Dhar mann Calls Out Pewdiepie


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    1. Dog

      ....Instantly Regrets it

    2. Mxitz


    3. Di

      Idk why Felix talking about Cody gives me a tickle, easily my fave 2 youtubers.

    4. gwoomiii 11

      Dude it’s not funny it’s just a content of a life lesson

    5. Panda Kid

      Do love faze rug??

    6. Ron Swanson

      I have no idea who dhar man is aye

    7. Gurleen SODHI

      Bro stop being rude-

    8. alisha gallacher

      Rob gavagin or something his name is I love his content. There doesn’t seem to be much hate you say what you think he’s got to understand people have their own opinions tbh. I think his videos are so cleisha always good guys win bad guys lose 🙄🙄

    9. Long Xue

      "Don't focus on people who hate you" *Starts making a 'hate' video towards him the next moment.

    10. Sam Silvadda

      "you're you, everyone hates you". -Me

    11. Taliai Toli

      your cringe

      1. ender 3210

        You are*

    12. Taliai Toli

      your never going to make it with the bull crap you say

      1. ender 3210

        He already did.

    13. Roy Brown

      They called me name! *start crying* Me: You are pathetic. My cousin is being bullied because she is a black chemist and you are crying?

    14. jude clarice malicdem

      I’m glad he called you out

    15. jude clarice malicdem

      I can’t believe you made fun of Dharmann ugghhh 😤😤😤😤😤

    16. Natasha Bhatnagar

      Personal time stamp 24:00


      hey i am going to unsubscribe from you, this is the worst channel i ever saw in my life you should stop doing videos and get a real job...... i am never watching your videos EVER AGAIN UGH YOUR CONTENT IS DISGUSTING WHY DID I EVER SUBSCRIBE.

      1. Preimer's dad

        By that logic, you should also unsubscribe from Dhar Mann.

    18. Neos

      pewdiepie talking about camera quality is like your ex telling you who you should hang out

    19. Dante Schwalger


    20. YEETABHI

      i hate you bro

      1. Daffa A

        "Bro" Words getting overused

      2. Preimer's dad

        Why? Simply for reaction videos?

    21. Dante Schwalger

      MORE LIKE PEWDEEPEE dhar is a good man and that will never change Cmon just get along

      1. Preimer's dad

        He already does, Dhar Mann refuses to do it.

    22. Da Oven

      you just hate it becuase your a hater and your jeleos that you dont like it

      1. ender 3210


      2. ender 3210


      3. ender 3210

        You are*

      4. Preimer's dad

        Why would he be jealous lol?

    23. Rootiga Root

      To be honest this makes dhar mann look like a child after this. Being so upset from criticism that he goes out of his way to make a video to complain about people criticizing him.

    24. Layag Aquino

      I love dhar mann

    25. chilliamwilliam

      pewdiepie: calls dhar mann cringe :dhar mann: time to use lethal force

    26. J K

      Dar Mann’s videos just enforce gaslighting in a mentally and emotionally abusive way. “You’re a terrible person if you don’t conform to my ideals and buy my stuff”.- every dar mann vid.

    27. VitalCow

      GOOD CRITICISM: I think there isnt enough light in Felix's room

    28. AX_worrior


    29. n3vox x

      ey shut up we didn't take your oil, we took our oil. How does it feel being poor huh? Norway #1

    30. Slart91

      Dhar mann defo strangles cats in his spare time.

    31. Kasangkay Vlog

      Wish one day one day one day.....

    32. Preetham Sai

      So you are more cringey than dhar mann

      1. Preimer's dad


    33. Leaf Atlas

      So cringey

    34. Sister Discordia

      Dorain Electra was in this...you are unaware of the way the internet and music is going old man...small PP

    35. yeonlakhae me

      thai ads makes better plots than dhar mann's

    36. The Jamaican Potato Chip

      I was hoping he was gonna look at the comments cuz i had one on there...

    37. Jessie Villa

      Wouldn't that video make Dhar mann kinda... "c r i n g e"?

    38. PlayerHD

      s m h

    39. Rampidinla 007

      “Kids today wouldn’t survive mw2 lobbies”

    40. Nonya B

      I’m sorry but Pewdiepie got owned in this entire video, it’s him who continues to look like the villain. Even his own comments and jokes and laughing. Because Dahr Man anticipates everything. Just calling it like I see it as a fan of neither one of them.

      1. Trash Can

        Actually, Dhar Mann is.

      2. ColorStripes

        Apparently, having an honest opinion and just joking about somebody's content rather than the person in general actually makes you a villain. Good to know.

    41. Sofia Branco

      as a Sofia I can guarantee we cry at pretty much anything so give the girl an oscar already

    42. Frank Springer

      Pewdiepie is so dumb I bet he'll never hit 200 mil

      1. レッドドラゴン皇帝

        Lol i hope he does honestly😎

    43. Josh Kelland

      He called me cringe *shits aggresivly*

    44. ciae

      anyways... that kid's acting is cringe

    45. Beni 123

      15:05 i really thought an ad will come bruhh Sive....

    46. RanVid

      Dhar mann should make videos for the chinese too, they love this kind of content. Getting bullied ---> Actualy Rich/Becomes rich/Is your boss ---> Bitch slap the bully and becomes the bully

    47. Диян Радев

      PewDiePie vs Dhar mann boxing match?

    48. A k


      1. Preimer's dad

        Pregnancy test?

    49. NEKO FluffCream


      1. NEKO FluffCream

        @Preimer's dad XD

      2. Preimer's dad

        Your hands were too wet you pressed the like button instead

    50. Pooja Singh

      Best roast ever

    51. Shamala Govindarajah

      You will never get million subscribers

      1. ender 3210

        He already got 110 million.

      2. Preimer's dad

        Yes, he won't get 1 million subs cuz he already has 110 million

    52. Shamala Govindarajah

      I hate you

      1. Preimer's dad

        Ignorance be like

    53. Shamala Govindarajah

      Stoppppppppp it errrrrrrrrrrrrr

    54. Shamala Govindarajah


    55. Shamala Govindarajah

      You're so bad

    56. Shamala Govindarajah


    57. Shamala Govindarajah

      There right don't make fun of people

      1. ender 3210

        They are*

      2. Preimer's dad

        It's still not blind hating

    58. klara kilbo

      I love how this was basically a flex of like "And you know, I'm famous enough that pewdiepie have seen my vids" lol

    59. Hans The german

      Dhar man is like your lame literature teacher who makes you write poetry

    60. T.G

      He did because of your horrible reactions to him FILEX

      1. Preimer's dad

        I didn't know satire criticism was a horrible action 👶

    61. Ki Ki

      Also, the acting is *terrible*

    62. Ki Ki

      Idk who Door Man is, but he's cringe. Why does he have the preppy white boy hairstyle from 2003?

    63. jonathan skurtu

      please sir may I have some more

    64. Diego Olalde

      That's cap he's STILL AT 1M HAHAHA LOL CRINGE

    65. Sshadow Panda

      Just me or this man's face came is jittery


      stupid pew die pie say child stupid

      1. Akos Kovacs

        @Anti fake Preimer gang r/foundthemobileuser

      2. ender 3210


      3. Preimer's dad

        "child stupid" U described yourself.

      4. Floro


      5. Anti fake Preimer gang


    67. comment cat

      dharrmann is just for kids. its like you are criticizing Dora the explorer. and you are sounding like a crazy adult trying to watch kid shows. lol.

      1. ender 3210

        Ah yes, "Babysitter tries to seduce husband what happens next will shock you!", "husband has an affair with a house maid! lives to regret the decision he made", "husband catches wife cheating with a rich man, ending is shocking!". Definitely the best content for kids.

      2. Dumb Man

        Just because it's for kids, doesn't mean it's immune to the criticism.

      3. HomoFrog

        The moral of his videos are terrible for kids either way... the criticism that most people have towards them is valid

    68. Anglo-Russian

      Dhar Mann is getting attention and profiting from it, classic MRplans strachegy...

    69. Fardin Shahriar

      You messed with the wrong king duffer🤪

      1. Preimer's dad

        @Fardin Shahriar ?

      2. Fardin Shahriar

        @Preimer's dad 🤴❄️

      3. Fardin Shahriar

        @Floro any context please?

      4. Preimer's dad

        Yes, he messed with the king of snowflakes.

      5. Floro


    70. Adil Hossain

      I’m disappointed in you

      1. Preimer's dad

        @Adil Hossain Cry about it.

      2. Anti fake Preimer gang


      3. ColorStripes

        It is tho.

      4. Adil Hossain

        How pathetic of you calling his vids bad

    71. Mia & Tersa Cerberus love🖤

      I lost my "like of the videos", PewDiePie 😭I'm sorry,bitch.😢I'll always leave a sub or two,❤️

    72. Reghan Clark

      Wait...so if Dhar Mann twisted your words in public...wouldn't that violate the 1st Amendment? Because the First Amendment clearly states you are not allowed to defame someone. in other words, slander(Say something untrue and dirty) someone to where their reputation is ruined. I'm not sure, I'm not a lawyer...don't think, even if you wanted to, can take this to court. So...

    73. Tofuuu

      Moist critical getting call out when?

    74. Pink Ribbon

      this brought me so much joy

    75. iamhere

      Dhar Mann big brain

    76. SoloVibezッ

      Imagine being able to sit at a desk in front of a camera and Bully people, DAMN THAT TAKES “SOOOOOO” MUCH TALENT. We don’t need another adult baby on MRplans! Like y’all actually enjoy this crap

      1. ender 3210

        @SoloVibezッ You are*

      2. Dumb Man

        @SoloVibezッ Your excuses are laughable. If someone criticise Dhar Mann, your response is "But you can't do any better so shut up."

      3. SoloVibezッ

        @Dumb Man While ur sitting there not even being able to do any better

      4. Dumb Man

        @SoloVibezッ Dhar Mann has no talent in writing.

      5. SoloVibezッ

        @ender 3210 and you can do better?

    77. SoloVibezッ

      Imagine being able to sit at a desk in front of a camera and Bully people, DAMN THAT TAKES “SOOOOOO” MUCH TALENT. We don’t need another adult baby on MRplans! Like y’all actually enjoy this crap

      1. Anti fake Preimer gang

        Kid gets offended by criticism and mistakes it with bullying, lives to regret it.

    78. SoloVibezッ

      Imagine being able to sit at a desk in front of a camera and Bully people, DAMN THAT TAKES “SOOOOOO” MUCH TALENT. We don’t need another adult baby on MRplans! Like y’all actually enjoy this crap

      1. ColorStripes

        You do know your "hero" actually collabed with one of those adult babies with zero talent on MRplans, right?

    79. Nasimul Hoque

      "Dumb, I hate it"

    80. ShinyHeroVAL


    81. Zikran Hossain

      Dhar Manns's videos are so cringe

    82. Vietnamese Orthodontists Association VAO

      i don't like that. I love dhar

    83. Jacktheraider42.


    84. Shingapow

      I now know what I'm going to watch next after this video..... The It's Friday Remix and the OG because that song really does SLAP!

    85. The gamer boy

      Cutie pie sucks

      1. Spoon Boy


      2. Anti fake Preimer gang

        But PewDiePie doesn't

    86. LutPlayz857

      thats rude to make fun of dhar mann

      1. Astro

        Criticism is important for one to develop.

      2. Pong Krell

        Dhar Mann called out then for “hating” when they just said that you can’t become a famous streamer overnight

    87. SolarTree73

      Relax, PewDiePie. He is just jealous of you.

    88. xMysticWolf18x Gaming


    89. Margaret Moncivaiz


      1. Spoon Boy

        gonna cry?

      2. Astro

        Lol pewds is criticizing Dhar man's way of sending a "message". He stated several time that he doesn't hate Dhar man as a person.

      3. Anna Ferrer

        lmao, dhar mann bot hahaha

    90. Margaret Moncivaiz


      1. Astro

        Kid comments 3 times thinking his sub matters, lives to regret it

      2. Anti fake Preimer gang

        The irony in this comment. You couldn't even mind your own business. 🤦‍♂️🤣🤣🤣

    91. Kelly Alicea

      Its crazy how people hate on others who are more successful. Dhar mann is just trying to spread positivity in this messed up world. If yall don't have anything positive to say, just keep your mouth shut. Imagine a grown man making fun of kids, wow.

      1. ender 3210

        Dhar mann isn't a kid, he is almost 40.

      2. Astro

        Number of subs Dhar Mann has: 12 mil Number of subs PewDiePie has: 110 mil Huh I wonder who is more successful at life and has more impact on the internet.

      3. Anti fake Preimer gang

        PewDiePie is more successful than Dhar Mann. If you can't take criticism then go install twitter. 👶

      4. ColorStripes

        Imagine not knowing the difference between hate and criticism, wow.

    92. AwesomeKitCat

      PEWDS - Something to look into. Dhar Mann has been STEALING his scripts. One of his stories about an autistic person being bullied in school was STOLEN from a woman on Tik Tok. He didn't give her credit until AFTER people called him out on it. He STEALS his stories from real victims.

    93. AwesomeKitCat

      There's a difference between straight bullying for no reason, and criticisms. When you make content, you open yourself up to criticism. Dhar Mann delusional.

    94. NDNWS

      You have to understand people have different feelings people get hurt more easy than you. In reality this is the way life is come on quit hating on the channel they are good people trying to do good things

      1. NDNWS

        I’m done replying whatever you say I won’t see

      2. NDNWS

        I’m just trying to spread positivity besides this isn’t Criticism it’s bullying and making fun of you should know that. Also pewdiepie is huge he should know better he is an influencer and with great power comes great responsibility

      3. Floro

        its criticism tho lmao

      4. Astro

        "good things" what good things are they doing ?. When you make videos and upload them to the internet, you must expect and be prepared for criticism. So stop crying you commenting dumb shit won't change anything

      5. Preimer's dad

        Ignorance at its pure form.

    95. priti wade

      Never to judge any one, any country , or anything ok

    96. Raj Thakur

      PEWDIEPIE should have less subscribers than Dhar Mann. Those who support PEWDIEPIE, reply and those who support Dhar Mann, like this comment

      1. Floro

        nobody's gonna support diarhhea man

      2. Preimer's dad

        Why does it matter anyways? Also imagine like begging smh.