      The ARMY’s on Twitter are either 12 years old, or stupid with too much time. And the participants in this video are cringeworthy at best

    38. Sidra

      EY dont do that to taetae🔫🤓

    39. karthik raj

      Bts Girls

    40. steve michael

      Do bts music reaction

    41. _.s3rinity._

      Y’all remember that one time 2 years ago Felix messed up that one word in that one video at that certain time and we never left him alone about it?? Let’s bring that back bc he secretly loves it😂

    42. Han Shot First

      Man its so nice to have some genuine people to be a fan of. I get so tired of all the pandering most content creators have to do or feel they have to do. I appreciate you guys a ton

    43. Banana

      DUDE I LOVED A*TEENS Upside down was my jam

    44. My Kitten Is A Black Belt

      Felix life long dream is to look like Ren from Nuest

    45. My Kitten Is A Black Belt

      Felix is a huge kpop he probably has so much kpop merch it would make an Exo fan cry

    46. milos pavicevic

      Mary bringing up Girls Generation and Pewds knowing Gee makes me so happy. Sone for ever

    47. Ben Youngblood

      He should rename this: Two Uncultured Boomers react to Jubilee videos😑

    48. Barnashri

      istg i love it how they sound so scared in betweens lmaoo

    49. Quint

      Ken and Felix are my new cody and noel’s thats cringe

    50. Dia Gorm

      pewdiepie, you arent a boomer youre a mellinial.

    51. AZX364

      Gw yg kesini gara gara tiktod _🗿_

    52. BLUE

      I thought pewds is the most handsome spop😇😇

    53. 𝗠𝗢𝗔𝗥𝗠𝗬⟭⟬♪

      Me when they tell the fking name OLI LONDON 🤭😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

    54. Ph Gee

      I have a biased teacher who doesn't prefer me (: not joking

    55. Dara Bao

      Stop saying jimin "OLI LONDON" 😡😡😡

    56. Smokey Taboo

      90’s babies, who else had a cassette player Walkman?

    57. Ellie D Lights

      I- I'm a taehyung bais...

    58. MrBillion

      Kpop stans are the new beliebers of 2010

    59. Yura Kim

      Me because I'm prefer EXO. For my opinion, there are the most talented kpop group & all got visual. They literally involved in music, acting, luxury brand ambassador like Gucci, Prada, Bvlgari, Dior, Burberry, Valentino and more. They won't stop. Even 1 member became a father. I'm just happy to see how they growing and to see all members are happy and never stop to shows their own talent. I love their songs, their vocals, their concerts, their live performers. They are one of the best singers in kpop industries. I just love who they are, not fake, love their fans, scold their fans because they cares. They really struggle but never complaint their struggles to their fans. I just want to keep support as long as I can in healthy way. As long as they release a good music. So boring without EXO in kpop.

    60. 01 S.

      After reading these comments it’s crazy how still so many are oblivious that the average age of army is 20~30

    61. RED ezz

      BTS GAY

    62. Confusion eueue

      Bts is quite enjoyable since you can know what happens behind the scenes

    63. EstephaniaNB

      So, pewds likes k pop.

    64. EstephaniaNB

      BTS d jajajaja

    65. Sakura4anime25

      I mean, bands like The Beatles and The Rolling Stones and such, they took a lot of inspiration from the African American Blues musicians that they admired; if they hadn't taken that inspiration, then they wouldn't have become the legendary bands that they were/are.

    66. Sakura4anime25

      Best concerts I ever went to: Queen (my *favorite* band!) and The Rolling Stones (R.I.P. Charlie, we saw what ended up being their last tour with him, so I consider myself very fortunate). Even if it's not *quite* like it was in their younger days, those oldies can still ROCK! :D


      The fact that Kim Jong Un cant stand them.

      1. KIER4N66™️⚫

        Huh never thought I'd agree with the supreme leader on something.

    68. Karen Robinson

      Me expecting to hear someone say "excuse meeee" or "insfired man!" to know if they're real army

    69. Sakshi Meshram

      Why you calling jimin oli london you are a f*cking trash piediepie whateverrrr after being shared by army you are still not satisfied how dare you make fun of our jimin..😠😠😠 oli london has spent a lot of money to look like jimin..OLI LONDON go get some water bruh.. rest in peace... How many army is here with me give a 👍👍

      1. A man with no profile picture

        Finally i found a hate comment

      2. DD YOUTUBE

        टॉक्सिक , अनभक्त , निब्बी

      3. Chez canio

        You just need some humour holy

    70. I am The best

      I first thought the video was: Who is not a STAN

    71. Eden Harris


    72. ♡ . + sakuraa !


    73. Kayla Katherine

      Bts bts bts

    74. Momo Castro

      Meh I don't like K-pop

    75. 01 Abhinav

      me:wt is bts?

    76. Amelia F. Sitepu

      I am not a fan and not a hater either Just appreciating their music cos I heard most of Korean singers need to practice more than 8 hours a day before they do their first debut

    77. dankunicornbud9

      Knows bts but not Grateful Dead... cringe

    78. Martina

      TLDR: Would've chosen Alan too because 17:40 (what Pewds said). I also would've picked Alan as the hater because he was judging the other guy for being "a grown ass man", when we all now BTS is for all ages, races, ethnicities, genders, etc.

    79. Smiley Turtle

      I’m not a BTS stan/fan. *Fight me*

    80. Sara

      why do i feel like pewdiepie lowkey enjoys kpop/bts but knows that ppl view it as cringe so he pretends to not like it...

    81. That Finn Kid

      bro when I saw this vid I thought it was a bunch of people fighting over chicken nuggies. bru I never knew the Maccas chicken nuggies were from these guys.

    82. Born Awkward

      Bestie, appreciation ≠ appropriation. You can eat cultural foods, wear cultural clothes and it's not an appropriation. Saying appropriation doesn't exist however is really irresponsible and ignorant. Hope You will educate Yourself because it is honestly disappointing and hurts to watch as a fan.

    83. Mare dubu

      It was funny actually ngl

    84. micah vassell

      If you are going to talk about bts like that i mit as well unsubcribe

    85. X Chara lol


    86. Lene Alsadek

      I fucking love you man yes CULTURAL APPROPRIATION IS BULLSHIT

    87. Albin Nilsson

      Bts army members is just a desperate attempt to seek validation. An unhealthy need for validation

    88. Ricardo Blanza

      I idolize them because I happy to support them, they're bankrupt when the early days and I witnessed it, and now they became who are they now

    89. lycanwarlord

      not no, but fuck no.

    90. Lucas Hernandez

      Who is not a BTS Stan say everybody PewDiePie does not know how to write

      1. TheMartianBuggy

        What the hell did I just read?

    91. Lucas Hernandez

      I love you BTS BTS is my life

      1. KIER4N66™️⚫

        @Lucas Hernandez hello there

      2. Lucas Hernandez

        @KIER4N66™️⚫ hi

      3. KIER4N66™️⚫

        U have no life

      4. OlanGuy


    92. Shah Xad

      9:04 Ken's humour . I love the way he talks

    93. Shah Xad

      Not a BTS fan but not the hater either . I'm expecting an award or somthing

    94. Originality

      BTS fans literally treat the band like a religion

      1. D. Sahil

        True lmao

    95. DANI TIMES

      PewDiePie has beaten bts in most handsome man challenge type thing 😆

    96. Flopsicle

      I got a bts ad before watching this video lol

    97. Sumejja Mujagic

      ive been an army since 2018 and if someone asked me what my fav vlive is or what my fav run bts ep is id panic like as if i know-

    98. Butterfly__Tine

      I saw BTS at the airport ☺️ LaGuardia food court ♥️

    99. Reo Thomas

      That hater person is proly gonna get death threats