Rating The Dumbest Deaths in History #3


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    1. Samantha Schmidt

      Haha, a house was supposed to fall on the bald dude's head but it turned out to be the house of a turtle, it's shell XD

    2. Braydon moran

      Basil brown is from roblox

    3. valeree

      6:59 don't tell me what to do

    4. Gimbo

      aw man, i like black liquorice.. i didnt know it was bad for you and messed with your hormone levels

    5. Mistræ

      Omg my science teacher told me that she ate too many carrots and in the end her skin turned orange

    6. Siddharth Saran

      What's the software he uses for rating?

    7. It's Me Sarsour

      The dominicaan republic 🙄

    8. Rin

      Pewdiepie is becoming a one-man good mythical morning.

    9. Ushuinik Ushuinik

      8:47 haha, i live here

    10. Lodewijk XIV

      "It could end at any moment" continues to swing point object around

    11. Jacktheraider42.


    12. Shashank Betawar

      5:06 ah yes, the Inazuma 11

    13. АИу шаУ

      7:00 Ok

    14. Marcello Branca

      so he was taking a dump while fixing his tv, multitasking never a good thing

    15. Nitro Zeus


    16. Matthew Blackburn

      anyone ever tell you you laugh like Dr. Doofenshmirtz

    17. phxmarker mark

      5:22 KILLED ALL 11 BY SORCERY! ⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡

    18. Spencer Coley [kOH-lee]

      yooo I'm from Toronto

    19. Silvers S.

      Rapidly second guessing my eating habits


      God must’ve have really hated the other team

    21. Thangjam Remond

      Guys Subscribe to PewDiePie he is at the 4Th Most subscribera now he got beat by Set India T Series Cocomelon

    22. Samantha MacKeigan

      how do u like black licorice

    23. soldier

      5:11 I’m pretty sure that says the Democratic Republic of the Congo not Dominican Republic pewds..

    24. Martha Newsome

      A pelican tried to eat me and if it wasn't for friends near by it would have.

    25. Nathan Beaumont

      When my mother was in the air force, a guy accidentally shot himself in the head while giving a gun safety seminar.

    26. Tate Harrigan

      Hit man level executions

    27. LEO

      "But the stingray died as well,good.Fck you stingray, I've had enough of ya"- Based Pewdiepie. 6:42

    28. Ok Boss

      Democratic Republic Of Congo is a strange way of spelling “Dominica Public”

    29. Isabel Padilla

      Wait until Pewds finds out about the Darwin awards...

    30. Vi_vald_i

      Realizing he's laughing at people dying then remembers gotta prove I'm not a psychopath at 5:41

    31. Sodiumforsaltytimes YT

      I'm Dutch and I've never heard of black liquorice being bad for you-we eat it here all the time-

    32. COD-Mirbemani-YT

      عالی بود پسر

    33. BadKataEuw

      Felix: guys don t die pls *death rate drop to 0*

    34. Nour Alashkr

      My goal in life is to not end up on this list, just got Felix to put me in his videos and laugh at my death 😂😂😂

    35. coal james

      What has black liquorish and carrot's taught us?, stick to the classics like ruining you're liver with alcohol or smoking a pack a day =P .

    36. Fabian Welin

      Watch how this becomes a main series on the chanel

    37. Tushidori

      7:40 his boomer side really shows here

    38. Ian Schmitt

      This whole channel feels like an inside joke I'm not a part of.

    39. Natasha Bhatnagar

      Personal time stanp 9:15

    40. Harish Ms

      Next, rating my dubest subscribers would be nice upload it

    41. Galagya

      "As someone who loves black licorice..." Heathen.

    42. The Idiotic Gamer

      Look up Seamus McFeen and be amazed at his story

    43. Karolína Ševčíková

      I would be happy if I survive to the age of 50... I think that's gonna be a victory

    44. Bob Marley

      Uno someone has definitely died watching a pewdiepie video

    45. Jesse

      but if i die young i might make it on your vids

    46. Anma Cressida

      Pewdiepie rating vtubers plsss : D

    47. Vlad Bupte

      the snake guy was a furry

    48. Danielius B

      5:11 "Democratic republic of congo" Pewds: In.. Dominican republic

    49. AstroPC 96

      The Thumbnails are Evolving...Just Backwards!

    50. Salty Vlogs

      Everyone at the hearing where the lawyer accidentally s**t himself: 🤭 you know what, we should just give it to em and not speak of it😐

    51. Cyclops

      5:50 “It could end at any moment.” *spins balisong below throat*

    52. Xaviertouthang

      Pffff just react to hisashi ouichi

    53. KKay

      "He died from drowning because they threw his *dead* body in the river" Ah yes

    54. OverRatedProgrammer

      > that's some final fantasy shit Dam final fantasy is different than I remember

    55. iRezKeys


    56. CIX_x

      The other team was like hah L bozo 🤪 (jk)

    57. Abdur Rahman

      6:59 *Guys, don't die please* _Immortality rate rises to 100%_ 📈

    58. Nickyplayz23

      The stingray one made me laugh when Felix said “good I’m glad it died too” 😂😂😂

    59. M4RCEL

      7:02 Got me of suicidal thoughts

    60. did you get in an arguement?bio

      5:10 thor won the bet

    61. did you get in an arguement?bio

      1:48 ''His death is an absolute point in time'' - the aincient one

    62. ᴾˡˢ ᴴᵉˡᵖ ᴹᵉ ᵀᵒ ᴿᵉᵃᶜʰ 169ᴷ ˢᵘᵇˢᶜʳⁱᵇᵉʳ ᵀᵒⁿᶦᵍʰᵗ

      Dear parents,, just because your child is smiling at their phone, doesn’t mean they have boyfriend or girlfriend, they just watching this masterpiece.

    63. Brban Brbanski

      Wikipedia : Democratic Republic of Congo Felix : Dominican Public

    64. John Aragon

      Part 4!!!!!

    65. Jimi

      "Dog killed him".

    66. jusvibz

      2:40 so he did this whole process naked now thats funny 😅😅

    67. بلال علي سعد الكشري Balal Ali Ali

      انا ما افهمك لان كلامك انجيزي يعني English

    68. FILMFAN Dekon

      Death is not funny…….. the way they died is.

    69. TheOffical

      Then why do you make a video line this if you not are gonna review all the peopme on the list or even add them.. fucking commit to your videos

    70. Roland Katsuragi

      5:11 *Dominican Republic* 🤔

    71. Greg Perianayagam

      Where was the man who went over a waterfall in a barrel, twice. But, ended up dying from slipping on an orange peel

    72. المطيري

      I love you 😍

    73. Ashley Coop

      Pewds always reminds me that he lives in Brighton with his “fookin hell”s and the “whatta you on about”s

    74. Sangram Raorane

      2:30 McGuire fell from high place

    75. Ymadina

      يا اخي صلح الكاميرا

    76. Abram Pena

      I see those tears Pewds 😉

    77. Siri Fischer


    78. Bongolia Gaming

      Soon pewds face will cover up the whole thumbnail and its just a beigh blur..

    79. Hannah Fate Garcia

      6:59 be my motivation

    80. WhiteBlack

      Dominican Republic?

    81. yoTuberkai

      Thank you very much for posting that video with that music on background 0:15 i finally found the sound thanks to Shazam i was searching that song since 2016 when pewds uploaded fnaf sister location video, shazam didn't detected it the name of that song: MOVIN' WITH IT

    82. [北極星]樂樂

      Head to 8787

    83. Andrew Wessel

      Love these videos

    84. thatguyukno41

      Idk why im watching this. I hate hearing about tradegys because all i imagine is how the other family members feel about their loved one dying. Like i feel like im personally affected as well even if i dont know the person. But some reason i cant stop watching this video 😰

    85. Kayla Ashworth

      You should react to DIA conspiracy theories. The death of the artist for Blucifer is at least A tier

    86. Malik \muh• •Leek

      "That's A tier"

    87. Niska Munnle

      This is the best shit

    88. Oreo Water

      Disliked bc black licorice is disgusting pewds

    89. Sarah Ristaino

      We need to know

    90. DeSync - BGMI


    91. DeSync - BGMI


    92. FPS JiveTurkey

      Bro a lawyer willing to kill himself to prove his clients not guilty. Amazing.

    93. Ben Andersson

      "life; it could end at any moment" as he spins his butterfly knife

    94. Matthew Zombies

      hey pewds you need to eat more, your looking skinny.

    95. La La

      Magic School Bus warned us as kids about the carrots turning us orange 🥕

    96. Emil Rode

      Can't wait to see where Epstein ranks on his list!

    97. Flea


    98. slimeslime

      "It could end at any moment" *Spins knife near his chest and throat*

    99. Wandrey Kaipper

      Those deaths make me think about the retarded people who has passed way in the dumbest way lol