Parents Tell Kids About Birds And Bees...


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    Parents tell kids about birds and bees
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    1. Minidawg

      a 4 minute video for birds and bees he turns into a 23 minute video, thats pewdiepie for ya.

    2. BlasterSW MW

      in my school the students were the ones who told everyone where babies really come from

    3. Michael

      We just have health class in the US to avoid all awkward scenarios. I'm actually really thankful for that class so I never had a conversation.

    4. Javohir Lord

      When i was younger, my Mom told me that they were found in cabbages, and when i asked my Dad he told me that they are being delivered by storks. I Was trying to understand how does it work, and then i thought babies are being delivered by storks then thrown from the sky in cabbages with parachute.

    5. GPlul

      I found out in biology class in 6th grade, and asked my mom to help me with my homework that was connected to it, I helped her to avoid the awkwardness I think xd

    6. Srijan Mondal

      I'm a 9 year old.

    7. Ghostqrx

      Wait.. so the video pewd and ken is reacting to is 4 minute, this video is 24 minutes. Wonder how that works

    8. kaitlyn

      i went to catholic school and they never talked about it - same with my parents- we never had the talk i just figured it out online 💀

    9. Benjamin Riley

      I learnt it from school at the age of 6

    10. Shaheena Lofthus

      When my brother asked (he’s 10 lol. I’m 23 so, he usually comes to me with questions instead of our parents), I just casually told him. I mean, its honestly not a huge big deal. If I act awkward he will feel awkward. So I told him what his body part scientifically is called, and what a girl’s body part is scientifically called. Then i spoke about sperm and eggs, and DNA because he is a huge science nerd, and he took it well and said it made sense, and we went on with our day lmfao. He’s pretty educated, he knows that girls have periods and I’ve told him why periods occur. Ofc again, I never tell him anything unless he asks lmao. As a kid i wasn’t curious about where babies came from and thankfully I was taught at school what periods are, but it still felt so confusing to me. I didn’t understand periods, my anatomy, etc. its good to educate kids. I agree with Ken that usually about 10 years old is a good time to tell

    11. Ryan_ Stovall_

      12:52 as a Balisong user... I feel ya Pewds :(

    12. Kristina Navelsaker

      Pewds and Ken should make videos teaching Ken sweedish!

    13. Stephen DoesMusic

      The thing is amazing is, they managed to make a 4 minute video to a 23 minute video

    14. Courtney Harper

      The faces these kids are making are so funny.

    15. The Goat

      11:41 it wakes may more sense

    16. Rainbow 64 siege

      So i can get 2 pewdiepie g-fuel

    17. Kathryn

      I want Gfuel, but I have severe acid reflux so I’m not able to drink it:(

    18. Mr subscriber

      MRplans mom💏video Dad 😈pewdiepie

    19. Cooper's Creative Corner

      that poor rkid who had to have the birds and the bees chat with two mums I feel so bad for him

    20. Yoongi swag

      Kids be like when they watch this: mom and dad what is between your legs? Dad : iam the key to your mom's door Kid be like: daddy say wahhhhhht (with shocked face)

    21. Cravey Moarmygene

      My parents have never talked to me on this topic lol I got to know from the internet and ngl I'm happy that I didn't had to go through the embarrassment and just got to know about it by myself from the internet and from a pervert friend yk we all have one in our life •_•

    22. Hannah Samantha

      You buy one, you get one 😂

    23. Shadman Ishrak

      GOD...this is soooo awkward 😣

    24. Krishna Bharadwaj


    25. Bella Matton

      Is the beginning background music christmas music? More specifically In Excelsis Deo?

    26. The_Dog_Person

      I was 12 when I learned and I found out on my own too

    27. Carter Jones

      Its really important for kids to know the proper terminology for anatomy. Especially if anything does happen, they need to know.

    28. zoom Denniz

      Shoutout for pewdiepies parents for making pewdiepie

    29. Wayne Keenan

      plot twist the book was kamasutra

    30. xX_ArcaneCookie_Xx

      bebe comes from popo

    31. Lexx S

      Bruh I’m 21 and these stories are traumatizing me 😂😂😂😂

    32. Gaurav Rathi

      For real I burst into laughter when pewds said :- Who's nick? Do you HAVE A BROTHER????

    33. Flacob

      ew *continues to pull out a knife*

    34. Jacktheraider42.


    35. Aria Rose

      My mom taught me from a very young age. (Very bluntly at that) needless to say, I didn't question sex Ed in 6th grade because I already knew everything 🤷🏾‍♀️ That was 11 years ago.

    36. pink lightning

      i was told that i came from a watermelon seed that was in my moms stomach

    37. Mr.Chickenstrips:Ryan

      “It wakes may wore sense” 11:40

    38. Flxsh

      Can you stop pausing the fucking video

      1. bruh duh

        Sorry! I will... I will.

    39. dewo S.k

      Please talk about midsomar please pewdss

      1. dewo S.k

        @bruh duh Ahhahahahahhaha

      2. bruh duh

        I wanted to be an anthropologist when I grow up, but after watching that movie I changed my mind.

    40. joywolf83

      Best I saw was book that said man planted seed in mom. Then baby grows and she goes to doctor to help get it out.

    41. Simar Gosal

      how does a 4 min video become a 23 min video

    42. Marissa Cote

      Why is Christmas music playing in the background

    43. Elijah_

      *no kids were mentality hurt while making this video*

    44. Zeus Privedenyuk

      Can we just appreciate how they made a 23 minute video out of a 4 minute video

    45. AGamer20

      This video was uncomfortable

    46. Hawler

      the christians sneaking in lounge versions of old religious songs gave me flashbacks to school

    47. lCombo

      my mommy told me babies come out of tummy ;(

    48. Glazeddonut

      Ewwww “special dance” huh💀💀💀

    49. Crystal

      I think I remember learning this type of stuff in primary school. When we were in the senior years, so like we were like 11 or 12 years old.

    50. Floris De bont

      The kid said "valla "i dont know if you that a word we say it when some one is doen with something

    51. Sarz93

      honestly its never too early to talk to kids about this and especially concent.

    52. Marius Carmelius B Chua

      3 days later kids tell their teachers lol

    53. White Røse

      I Knew When I Was 6, Found Out From A Classmate. Still Traumatized. Mom just signed me up for a class and was like "You better be mature about it."

    54. Owen The Cleetus

      My dad tried telling me when I was 12 and yes he was late as I knew when I was 9 but he assumed I already knew because my brother did

    55. Mandy

      My friend that didn't grow up in the best environment told me about the birds and bees and everything..related... to it when i was in kindergarten. I never had a childhood to begin with.

    56. peksx

      11:40 it wakes may wore sense xd

    57. jackson ferranto

      i cried of laughter when getting the talk

    58. Nova Apostle

      Literally everyone i know find out through the Internet.

    59. Aaron Ashead

      I thammed my penuth in the car door

    60. Dusty Shaw

      Okay, but my mom did it worse.

    61. Nick Lommerse

      I think they should just get the one kid that knows it already to tell all the other kids. He seems to have it pretty much down

    62. JA9019 5

      Wouldn’t an analogy about a usb stick with an art program, into a pc then, the pc turns it into something beautiful be good?

    63. Shrekshrooms


    64. fluffycorgi

      I never had that conversation with my parents. I just already knew how and got the details from science class. When my dad attempted to pull me aside to talk about it I just shut him down immediately and said, "I know."

    65. Ritik Pandey

      we found you in a pile of trash - MOM

    66. Parkat Dev

      his thumbnail faces went from looking like Mr. Beast to looking like Sloth from the Goonies

    67. Miguel Campos

      Im 21 im so uncomfortable watching this 😂

    68. Marc

      9:10 I hope "Me and momma" doesn't mean momma is the lesbian partner....God forbid lesbians explain where babies come from.

    69. VAL0VE

      so I guess I'm not so normal then lol when my mom said my baby brother was in her tummy I immediately thought that when he was gonna be born she would puke him up :') pooping him out never even crossed my mind

    70. Ethan Ethan

      Anybody else have ken's shirt? Just send them to public school, they'll learn in the first year.

    71. Key Muffin

      I got traumatized by witnessing it when I was a child back then

    72. Darth ARC Trooper

      As a kid I thought people barfed out their babies

    73. Nolan is Cool

      Pewdiepie i always thought baby come from po po Me umm well I always thought you get surgery and you cut stomach open and take the baby out

    74. Josuke

      I learnt all this shit when I was 7 from my cusin and I’m forever greatful that I can ez pass these school test now😎

    75. RAW

      Cringefest 2021

    76. Difficult Dog

      They are way to damn young

    77. Sparsh Garg

      Can we all just forget about everything and appreciate him for making a 4 min. video into a 24 minute one

    78. LowIQHighPing

      I remember asking my mom when I was like 6 and she told me the whole truth and I was just like, ok.

    79. cupcakecat caterson

      6:00 is feilix playing with a KNIFE????

    80. BearKage

      Arent they to young to know this stuff?

    81. john bryer

      I was on a 6 hour car trip when my mom decided to have "the talk" as she called it. I still have flashbacks. I already knew everything at the time. It was just torture.

    82. Gwen Smith

      why the christmas music for the background, it’s not even halloween bruh

    83. chloes wack gaming

      The thing Ken said about the boys is more difficult because they'll have to go through stuff later and girls stuff is already there is not even remotely true. Girls have to go through puberty and periods. It's not already there.

    84. beastmaster64

      I had a friend in grade 3 who was convinced that he was hatched out of an egg that was imported from China.

    85. grcparis

      I think the best way as a parent is to teach correct bodily autonomy and consent from a young age and as questions come up, give scientific/situational answers, there’s no need to sugarcoat or overreach your kids when they’re not ready, but consent and autonomy are things they might need to know before puberty

    86. Jjp gaming and random crap

      My mum told me that she bought me from the grass lady

    87. Colemole07 Gaming

      What if you had gay parents explaining it to you

    88. Lolz

      hahahaha pweds actually change his title:0

      1. Lolz

        @Talkative Yellow Toad "Parents needs to be cancelled" but I don't think he actually mean it cuz its was really a joke but some of thhe comments here were to sensitive so he got no choice to change it.-.

      2. Talkative Yellow Toad

        What was it originally


      He ment BUY ONE GET TWO 😂

    90. Sasuke Uchiha

      in and out

    91. Kompisar

      Actually in Sweden we say flowers and bees

    92. u stop it so much

    93. Isra Khan

      As a kid my mom told me I took a flight straight from heaven and came down to earth to my parents 😂😂😅

    94. F&M Musso

      Is it just me or is he spinning that thing in his hand so much.

    95. Mae Blade

      what if u get one but buy one

    96. Supernova


    97. M4RCEL

      I was 13 when my parents told me i Got mine LOL

    98. M4RCEL

      3:44 you need a higher level

    99. Karl-Emil Madsen

      This video now belongs to Denmark