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    1. Sheeti

      A part of me thinks that pewds is going to retire soon, I don't know why...but I'm kinda worried about it. Like not worried in that I'm stressing over it, but it's gonna be sad.

    2. Sheeti

      I love that Ken asks Pewds the questions we are all asking

    3. Homeless Guy

      Confess with your mouth and mean it in your heart, soul, body, and mind that Jesus/God/The Holy Spirit is Lord and that Jesus died on the cross for your sins and you will be saved.

      1. Homeless Guy

        (unless you’ve committed the unforgivable sin)

    4. Sophia Calon

      im so happy to know that ken wins good amount of money bc of his children and everything. It made me smile

    5. Ethan Rhodes

      Go back to Minecraft your views where so high 😢

    6. The Moonswind Witch


    7. Lea Eskola

      what the heck is on the backround at 25:09

    8. christofer boone

      the taxes are different from state to state in the state I am in if you are gifted a vehicle you don't pay taxes on it

    9. Harry Thomson

      Bro I’m miserable and broke so I think money will solve my problems

    10. Sandra Horstkötter

      i love both of you!

    11. Colin Sunday

      Would you guys shut up amd let the video play .. so frustrating

    12. TheDJBADASS

      I love how real they are about everything. A bunch of these youtubers are always hiding behind their little facades and don’t talk about the state or MRplans because they’re part of why MRplans is so awful nowadays. Back then MRplans was so awesome because everyone was a rising star, we grew up watching these people and still do. But now I feel like the market is oversaturated with the same shitty content and planning schemes that it feels so unnatural and uncompetitive. Back then there were so many great channels that you didn’t know who to watch so you subbed to all of them. Now uniqueness is vague, it has been vastly overshadowed because most channels copy each other and live with a toxic mindset that drives them to be desperate for content and want nothing more than attention and money.

    13. Kammm

      Like this kind of video. No more hyping and yelling. Just chilling and almost educative

    14. Faza chanel


    15. Jack Ronky

      American looking this shit 😂😂😂

    16. sokin jon

      Pewds: It makes me depressed talking about money... Ken: Should we talk about something else? Pewds: Yes please. Ken: LOOK HOW MUCH MONEY I'M MAKING!!!

    17. RazaXML

      i've never watched a youtube video with ads enabled. fuck you youtube

    18. syd tumblin

      The problem with bezos isn't that he thanked his customers, its that he thanked his employees saying they "paid for all this to be possible" right after he cut amazon workers wages during covid.

    19. Stephen Haviland

      Acting like they didn't do it for the money... Money makes the world go round.. Sell that somewhere else. I'm all stocked up on bullshit

    20. Never Give Up

      Hi Nyong Wong JOWO Indonesia🙏

      1. sokin jon

        I am in the Top 10 Poorest MRplansrs

    21. Nitrogen


    22. Danny Tanner

      I love the sh*t talking 🤣🤣 yess

    23. Cuppy's Crochet

      Congratulations fon your success. I'm finally going to sleep now after scraping up still less than 100 subs after being up 4,837,603,499 hours lol. I'm probably just too "old" for it. haha

    24. Bradley Venn

      Conclusion of this video: bring back family friendly felix

    25. don't subscribe

      Pew die pie must reply for this comment

    26. darkprince56

      For the amount of subscribers you have I am perplexed why you have low views. I think usually 10% of your subs in views is a good goal but you often hit 1 to 3%. I hope you don't care and you still enjoy what you're doing.

    27. BrokenAlgorithms

      *ken* : "is it cause mark showed up?" pewdiedie didnt answer...

    28. Haneul김.

      Pewds: "I'm disappointed." That gotta hurt to hear it from the man.

    29. Jimmy Sutariya

      subbb bot huh ? \

    30. Colin Knudsen

      Bru I’m so high rn and u guys sound so ducking stupid

    31. Dnows Unknown

      If this video gets demonetised it’s because of Felix playing with knives

    32. Wolflithay

      KEN YOUR SO WHOLESOME!! Average ken enjoyer

    33. Francium

      I am in the Top 10 Poorest MRplansrs

    34. R S

      Google estimates pewdie at $40. Surely he’s got be over 100m…?

    35. Panchis M

      Sorry Pewds, but why does Ken have better video quality than you? I keep checking my youtube settings to make sure its 1080p :/

    36. Pg3dSilent

      I bought the hoodie for 81$ cause it was limited edition😂😭😭and it was 100cauze shipping lmfaoo

    37. D0S81

      "Bring back the old pewdi..." STOP! One of the main reasons he's still on top is that he keeps changing and adapting. If he stayed the same everyone would get bored, and so would he. Change is hard, but change is good.

    38. Caity

      It’s so good to see them together. They have such a genuine friendship, and not a ‘friendship’. I can’t believe I’ve watched pewdiepie since I was a literal child and now I’m an honorary 19 year old.

    39. D0S81

      I just choked on my mince and dumplings when that guy said MarkEEplier. Just as well he never had to pronounce Darkiplier.

    40. Kurt heroíne

      Oro todas as noites para que minhas músicas sejam reconhecida 🙏🙏

    41. Kinari Amaru

      It feels like I'm back to the oldest day when pewds and Ken play games but instead game they just chilling for video

    42. ycnexu

      Hey, what's a cool channel to sub if you like pewds?

      1. Vinod VT

        It think jacksepticeye, DanTDM, Markiplier maybe and penguinz0 or and cinnomontoastken

    43. Rolf Henning

      Adding to the conversation near the end, I think it’s been empirically proven that after 400,000 $ there is absolutely no causation between money and happiness. And honestly hear pewds talk about how money don’t make you happy, actually feels good. I have never known him to lie like that. The beauty of pewds is that he’s the biggest MRplans, he’s rich af, funny af, ripped Chad, so he’s got nothing to prove, this just says things with 100% honesty. If he didn’t mean it he would simply not talk about it. Also, I’m Norwegian, I will get you an in on Antarctica

    44. Kuya J

      Haha.. Sitting and doing boring things worth a lot. 😂

    45. valeree

      this video is basically rich people judging other rich people and trying not to look so rich lol

    46. Finn Astrada

      I just think this video is so wholesome and I dont know why ajjajajaja, I love this friendship and the videos you make together ;(

    47. Avinash Kalaga

      I made it to the end of the 10K comments

    48. nintendo guy

      im from norway bro

    49. Romeo Herrera


    50. Retraction Music

      Ken is definitely feeling something with all his thoughts this episode 😂

    51. Panav Sharma

      Don't worry ken Imma subscribe to your channel

    52. Mike The Creator

      yall hating on david is weird like yall dont have bad pasts

    53. Da Baby

      Useless fact: i got 11 bucks in my wallet

    54. Waldemar S.

      13kk Low? Yea tell more about me being poor

    55. jarren Batayola

      If pewds want to quit MRplans he can definitely do it but pewds still do videos for us subscriber

    56. Kasangkay Vlog

      One budle please thanks....

    57. Kasangkay Vlog


    58. J Films

      “That’s dumb” -Felix Kjellberg

    59. Corban Benson

      Ken needs more memes of him

    60. bilinas mini


    61. A to Z Janta Vlogs

      Love from Jind - Haryana - India ❤

    62. Neil S

      5:51 wtf is that behind Ken

    63. Cookie_ eater9000

      Ken, you're actually hilarious. The best vids you and Felix make are the ones you make together

      1. bilinas mini

        anything you set your mind to, and in experiencing work and life the fullest extent possible.

    64. Nikk Nails It

      Weren’t you and mark friends? How you keep David on here and remove mark? Disappointed pew and ken!

    65. Lycan

      Whatever you'll upload I'll always watch. You've been my comfort MRplansr my whole childhood and you still are. Do your thing always.

    66. Mahi Hoque

      Man this guys are rich i want to make a little bit of that

    67. Technical Tushar

      Itne to hum ek din me kama lete hai 😎

    68. Kikina Vrabec

      The "gifting tax" in America is pretty stupid. When you buy something you already pay the tax for it so I don't see the reason to pay it again when you are giving it to another person. Sure if you are making bussiness out of resaling cars that makes sense but paying taxes just so you can give it to your children for example???!

    69. Aleksander Sledič

      kens shirt looks like a mccheese wrapper dont it now

    70. 23ccable

      Personally I skip through Pewdiepie's ads on his videos because I know he's rich enough lmao sorry Felix love you

    71. Liam Van Epps

      Mrbeast hoodies were like 60 dollars

    72. RossMurrayFam

      Pewds seems alot happier then he use to be

    73. 1iLLnoize1

      Damn I dig Ken's cheeseburger wrapper paper inspired shirt, very nice! I want to buy something similar to wear for my zoom calls

    74. mister koneko

      Pewds is serious about Antarctica

    75. oro

      watching these videos with ken and felix together is so relaxing because it feels like i m hanging out with them LMFAO

    76. Žygimantas B.

      9:12 He is watching you.

    77. @𝑨𝒏𝒊𝒌𝒆𝒕 𝑨𝒏𝒂𝒏𝒅💔

      Passion is the energy that keeps us going, that keeps us filled with meaning, and happiness, and excitement, and anticipation. Passion is a powerful force in accomplishing anything you set your mind to, and in experiencing work and life the fullest extent possible.

    78. Greidy

      What the fuck. Is that a ghost behind him 5:51

    79. Rolf McDonald

      I miss youtube

    80. Clarke Maxwell

      it sounded like Ken saved Pewds' mood after talking depressing stuff by looking at his stats it's funny how he looked like he just cried now he's laughing

    81. ikram chhipa

      I have business idea but i need investor

    82. darkskull


    83. SADat4AM

      lend me 8k or i kinda suici--

    84. LeveL 8

      Useless fact: my right ear is swollen and I can't hear our of it in this video. It was bugging me so bad.

    85. AM Games

      21:05 Dude, why does he keep calling Markiplier "Markyplier" lol

    86. Emily Zielinski

      i found iron man at 16:07 cool to see ig

    87. Geigernaught

      they keep forgetting that youtube has a hate,hate,hate,love relationship with pewdiepie.

    88. arturo arroyo

      Anybody see that ghost behind ken at 16:24

    89. Annabelle Williams

      Danny Gonzalez made a video about giving away a car! Worth a watch!!

    90. Rohit Chavan

      I was today years old when I realized that Mr Beast and David Dobrik are 2 different people

    91. Mr.Minecraft YT

      David dobrik pays all the cars off I think and people live with him

    92. SG

      we all know felix is pulling a lot more than $12 million

    93. KoyuSlunk

      Let's go Pewds!

    94. Hans B

      No, it's just the ability to buy things that gives comfort. Not owning it.