YouTuber House Tours / Its Getting Worse Edition


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    रोजी प्रकाशित केले 22 दिवसांपूर्वी


    1. Josh Fischer

      Cracked glass is a real thing. Many upper scale homes have them

    2. Glorify Lagarense

      Connor apartment represents his personality so well lol

    3. James

      I find the black/white houses cool because we don't have those in my country ;_;

    4. Andrew Tamagni

      That is a sims house with the vase in the corner

    5. Bruh Why?

      All these gigant villas are just the opposite of cozy and comfortable... How do people live in those?

    6. Jelloh

      Ryland's house was set up for staging as they hadn't bought it yet, but you should re-critique it once he's finished decorating it

    7. Ajith Raja


    8. Alexandra Bañu

      Connor woke up and chose HOUSE TOUR!

    9. Will Duseau

      That vase in the corner just reminds me of prop hunt.

    10. hamsterpaj111

      I have no idea who any of these youtubers are However, i love that Connor guy!

    11. Lydia Himel

      Do daniel Predas new house after he renovated

    12. jessica dominguez

      The broken glass is actually on purpose :D

    13. Arpita Adhikary

      Shane's house felt messy and convoluted

    14. Vetresy

      Connors house definitely gets a higher score than the house with red carpets for 3mil but he def needs to throw almost everything away lol...

    15. Digitalhunny

      That 1st house... bull$hit! That's a random house currently FOR SALE! This is a real-estate tour. There's ZERO personalization to ANYTHING! No rugs, photos, appliances on the counter tops, clothing, knickknacks or even a clock. Boo FAKE!

    16. Mahi Hoque

      I just learned how jealous I am makes me feel double sad

    17. Kirsten Rietveld

      "I love the staircase, the way it goes up" Lmao ok

    18. WantedKi1ler

      You need to rate Jon Olsson house(s)

    19. sakinah anissa

      Connor's laundry machine reminded me of his cockroaches storu

    20. Faathimah Ali

      Do Ken's house tour

    21. cherry

      spoderman would love that house with red stripes and rugs

    22. Just Light Work

      When pewsdiepie places the last house tour at S tier, Hallelujah!

    23. Melisa Matias

      Connor's house is too real and relatable. ✨

    24. TheSlurpy11

      the third house is just a bad Sims build

    25. Ava Rose

      I agree i hate having stuff

    26. like-asone

      Pewds with a freshly shaved face looks like 2012 pewds

    27. Ok


    28. Sheru's Land

      You here rosting people's houses but you never showed your ugly house

    29. Ronald Nabua

      I thought the Connor picture in the thumbnail was ReviewBrah

    30. Thasneem Rizvi

      normal and rich people: "I got this chandelier from this dude" Felix: "the dude that made that chandelier prevented me from taking pictures at my own damn wedding"

    31. YoungPeanut

      Connor‘s house reminds me of me in school: Doing the bare minimum to survive

    32. Leonard Susskind's War

      The designer who made his dining room table (the leather with the pattern sticking up under it) is the same person who made my stepmom's dining room table and chairs. They're art pieces, I get that, but Holy Shit, those chairs are so uncomfortable. The designs are made with wood, then covered with leather. The seat cushions also leave much to be desired as a person with an autoimmune disorder that's eating my spinal column and sacroiliatic joint. I always some sort of pain killer before we eat at that table.

    33. r4nd0mi1

      Someone could edit parts of Asmongold's house and then send it to pewdiepie.

    34. Jacktheraider42.


    35. Leafy Is Queer

      That one house has the aesthetic of a hotel hallway

    36. Mansveer

      All gamers wanting to see the gaming setup

    37. courtney

      pewds: it needs more colour... *sees red* pewds: i hate it

    38. Rue Hawthorne

      Please do Christine McConnell, she recently moved but her home in Twin Peaks is phenomenal! (You may think its granny's house based on your personal tastes but the work and personality put into it is insane)

    39. Popotato

      he totally deserved that s

    40. Zane Maingot

      with the first house, the carpet on those stairs needs to be ripped out and burned.

    41. Ticket

      10/10 RuneScape edit

    42. JassuChewPie

      28:00 suppose watching hooror on that bed tv🤣🙏😂

    43. JassuChewPie

      15:26 u can use that vase for breaking ur freind's head🙂🤣

    44. JassuChewPie

      14:20 Doremon house spotted🙁

    45. JassuChewPie


    46. exFAT James

      Me looking around my COVID era single man dwelling of being exhausted and depressed and not giving a fuck. "Damn, Connors place is cleaner than mine"

    47. Medicorene

      NGL, first house is ugly.

    48. Colibri sur la mer


    49. Rk

      That red furniture in third house is so cringy AF 🤢🤮

    50. Elias Heller

      "whou would choose a red theme?!" *has red logo*

    51. Jen - jen

      all these new houses look cold and impersonal af

    52. Glenox

      Pewds you're not alone, less is more

    53. Noah Stern

      Felix should watch Jreg's house tour

    54. Dorky Derpterio

      For a man with a clean VA voice you sure do live like the opposite of your talent Conner

    55. Dorky Derpterio

      today on: who didn't hire a good architect/interior designer

    56. Thandi Mawayi

      Pew pew pewuuuuuu!!! die pie

    57. Gaurav

      Someone needs to give him the idea of him just creating his ideas of s tier house with editors

    58. Beatricesabrina

      Damn Connor lives like this!? D=

    59. Чё Ваще

      Connor got an S not bcs Felix likes him, but bcs he showed literally an average house, like how all ppl live

    60. William Barraza

      Buddy don’t like anything unless it’s Japanese inspired

    61. William Barraza

      Buddy don’t like anything unless it’s Japanese inspired

    62. Nogirl .whatsoever

      Pewdiepie Always a pleasure to watch :) ty pewdiepie for being so wholesome!

    63. Brianna Stumpf

      hearing Shane's voice makes me wanna die

    64. Epic Taz

      Pewds look at some large colonial styled homes in the northeast I feel like you would like those more

    65. Dokudo

      Pewdiepie facing jealous or embarrassing 😂😂😂 how stupid he is number 1 youtuber wtf 😂

    66. Dramatic Bear

      makes me wanna play the sims again

    67. Nine

      That’s so cool :D

    68. FADEX - PUBG Mobile

      I’m trying to imagine what it’s like to watch these videos and know that you could actually possibly afford even 1/100 of these…must be nice

    69. Renne Vangr

      That second one, they're whispering the whole time because of the echo 😂

    70. FADEX - PUBG Mobile

      It’s fucking crazy that people actually have houses like this all to themselves

    71. Rayan belabbes

      Let’s all be honest , the rudest person in youtube is pewdipie i swear , he think that he’s above everyone and everyone is like animals for him

      1. Cheezus Fries

        I can insult someone (I don't) without thinking I'm better than them.

    72. MicroSmokeSleet

      30% MORE????

    73. theophrastusbiology

      The third house ngl is really really bad no offence but I can't look at it the small vase in the corner like what?

    74. Like The Color Beige

      Main takeaway: coNoRrrRRrr

    75. haarry

      having red accents in a house is absolutely vile

    76. jojo zhang

      vikk house doesn’t even feel like a house

    77. sofia raihana

      24:54 ok marie kondo😍😍

    78. Maccy P1

      What’s with all the hating on the UK?

    79. Cayla Thomas


    80. Demi

      16:59 "who would go for a red theme" .... uhhh 😳

    81. ancient troll

      me too though, i hate having so much stuff it makes me depressed sometimes even clothes..i buy once in a while i'm not cheap i just hate to stack random stuff in my house as it makes it messy and i'm crazy neat person


      New Series “Which MRplansr has the best Cars”.


      PewDiePie Clean Shave is looking so good

    84. Hiwafumi

      I freaking shrieked when i saw Connor in the thumbnail lmfao

    85. David Howe

      That first guy's house (and really so many other youtuber houses) just gives off psychopath vibes for some reason. All this bareness/minimalism and white/black. Kind of creepy. Or is it just me?

    86. ketamine

      Review joeytheanimeman and akidearest's house tour

    87. Patrick Lutz

      you should take a look at tokyo llamas house they are restoring an abandoned traditional japanese house

    88. Trevin Bridges

      15:50 could buy a big house couldn’t afford a table for the vases .

    89. Lauren F.

      I want a big house just to fill it with doggos

    90. Gwen Smith

      i love having stuff, i’m such a maximalist. the more stuff i have, i feel like the space is more “mine”

    91. András Erb

      pro tip: if you want to get rid of cool stuff when you move to Japan, but don't want to throw it away, just hold a charity auction and your problems are solved. Or just do a giveaway for your viewers. Either are cool.

    92. yboy

      The red clashes so much what are they thinking

    93. Olivier Lacroix

      3:13 it looks like we put like the gray editing like no color. But it's not.

    94. moonchild606

      Almost all of those houses look so empty and liveless to me. Where are some photographs, posters, drawings, or at least some plants..

    95. Ayane Senpai

      the couples house was really giving me “I like the design of the lines” vibes

    96. smog

      why is he cosplayed as old pewdiepie

    97. Bec

      I hate this new trend of judging other people’s homes. Imo it’s distasteful. Wish he would do something less mind melting. Most of us have houses nowhere near the quality of the ones shown. So what does that say about our homes? Are they ugly now? I don’t hate pewdiepie, this is just annoying to watch…

    98. amanda brandt

      that red-themed house looks like it was built on Sims 3

    99. Ellie

      I hate having a lot of stuff too, I recently got rid of a lot and I feel so much more relaxed

      1. Ellie

        connor's house gives me anxiety