Family Guy Called Me Out...


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    1. 취미채널 커스-1.5

      Hello?? i love pewdiepie!! 안녕하세요?? 전 퓨디파이를 사랑해요!!

    2. THE Basics


    3. Joel Shoopman

      Do I see dem squidindustries balis?

    4. Bratt Rox

      Life Hack: You don't need to love yourself for a pet to love you

    5. Goober Goblin

      I caught Felix last try.

    6. Never Give Up

      very cool...

    7. samurai

      9:08 did it

    8. samurai

      9:08 did it

    9. ProBro Charles

      Sadly he is not the most subscribed MRplansr unfortunately T-seiries is at 200 million somehow

    10. Travis Hamblin


    11. YaBoyZander

      At this campground I used to take poops in the shower and then stomp it down the drain men would come in probably after fishing after I left and said it smelled like straight stank and did not even attempt to walk into it good times loved taking massive yoinks in the campground shower not a maniac tho wouldn’t do it at tha crib

    12. Sapna Sana

      Love your new camera

    13. Mayson Gay

      9:10 gottem

    14. Pewdsnoticeme

      hello pewds nice video

    15. Darth Bane

      8:37 knives and PewDiePie kum

    16. William Gomez

      It’s u the Mona Lisa so u should just stealme

    17. Gabriel 12 Rangel


    18. Colton Hursey

      Pewds: “why would I waste stomach space and calories on that gunky yucky spunky”

    19. Reece lurking__cat

      @3:18 How many times did he reacted to this fcking meme throughout the years already ??? lmaooo 😭😭😭

    20. Unknown Sad

      Pewds no getting born comes first not love


      I love this on srs


      The background music is activating some sunday school memories bruh. Who though Gloria in excels deo would be a great thing to make a lofi remix out of

    23. MoLassessss

      8:27 lol he said “Plug Out” the cable 😂😂😂

    24. 김수정

      Electric electric ewaaaaaag

    25. Tomás Dragon

      Could you please make 3 heads come out of your thumbnail face

    26. Velo C. Raptor

      Pewds: fine i bought a new camera The internet: Yaaay bullying works!

    27. Jacktheraider42.


    28. Camera noice

    29. Jeff .B

      How long have you been doing fwp

    30. billeboy 420

      No shit got it 3rd try

    31. jake

      9:45 It's call WAFFLE STOMPING and it's DISGUSTING

    32. omar the legend

      ابو فله اعلا منك مشهددات مشالله تبارك الله لا تسوي نفسك متكبر انه ابو فله الله معه مشالله

    33. ج محمد PES

      هل من مشترك

    34. noah copeland

      i got it 9:12

    35. emery garrett

      I don't agree

    36. Patrick The Youtube Star

      I feel that felix's videos have gotten somewhat stale over the years.

    37. the slayer

      i can't believe you do that IN THE SHOWER!!!!!!!!

    38. I drink milk

      He didn’t recognize the berserk sword…

    39. BabySilverFish


    40. Kairat S1mple


    41. Emily Marine

      9:52 I miss that intro, the nostalgia

    42. Nour Muhsen

      11:51 Okaaaaaaaaaaay! I guess you're team Garnt huh?

    43. Harshit Puri

      Cursed pewdiepie

    44. Kimberly Stewart

      i did it

    45. Suko nmycock

      9:11 i'm still waiting for him to tell me to un pause.

    46. Spencer Coley [kOH-lee]

      got it first try first before you

    47. Don’t ask

      Imagine getting bullied into buying a new camera lmao

    48. evelynvslife

      “Everyone find love, but first you must love self” So I guess I’m alone forever boys.

    49. Kiara Czeto

      WHY are we listening to CHRISTMAS MUSIC?!?!?!?! 5:48

    50. HotBabeFlamingo

      Ew beardless PewDiePie looks.... Gross?

    51. Life sucks

      0:53 sorry but u actually look fkn scary 😭

    52. Soapy barcode

      What’s with the lofi Christmas music lmfao

    53. XxLemon_BoixX

      I tried to play along to the pause game but I just kept minimizing and maximizing the video. Muy sad. :(

    54. Elonog Lutumika

      got him 9:12

    55. Miki Ivan

      12:10 tell that to Marzia, I dare you.

    56. BD yanish

      Pewds its time to change the channel profile picture

    57. bob ert

      should commission a giant sword from michaelcthullu

    58. xandele 523

      4:11 that could be an GREAT anime

    59. golpo solpo

      My head

    60. Mia 106

      watching pewdiepie and then bg music: Gloooo-ooo-oria Gloooo-ooo-oria


      Pause at 9:10

    62. Trevor Grover

      Marzia allows you to eat pizza with a fork and knife?

    63. Who’s Joe

      Me turning on my device at 4 AM: 0:52

    64. Joshy

      11:35 is literally the best thing ever

    65. NeXcrotic

      I haven't watched pewds in a long time and I'm pleased to see that his "Friday's with pewdiepie" intro hasnt changed.

    66. Axstro

      0:23 *shower flash back*

    67. Mephilis 78

      WTF you have christmas music playing in the background.... this was august

    68. Nicholas Ferrand

      Where did he talk about family guy?

    69. Mephilis 78

      I kept pausing too soon, but I'm also outside on a cellphone in daylight....

    70. Mephilis 78

      7:01 This is the kind of picture where someone out of the loop sees it, and they think you are one of those guys who always has the same haircut.

    71. Amanda Slabik

      i can’t believe after ten years this mans still is entertaining me we love to see it

    72. Mephilis 78

      I think it's funny that people born with dark hair think that light brown hair is blonde

    73. OSDownfall

      What is that spinning object I want one

    74. Ahamkara

      Speaking of cursed news, a guy beat his meat 56 times in a row and died of a heart attack 😀

    75. Austin Peter

      I haven't watched PewDiePie in like 3 years but then all of a sudden I woke up this morning and thought hey why not, I'm kind of glad I did

    76. Atomicity, Earth

      Feck the video. I'm vibing to the lo-fi hip hop gloria in the background.

    77. Conner Cloud

      the pain when stewie says poop in the shower lol

    78. Arthur Revan


    79. Airguardian

      8:47 - *Aroused Marzia noises intensify*

    80. Airguardian

      I unbiasedly support your pizza-eating methods.

    81. DemmAhoM Akuma

      2nd try

    82. The End

      Bro when I watched this video I had to check what year this was uploaded because pewds looks so much younger here

    83. Frogged

      Pewds uneed to thanks Philippines for making that toy you love

    84. Darrian Weathington

      I'll be back in 5 years.

    85. Sidak


    86. Rocket_stripes Behind the sences

      why is the background music Christmas

    87. Apex v Warrior


    88. Ryan Anderson

      How much clickbait do you want? Yes

    89. Funny Animal Videos

      Needs more diffusion filter..

    90. Aashu Sharma

      9:10 + 2 pause for the bro army

    91. no one

      catch pewds at 9:08

    92. Unusual Cap

      9:11 …well that’s interesting…”we got eem”

    93. SlumpedKamDismal

      Dan tdm hair ?

    94. Sarah Howes

      subconsciously trying to get us in the christmas mood with the background music

    95. Hellborne

      The crust is the best you BAAAASTASASRDFSFFGH

    96. John Doe

      my guess is the testicle slipped through the chair and rotated, preventing it from just slipping back. then he stood up with traumatized the area and caused swelling which made it too big to remove at all, at which time emergency services were called and that's about when it made the news.

    97. money

      0:52 pov: u accidentally turned on light mode on discord

    98. marlon welty

      “Everyone finds love but first raid shadow legends-“

    99. BRUNIK1

      i wos to bad at the filex game