Checking out Naraka


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    1. Senti wapang


    2. Maer CoCo

      Japan's game number one.

    3. darthcookiejar

      This looks like a pretty sick game.

    4. foREVer FEAR ME

      I can't even visit my family-in-law in her home country of Japan because I'm a foreign-national

    5. Deadmoo5e One

      I saved this to watch later because I thought he was playing onmyoji arena.

    6. John Stephen Barona

      Just scrolling for some vids of pewds, then saw the thumbnails of a game character who looks exactly the same as yotohime from omyouji arena, I clicked it hahahahahah Edit: it really is yoto hime haahahahaha don't know what is this games relationship with omyoji arena but I think they are related

    7. Grace L

      Stream starts at 00:00 😄

    8. dont look at my pic

      it reminds me of genshin ngl


      This was on my birthdayy

    10. WaZAmeee

      Ayo pewds wtf happened to ur thumbnails

    11. Starkessa

      Why is it so satisfying to watch you play this?

    12. Brief Case


    13. Error Playz

      Good morning

    14. Антон Власов

      Сейчас он хрен так кого замочет.)) Если,конечно,его не узнают и не будут поддаваться ;)

    15. Антон Власов

      Ого. Не знал, что и пьюди в эту игру играет. Я с момента старта в неё гоняю. Очень крутая.

    16. Shaurya Playz


    17. Shiro De Historia

      13:17 xD whos the best girl

    18. redzuan red

      haha pro pewdiepe

    19. ᴾˡˢ ᴴᵉˡᵖ ᴹᵉ ᵀᵒ ᴿᵉᵃᶜʰ 169ᴷ ˢᵘᵇˢᶜʳⁱᵇᵉʳ ᵀᵒⁿᶦᵍʰᵗ

      Dear parents,, just because your child is smiling at their phone, doesn’t mean they have boyfriend or girlfriend, they just watching this masterpiece.

    20. Banana

      Thats Yoto hime from Onmyoji Arena in the thumbnail.

    21. permen enak


    22. Aurora

      The notification is killing me.. please pewd, check the mail icon and other things 😩

    23. jackie xian

      So typical chinese kongfu game

    24. Yuugere


    25. Zury Puebla

      WOW I WAS WHAT THE HELL IS YOTO HIME HERE that character is from a moba made it in china Onmyoji Arena

    26. Pasindu Senevirathne


    27. Serpil S.

      Bruh the thumbnail

    28. FkhGhost

      Thank you for playing game from our country

    29. (not so) MethodMC (make vids too lazy, i stopped)

      at first i thought it is MonsterhunterRise

    30. Duhsaka DSOUL

      booba girl i like that

    31. xlanakayx

      The game is like if Fortnite and Ghost of Tsushima had a baby.

    32. Wes Awesome

      it all starts at 13:25

    33. MrKrinkelz

      I thought he was palying onmyoji

    34. EventfulTable20

      1:03 Pewds Starts 11:22 Boots Up Game enjoy :)

    35. Legobeef

      0:01 poor pewdiepie

    36. Maniac Gregor

      you would shoot better if you played male hero O.o

    37. permen enak

      Mantap gan

    38. LoneStranger089

      this game feels like it's about white broads with huge black knobs on their heads. I mean....BLM much?

    39. LoneStranger089

      why are all the biggest boobed ones always found in crates?

    40. LoneStranger089

      so this is Hades with huge boobs, then..?

    41. omar sameh

      guys 99% of people he play against are bots , don't get baited , it seems his account is rigged or something or not normal account , in real match people que and take turn to grapple hook you up as hook stun you for 1 sec so you just stand still and die in trio if you get caugh and people don't use blue attacks and use cancel animations so they never get parried / counter attacked , been playing the game since day one , remember its sponsored video

    42. NeonzPlayz

      1:00:00 2:00:00 I don’t know why I do this

    43. ashley abundis

      I wonder if marzia actually gets upset

    44. Bishwajyoti kalita


    45. NuggetTato

      Samurai fortnite, samurai pubg, samurai whatever the other games are called thats the same way

    46. RossDog

      If you're here watching Pewds and feeling inspired then keep going grinding away! We are all in the same boat here looking for ways to help all our channels. keep up the good work and Never Give Up!

    47. He XY

      0:01 face of disappoinment

    48. never gonna give you up👞🎙


    49. Роман Корнеев

      Their "iko" sounds almost like "iku"..)

    50. Lucian Andries

      I liked the chat interaction more than the game! lol

    51. Sara Lynn

      I’m so glad pewdiepie still knows how to speak chopnese 🥲

      1. 尻比b

        You looks like a ghost

      2. Sketchy Loco

        1:25 there once was a ship...

    52. Ryan Perez

      what mic is pewdiepie using in this video?

    53. shup 557

      Minute 13:25 😈

    54. Seymour09

      Chinese surely want their own Fortnight

    55. dizzywizzy

      You know what I like about you Pewds, your like a classier better version of me. 👊

    56. Marietta Bjodina

      I didn't expect to like this game, but it seems like it's an amazing game

    57. Haseo

      ` why wont you be my friend on steam felix? lol

    58. MrKojo51

      Hope this comes to ps5

    59. butter is better than margarine

      Is this game fun?

    60. 조성현 Eating Seonghyeon

      I am a Korean. I'm enjoying the video.🇰🇷

    61. ImmortalDevaGaming

      you know , I recently got few subscribers😍, I was very happy for that but now it stopped increasing help me gain more subscribers😢😭

    62. Alzitraz

      13:23 Pewds was like, "I'm simple man, I see big booba, I click"

    63. iRivasTV

      What game is this?.

    64. Rincones Argentinos

      Saludos de Argentina 🤗

    65. mouad berrami

      Gambling addiction incoming

    66. yeHDey Yeh-Dee

      Play naraka please please it’s Super dope

    67. Sasuki Kun


    68. 15k sûbscribers with no vide0s challenge

      Subscribe nerd

    69. CaptDeadpooL

      This is like a sad version of Genshin Impact with better graphics

      1. Duck Lord

        Sad version? 😂

    70. Maoyoung

      wait what is Yoto hime from Onmoyji doing in this game? was it a collab?

    71. Critmic

      What's this game??

    72. Sad Cat2077

      Games looks so boring


      Why does poods look so sad in the start :(

    74. Hikki XII

      I hate my phone low resolution can’t even see floor gang leader face 🙂 the Booby too

    75. Justin Macisaac

      I would like to watch this but Felix that knife smashing the table everytime you drop it makes it impossible to watch with headphones

    76. tea lemon avocado is alive somehow?


    77. Mike Newman

      Bought it yesterday. Fun game. Still learning the machanics and parry timing. But definitely fun game

    78. belolga

      Yoto hime👁👁

    79. Joshua Delacruz

      Love seeing Yoto Hime outside of Onmyoji and Onmyoji Arena. Didn't know about this game Naraka.

      1. sickening_love

        Ikr?! I freaking love Onmyoji Arena so when I saw Naraka in E3, I flipped! Went straight to steam for pre-order.

    80. Zeek Xekri

      It will take a lot more then boobs for me to play a game like this.

    81. Rabbit

      Bro this game sucks

      1. Warmluft

        Why? Lol


      I love video

    83. Rylan Sharp

      What’s this game called?

      1. Warmluft

        Naraka: Bladepoint

    84. Bella Boo

      felix i wish you would play monster hunter

    85. QueensBlades1

      Was so hype for that game. But a pc with a GTX 1050 TI and 8 GB of ram without a SSD. Not enough to run it .... =/

    86. Jackson Laframboise

      41:09. “ The shadow corruption is spreading. “ pewdzez camera dies.

    87. RandomGirl

      Naraka means hell in my language. Had me giggling throughout.

      1. Amne

        Pretty sure that's what the game means with it as well. It's originally a Sanskrit word passed on through buddhism.

      2. Evelyn

        What language

      3. Arif Haqeem

        Malaysian or Indonesian?

    88. Branham Mavinga

      we all know what the best angles

    89. atto

      New anime game with booba wiggle effects Rule34 be like : attackoiooo

      1. LegoProductions

        *jiggle effects

    90. Aron Svanlaugsson

      Can't wait to buy this game at the end of the month, i've been hype for it for quite a while!

    91. Rice Cum

      1:03 is where it starts

    92. Rice Cum

      lol the literal first second where he just stared into the distance made me laugh so hard

    93. Hugh Jass

      The creators of the game- Let's get some popular influencer to sponsor our game! Pewds- bOoB PHisiCs

      1. Coke

        Ngl thats exactly why i clicked

    94. tyrese@#s ff😹

      Yo pewds donate me a iphone 5 please bro😹😹😹

    95. c Fisher

      Do you remeber when he said the n word on bridge? Because I do, lest we forget !

    96. Scared Wolf

      Watching this for the gameplay.

    97. Aldren Kim Concordia

      Its like Spellbreak

    98. yassine kerouane


    99. CATLAI.@

      Thank you come to this life

    100. Expatrocious

      This game sucks