Rating The Dumbest Deaths in History #2


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    1. Moonstone

      Mary Reeser: *...* *Fire Force intro starts playing in the background LMAO*

    2. BloodSpetsnaz

      1000 Ways to Die Dumb!

    3. Joab Guerrero

      Lol the intro in this vid is the same in his video about flappy bird both singing dumb ways to die

    4. Jonathon King

      Rasputin name being said Me: Putting on Ra Ra Rasputin🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🕺🕺🎶🎶🎶

    5. BxrrysAndStrxwberrys

      Y’all gotta love the thumbnails.

    6. JackEatsPizza


    7. absolutely


    8. The Run

      There’s actually a single reported death by meteor. It hit a mexican farmer while in front of his house, right on the head. mans was assassinated by god

    9. Badrul Com

      Self combustion, fire fighter anime is real.

    10. Lil weenis

      I’m a get on one of these vids one day

    11. Haritha Dasari

      love this video. but pewds looks weird in the new camera as if he just grew in clouds

    12. Logidaran Logi

      Hardcore Pescatarian 3:26

    13. FlamingSword722

      the guys that run the simulation must have had good times doing this


      Man, Pewdipie did pretty bad with the ratings. A man who swallowed almost half a hundred knives, C tier. Rasputin survives amounts of cynaide gets shot in the chest, survives and chases his killer where he's shot again. C tier. That's an S and the knive guy at least an A or B

    15. Miguel Salavarria

      6:30 The lawyer actually ended up winning and the court tried the defendant not guilty.

    16. Sana Siddiquee

      the new camera is a bit scary, dk why…

    17. BlueCreepr

      Hold up, turtle guy did die from a house falling on him. the turtle IS a house.

    18. MOODY ♪

      Mary Reeser: *combusts* Fire Force: 👀

    19. Anton Samuelsson

      There where once a priminister from the Netherlands that got killed by an angry mob and later Thay ate him

    20. joselyn hoffman

      ok but like how is pewdiepies eyes so much of a pretty blue

    21. Emiel Odendaal

      a tortoise shell is technically a tortoises house, so the prophecy was true

    22. kushal Reddy

      let me tell u somethings about rasputin since im learning too. he is a monk the worst adviser of king tsar. he was elected by king tsar's wife. also , theres a awsome song about him made by boney m.

    23. Mark Saunderson

      Turtle shell is home for turtle....

    24. Damp Carrot

      Stupid deaths, stupid deaths They're funny cos their true



    26. M J

      X Y Z then

    27. Giosef R.

      0:56 "I love these images, they make me happy" Well.

    28. daviid ayala

      ¿did u know rasputin actual's death was caused due to drwoning? Not by the shots, not by the loss of blod, not by the cyanide...

    29. Kerem Ahmet

      Dancing till there's no tomorrow was a thing-


      Well to be fair a house did fall on him, just not a human one lol

    31. 0nesh

      its quite weird that the so called "dance plagues" are believed by many historians to have actually happened

    32. Tomás Silva

      Dumb ways to die with your host PewDiePie 🎶

    33. Danapela

      0:40 the myth was that something would fall on his head and kill him, so he thought he'd be safe if he stayed outside, since there wouldn't be any objects in the sky that could fall on him, but I guess he was wrong

    34. Álmos Tóth

      Géza the first, one of Hungarys early kings, died because his own throne fell on him

    35. Natacha Pereira

      THIS IS THE BEST VIDEO I'VE SEEN IN A LONG TIME. my belly hurts so much, ty felix

    36. Dikshy

      Yeager you say? ʕʘ̅͜ʘ̅ʔ

    37. McSmartass

      fun fact about rasputin: he apparently actually died of hypothermia rather than the second gunshot. He was also poorly prepared for cremation and rigor mortis made him sit up in the fire.

    38. Anton Amudsen

      1:00 why he skip Middle Ages??????????

    39. Click

      And they said dancing tell her that it reminded me from dance till you’re dead😂

    40. Natasha White

      Crushed by a house… a turtle shell IS A TURTLE HOUSE

    41. Eithyr

      Ou est mon poisson? Muahahaha

    42. eq_horse

      7:48 lol ive heard of that and the horse's name was sweet kiss, they re-named the horse sweet kiss of death and it was also the mans first ever race...

    43. Baylee Smith

      Yay! I saw the other on the way to work and was hoping for a part two 🤩

      1. YesLegend

        theres also a part 3 alrdy

    44. Ashley

      Dumb ways to be cancelled, so many dumb ways to be cancelled

    45. Lisette Solares

      I choked on a chip while watching this and then immediately thought “what if my death is getting choked by a chip while watching a pewdiepie video on dumb deaths.” Almost would’ve added to list. 👍🏼

    46. Infinity Comix

      i will never sleep again

    47. Georgy Zhukov

      why did he not do middle ages?

    48. abby

      did the video get copyrighted for the rick roll audio? cuz the medieval section is gone **cries**

    49. h i

      8:14 Sometimes I sleep with a knife...never again

    50. FishyFish

      Did he skip the middle ages

    51. idk whatijustposted

      16th centuries dance plague, but now we have tiktok vids

    52. Taylor Hillard

      How do you pass a knife? And how, after doing it once, do you not learn to never do it again?

    53. random Dude

      You didn't include the guy who started two world wars through the incompetence of his driver and got killed (no not through an traffic accident)

    54. tecktan

      The best one whas the guy who swalowed knives!

    55. Eric Southard

      1:08 puppet history did an episode on this.

    56. Jimmie Karlsson

      Freddy krueger killed Thornton jones

    57. Richard Mello Jr

      My mother woke up in the middle of the night for a drink. She saw what she thought was fire but thought the nabors were having a bon fire. Turns out the lady was on oxygen and went out to smoke a cigarette and cough herself on fire.

    58. maud_cotton77

      love the french 😂😭👌🏻

    59. joe mama

      8:55 "Causes of death are many and varied. Old age, illness, suicide. But there is one death many fear above all others."

    60. ArshiaproGaming

      7:49 You could say the horse carried him to the win.................................... Ok, ill leave now.

    61. Lospereye

      These are quickly becoming some of my favorite videos of yours 🤣 although Rasputin definitely deserved at least an A tier

    62. Rickard Arvedal

      Why isn't King Adolf Frederick on this list?

    63. Stefan Mihajlovski

      Wait, did he skip the Middle Ages and went directly to Reneissance?

      1. Lactour Obsculyze

        it got removed cus youtube

    64. Abdur Rahman

      This video: *I like that. C TIER*

    65. WreckTheSecond

      Umm, well the middle ages were cut out, I was looking for one of the deaths there to see pewds' reaction but I'm guessing it was not a topic MRplans liked to have discussed on their site

    66. Lol Sup

      6:50 I hope he won the case 😂

    67. Scott Prince

      What is a shell...a turtles house. *mic drop*

    68. Greg Perianayagam

      I thought you would've gotten to the guy who went over a waterfall in a barrel a couple of times, and ended up dying from slipping on an orange

    69. Lee Felix

      *"Hana Steininger died becauee of his 4'5 beard"* Bro, I'm seriously just 2 inches taller than his beard wtf.

    70. maybe its mary

      my name is mary and ive had multiple dreams about spontaneously combusting- is this a sign, should i sleep in ice, should i wait for the inevitable, should i just sit and wait for it to happen WHAT DO I DO

    71. Andreas 90

      Yea he died because of a house. The house of a turtle!!!

    72. Mladen Pancic

      the ultimate joke: why does the train go faster during the day than on the rails? because it is colder at night than outside!!

    73. Kon

      Mary Reeser's death theory is very familiar. _Latom._

    74. Joshua Abundis

      Ok he is the collest

    75. Sydnee Harris

      the turtle's shell was it's house 😯

    76. Malik \muh• •Leek

      "I'm disappointed..."

    77. Kurt Austria

      what happened in the middle ages

    78. Dominic Brandt Outdoors

      Its said Rasputin didn't die from the 2nd shot he was later dumped in the river where he was trapped under the ice and drowned

    79. mojay30

      the three were unalived in different ways, sawn boiled and set ablaze. middle ages were rough an drespect to the martyrs those three were

    80. Devonte Hardimon

      John C. Was just pushing his luck fate was like I'll save you this one time and he kept going and fate said nah f*ck you man

    81. Darth_Spock

      Rasputin: I spent the last few years building up an immunity to iocane powder Felix: Inconceivable!

    82. Veens

      Why did I just wanted to try if I could swallow a knife too? I'm scared

    83. Madara Uchiha

      Bhai Sati Das, Bhai Mati Das and Bhai Dayala are Sikh scholars and are respected through Sikhism. They were executed by the mughals. The death you blurred.

    84. Rusty Shackleford

      the turtle mans prophecy was true, technically the turtle house crushed him

    85. Mary Hough

      If you don’t do more of these I’ll be very disappointed these are hilarious

    86. Dylan Davis

      300,000th like, yeet.

    87. Louarna

      There was a french king who basicly just rammed his head so hard into a door that he died, i guess he really wanted to go there🛐

    88. TheAmazingOlive

      3:03 my favorite

    89. Leslie Care

      Technically a turtle is its own house and it did fall on him 😂

    90. alyssa dequit

      I remember my parents bought me a new phone back in 2015 because I just finished highschool and I was playing dumb ways to die and whenever the intro song of the game plays I danced like one of the character in the game who's holding a paper/money, anyways I was dancing while holding the phone and I dropped the phone and the phone broke and never repaired the end. 🥲

    91. SpectrumElectrum

      The shell of a turtle is their house , the prophecy was true…

    92. Hannah Coulson

      1:42 Sam O’nella did a video on mass hysteria and this was one of the examples. Pretty wack

    93. uDropper

      0:42 Just think about It, a turtle is a house

    94. Jimmy Puppet

      My man just died at the first yo mama joke

    95. Chasing_Timez

      This was already done by Sam O' Nella

    96. Goodguy Typhlosion

      Winner winner the his

    97. FSG Qu1ckSilv3r

      If he died while tripping over his beard that means normal human beings were short asf back in the day...

    98. AM Games

      I love how the rankings mean nothing. "Dude's an absolute mad lad, swallowed 20 knives?!" *puts him on C tier* XD

    99. Jag Kan

      1:24 😂😂