My Dog Reacts To Himself.. (failed)


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    1. Joab Guerrero

      7:13 Felix and Edgar are in the same position lol so cute

    2. Joab Guerrero

      6:37 aww edgar

    3. Joab Guerrero

      5:55 I knew it Edgar owned this channel

    4. Joab Guerrero

      3:30 He’s actually watching it

    5. Joab Guerrero

      3:23 Edgar you crazy

    6. Joab Guerrero

      3:05 lol hahahaha

    7. DOTEX 🔰

      PewDiePie should wear light coloured t-shirt whenever he collabs with Edgar. Edgar just mixes with his t-shirt or whatever Felix is wearing and it disrespects such content creator like Edgar.

    8. JoJo Beast

      Greatest Collab if all time

    9. Chinmay Ingle

      I can relate to Edgar. I also always want to sleep

    10. TeaRobloxGaming

      *Aww He’s So Cute*

    11. Nikori

      Lime-ade Lime aid Lemonade Lemon aid

    12. Bane

      Edgar has the second best teeth in the game!

    13. Vulpes Zerda

      Vet tech here, seems like Edgar could have otitis externa (ear infection basically). I hope you've taken him to the vet for the ear itching and gotten it checked out. They often itch their ears when it is something that bothers them, especially considering that Edgar won't stop and seems to constantly do it. Just concerned for him, since that breed often can have problems with their ears.

    14. Inb

      Don’t you feel like pewdiepie has really matured over all these years? It’s so sad but nice to look back on the old days

    15. AurochssS

      Poor Edgar 😭

    16. Josiah Levandusky

      how is this dog still alive

    17. 34- Ngô Phạm Hoàng Quân 8a2

      Dog life is really short though ;((

    18. ᴾˡˢ ᴴᵉˡᵖ ᴹᵉ ᵀᵒ ᴿᵉᵃᶜʰ 169ᴷ ˢᵘᵇˢᶜʳⁱᵇᵉʳ ᵀᵒⁿᶦᵍʰᵗ

      Dear parents,, just because your child is smiling at their phone, doesn’t mean they have boyfriend or girlfriend, they just watching this masterpiece.

    19. SensationalBanana

      Edgar trying to scratch his ears might be a sign of ear infection brewing.

      1. ABRIELLE

    20. esketit

      I got hospitalized for 2 weeks because I had problems with my gallery bladder after drinking gfuel for a short period of time. Not saying that gfuel did it, but I eat somewhat healthy and didn't change my diet whatsoever.

    21. Thinithi Palayangoda


    22. B4shar

      Cutest video ive seen on this channel

    23. Connorgamer96

      How old is he?

    24. Kumiko

      Everyone, bow down to our superior, King Edgar.

    25. milascali

      long live to Edgar :,)

    26. LegendaryDoge

      52.5% OFF on GFuel let’s go

    27. AgriTamil 360 - அக்ரி தமிழ்

      Hii 😋😋😋

    28. Painting Misfit

      Awww... Edgar is a senior now, he got some white in his fur.

    29. anima099

      Mad respect to Felix for not forcing his dog to make content and actually ending it before the 10 min mark.

    30. ALPHA_Shadow Wolf5428

      More minecraft pppplllllsssssss🥺

    31. Wahaha Haha


    32. ShadowWolf Kina

      Lie-made Felix..... cherry limeade

    33. AwesomeKeke

      Edgar looks so cute😍

    34. AwesomeKeke

      Black pugs Rule!

    35. D.V.C

      Barely a fail bro , Edgar's part of the fam 👌🤙😅

    36. Анатолий Порутчиков

      Мне 24, а я уже выгляжу как Эдгар...

    37. Love4MusicNMore

      I remember watching the channel and seeing Edgar for the first time 🥺

    38. Ionlygot3inchs69


    39. Fruitful Quest

      Maybe he shouldn't have worn black, hard to make out edgar.

    40. Clifford Ray Raffael

      And now we know dog hates headphones

    41. permen enak


    42. TheAdvertisement

      Pewdiepie is such a good dog owner he's so wholesome and loving to Edgar.

    43. Lakshya

      I saw your dog 5 years ago while watching the Beasthunter videos. May your dog live lifelong and stays with you forever :) And pls bring back pokemon go videos, we love them. Pokemon go has changed a lot since 5 years ~and its addictive~.

    44. Patricia Perez

      Mi Dios que hombre más hermoso señor

    45. Patricia Perez

      At one point I was watching shrek well concentrated, at the other the video is skipped and I end up on the channel of this fallen angel of the Gods 😍

    46. fahyn. kopiko

      wholesome video of all time

    47. Vorpal Firefly

      He's so precious

    48. The Earthiverse

      Edgar has aged like fine wine

    49. MinecraftDoge

      Edgar's a cutie.


      2:44 Soooooo cute

    51. Karina C.


    52. Dallas Page

      As an adult who has always wanted a pug , and currently looking to adopt one for my new house. I absolutely loved this video. Thank you Pewds


      I am your big fan when I watching your videos I think I watch your videos a lot like a addicted person by the way love from India

    54. Арина Бикташева

      I can’t stand the cuteness ❤️

    55. Clockwerk

      This is the most wholesome thing I’ve ever seen

    56. Sakura4anime25

      Our dog (she's a Vizsla) LOVES swimming in our pool lol. Like whenever we come out with our swimsuits on, she gets super excited and wants to jump in right away lol

    57. zivosaurus -rex

      haven't watched pewds in a long time and the begining alone made me happy

    58. Jeremy Heck

      I'd love to see more Edgar videos!

    59. Charlie Maltzahn

      Pews headphone rack

    60. 현카콜라

      퓨디파이님 브롤스타즈 하세요. 무한의 계단도 하세요.

    61. 현카콜라

      현카콜라 입니다.

    62. Margaux Cy

      "Limeade" was Felix's kryptonite this video

    63. Milla Magia


    64. Alisaurus

      I love Edgar

    65. BrxKen

      edgar looks like he's going through mid life crisis

    66. master vex pc

      My dog died recently he was 11... I was very very sad 😭 But pewds you actually have really great videos of edgar I'm jealous I didn't have any nice videos of my dogo 😒😒

    67. Sid McQueen

      So cute 😂🥰

    68. nele

      not him in the little corner 🥺

    69. ImmortalDevaGaming

      you know , I recently got few subscribers😍, I was very happy for that but now it stopped increasing help me gain more subscribers😢😭

    70. Lit Industries

      i know damn well he did not just skip the most iconic "h-how's it going bros my name is pewwwwwdiepiee" ;-;

    71. Trtania

      I'm already scared for the day to come...

    72. reena bisht

      Big fan bro army leader

    73. David Rojas

      Awwwww Edgar is already old

    74. SupremeSimian

      edgar's getting so old. hes still cute and is still edgar but he has changed a lot over the years.

    75. killergirl

      Why tf is everyone obsessed with him dying. STFU and just watch the damn video

    76. Sasuki Kun


    77. PaladinHeart WarriorBard

      EDGAAAAAR!!! OMG, I love you, Edgar!! You are so cute with Edgar, Pewds! I love to see how much you love and care for him. I would love to see him in more videos! I know he loves to sleep, but even little cameos of him sleeping while you do game playthroughs and stuff would be really fun!

    78. karljacobs_simp


    79. XdYeetBoi L2

      is the red gfuel cherry flavoured?

    80. No You

      Befor watching the video MRplans gave me an add called Felix mobile

    81. Floppiix

      Holy sht edgard grew gray wtf Im feeling so old now

    82. Saurel D

      Edgar Allen pug ! Lol he’s so cute

    83. deadmaan20

      My mom Comparing Me To A Successful Businessman

    84. Nelson Argueta


    85. Nelson Argueta

      Sorry you are funny

    86. Nelson Argueta

      I like your dog though

    87. Nelson Argueta

      Mr beast is better than stinky pie

    88. PARSA Z

      Who else was smiling throughout the whole video

    89. Nguyễn Thiên Tuấn Khải

      Where is maya tho

    90. Ginothegamer

      We just need a livestream of Edgar sleeping

    91. Zoe Skaggs

      Aww 😍 is Maya gonna react next?

    92. Jared Bezos

      What happened??? You used to make some good funny content. And react to way more interesting ideas. This, this just sucks bro

    93. Andrew Behm

      Bruh while felix is trying to make a videos edgar is trying to scratch his ear

    94. Luis Hernandez

      Love this as a pug owner lol

    95. ChocoboSasuke1

      i feel old Pewds, i remember watching your channel since before you even had Edgar way back to when you pretty much just started playing Amnesia and i definitely remember seeing when you had him he was still so small. he’s a great dog, may he live long!

    96. damn bro


    97. Symptomgaming

      234000th like lol

    98. Rebeca Acosta

      Wholesome ✨🤧

    99. Darth Cookie

      Felix is like a disappointed father.

    100. Eva Gallegos

      Alternate title: Pewdiepie bullying Edgar for 9 minutes straight