Some books Ive read..


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    1. Amanda Slabik

      loved this video!

    2. Holly Windle

      Omg so happy this is back I loved the old book reviews

    3. Crystal b

      What the heck this didn't pop up on my feed

    4. Sapna Sana

      Yes!! Thanks for book review!

    5. Whisky Whims

      *Insert typical comment about how I have been watching you for years* In the last three years or so it has been humbling to see your progression and how content you seem with everything, genuinely happy for someone I don't physically know. These types of videos: book review, philosophical ones, explanations of theories and even the dumb ways to die are really awesome. They might not be what you think people want but as long as you're enjoying releasing them then that's what counts. Plus, because you enjoy doing them it really shows through in the video and makes it all that more enjoyable. Cheers mate.

    6. Jose Ricardo Ortiz

      Definitely gonna pick up Our Mathematical Universe, it sounds so intriguing, every time he does a book review I always buy and enjoy a couple books he mentions

    7. frezi

      What's the song in the background?

    8. Santi Hinojosa

      I bought The Stranger after watching this and finished it a day after it arrived, and I loved everything about it. Thank you pewds for the recommendation!

      1. M J

        Ok I'm going to read it. Thanks. Take good care

    9. Claire Larkin

      The first paragraph that u read out of the first book was actually a piece used in an year 11 exam I had in Australia, and we had to continue the story as a creative writing piece

    10. Taylor A

      Missed the book vids so hard.

    11. Jacktheraider42.


    12. rkosurvivor

      love these

    13. iSpyU

      Please do these kinds of videos monthly or bi-monthly if you can. I can get that not all of us enjoy these but some of us do too! 😄😄

    14. R H

      He is evolving as we all are....

    15. Jhonatan Orjuela

      I just have to read 'The Stranger' for a class, it's so cool to hear Felix talking about it. The book is amazing, really entertainment and certainly unique. Good recommendation

    16. chava barbosa

      anyone know where i can find that version of our mathematical universe? cant find it anywhere either

    17. chava barbosa

      anyone know where i can find that version of inferno? i cant find that paperback anywhere.

    18. Nick Herrera


    19. salvosuper

      keep these up! you don't need the views anyway

    20. Michel Arriagada

      These types of videos don't do well by pewds standards, but by god, as a fellow bookworm I absolutely treasure these. I have a recommendation for you, Pewds. Try reading Gilgamesh. It is the first book EVER made, and was made on clay plates in Babylon. What is so entertaining about this book is that several of the clay plates that this was written on are missing or untranslated, which means there are many gaps in the story. Do you know how Dark Souls was made and what made the lore so great? Miyazaki read books in english, but couldn't understand some parts due to language difficulties. And so he had to fill the gaps in his mind. Gilgamesh gives you no other choice than to fill some sections with your own story. It's such an interesting read, partly due to its historical relevance, and it's not that long either, so please do a book review on it and tell us what you thought! :)

    21. InspectahParker

      always appreciate a pewds book review

    22. Amber Bominable

      I love Pewds book reviews. I hope he does more of them

    23. Gabriel Barba

      More book reviews please! Love em

    24. Gabriel Barba

      You gotta read purgatorio and paradiso as well! You miss out on so much just reading the inferno

    25. clan

      Late 'thank you' for taking the time to do Book Review!

    26. Airguardian

      I didn't like Siddartha. Way too boring. Sorry!

    27. Alexander Cramer

      I don’t know why I try so hard to find the book with the exact cover art for no reason

    28. Daniel Saint

      YESS BOOK REVIEW!! plz keep doing these

    29. Zhanel_kdrb

      I love Felix 😭😭😭

    30. Jorocinak123

      Here's a novel you probably haven't heard of before but I strongly recommend it. "The bridge on the Drina" by Ivo Andrić. Its a story spanding a few hundred years that tells a story of many things that happaned on this bridge.

    31. jonosmovies

      Big up book reviews

    32. torin rueter

      I read The Stranger after this vid and I loved it thanks felix

    33. Speeder

      Six million copies? I don't buy it.

    34. anima099

      Pewds is just now realizing that we subbed to him not for the content, but for the creator. It just so happened that somehow, in some weird way, the niche content he dishes out is becoming more relatable the older we get.

    35. TheNoobRobloxByPUE


    36. Säkkijärven Polkka

      Absolutely love these! His book reviews are by far one of my favourites nowdays!

    37. Taiga

      we love these videos!

    38. Tyler Egbert

      PewDiePie says, "I don't wanna hear more about these plagues and viruses" in this video. MRplans says, "Great place to place an ad TELLING everyone to get vaccinated"....

    39. Sara Tkacova


    40. The Asian Beast


    41. 、



      Acabei de min inscrever


        Que o SENHOR Jesus Cristo te ilumine


      Sou Brasileira e sou sua Fã número 1

    44. average wagie

      Is The Divine Comedy the first self-insert fanfiction in history?

    45. Joel Joestar

      PewDiePie can you please read the Bible, you won't regret it trust me.

    46. Lyle Somosot


    47. Marcel Hidalgo

      He should just admit that he watches Better Than Food book reviews.

    48. Sam Claussen

      Just finished the lord of the flies. A modern book that is in my top ten now is Song of Achilles. Keep reading guys.

    49. Ginny

      0:17 Albert Camus' The Stranger and The Plague 2:44 Dante's Inferno 4:20 Our Mathematical Universe by Max Megmark 8:00 Siddhartha by H.Hesse

    50. Just Some Guy without a Mustache

      If you liked the stranger, i would like you to read up on the tenets of existentialism and the sartrean argument of existence preceeding essence. Kafka's non-humanoid nihilism in the metamorphosis is amazing. Some of the best works to exist.

    51. Dyldox

      Anyone know what the background song is?

    52. evs

      I loved the stranger

    53. Cornflower20


    54. Audrey Marie

      don't be shy, drop your goodreads link

    55. Bird man

      If you ever want to read a good sci-fi book 'the war of the worlds' by H.G Wells is amazing it has some very interesting philosophical ideas relating to how aliens may view us, from them treating us like vermin/cattle to their indifference to human suffering similar to how we view and treat many species here on earth today. The Martians are truly terrifying and the depth Wells goes into describing their anatomy, weaponry and the effects they have on human society is amazing. This book was truly ahead of its time especially its ethical themes, and considering it was published in 1898 is nothing more than outstanding. in short Read. this. book.

    56. shogun

      Thanks Pewds for the recommendations , i picked up Dante's Inferno and i am really enjoying it.

    57. Goodguy Typhlosion


    58. Lyle Vicente

      Thank you Pewds ♡

    59. ᴾˡˢ ᴴᵉˡᵖ ᴹᵉ ᵀᵒ ᴿᵉᵃᶜʰ 169ᴷ ˢᵘᵇˢᶜʳⁱᵇᵉʳ ᵀᵒⁿᶦᵍʰᵗ

      Dear parents,, just because your child is smiling at their phone, doesn’t mean they have boyfriend or girlfriend, they just watching this masterpiece.

      1. ︎sabrina


      2. Parth Jackson

        They can never have......

    60. Andrew Lefebvre

      Last semester, in college, we read Camus, but it was his Caligula play. It was alright. I guess it's funny to see men getting cucked by their emperor...

    61. JTBSpartan

      Thanks for making my Christmas wish list for me! Can't wait to check these books out

    62. xa vi

      You look like Karl Rock on MRplans like if you agree

    63. Ben Rogers

      Love the new format! Keep this going every few months please!

    64. The YouTubes Fan Guy


    65. Ash Bolins

      God I wish these videos would get more, they are hands down my favorite and I feel like Felix really enjoys them to

    66. EvilMind

      This is what we gotta see on this channel when pewd is old..💀

    67. Nikatheundead🔥🔥


      1. Linku Karasawa

        You have no personality.

    68. Camil

      best series 10/10

    69. Galan hainig

      I can’t stop thinking about how I could technically be colorblind but I would never know, I don’t actually know that the colors i’m seeing are the right colors as there’s not actual why to prove we all see the same colors so what do colors actually look like?

    70. Grisifish Grisifish

      Anyone know the background music?

    71. Bazzz8

      I’m new here why is his quality dog shit

    72. Abdallah Mesmeh

      read some Dostoevsky

    73. King Zing

      il try the universe just to understand Rick And Morthy !

    74. asshole

      You should read a song of ice and fire

    75. Buzz Boi

      Book reviews = best reviews

    76. Ayumi chan

      Pewds please make a list of all the books about stoicism and Greek philosophy you read, I'm really interested in getting into it since i watched all your videos on these topics

      1. M J

        I have most, as he has the worst playlist. So just google like Plato, Aristotle (think it's Thanos) or I hate twitter etc... Take best care of yourself

    77. Hansen Law

      wonder whats the background music name

    78. Cory Ellis

      Ah Inferno is on my reading list actually! Right after a bunch of others lol Reading Steel Crow Saga right now (really cool book reminiscent of Avatar the Last Airbender & Pokémon) Then I’ve got the Giver, Dune, the Silmarillion, the Hobbit & LOTR, The Space Trilogy,…and eventually Dante’s Inferno

    79. Franz Liszt

      I dont know how often Pewds will do book reviews, but I hope he doesn't stop making them. Obviously it takes time to finish a book so I understand it taking time to make on book review. Take your time Felix. Hey and I like that he's a fan of BCS

      1. M J

        He reads a lots and has so many book reviews (google any) . Take good care of yourself

    80. Theodore Smith

      I could do without the background music

    81. john duggan

      good team

    82. john duggan

      Ireland join sweden

    83. Boxstop

      I recommend reading the quran this time

      1. Boxstop

        @M J mate go do a simple google search

      2. M J

        No as it's in old Egypt language and ppl struggle to interpret it.

    84. FPS JiveTurkey

      >not reading the great gatsby or some poe or sherlock holmes or conan the barbarian pssshh what are you above high school reading level, cringe.

      1. M J

        He was actually one of the youngest member in AC Doyle society.... google it. Take care

    85. FPS JiveTurkey

      Dantes inferno, you mean the divine comedy?

    86. yaun

      Background music anyone?

    87. Myname

      Pewdiepie should become a book tuber.

      1. yaun

        I'd pay good money for a weekly book review. Could listen to him for hours

    88. Harshita U

      Book related videos might be less popular but they're my favourite. Always look forward to them !

    89. emily rose

      love this content

    90. Leonardo Watch

      I've gotten back into fiction this year too! I set out to read about a book a week and I've been reading mostly fiction.

    91. I Am a Lemon

      ah thank god i need to pick a book for english class

    92. JDJGG

      Bro the fact that this video doesn’t get much view like the others one is annoying i rlly love this series i want book review back

    93. Flea


    94. Arifa Rahman

      Read The stranger last month, loved you recommended it!

    95. Aaron Reeve

      Also since you read Dante’s inferno you gotta read Purgatorio and especially Paradiso

    96. Aaron Reeve

      You did not just diss lotr 😤

    97. magnus

      Dude I have been waiting since February for you to review Schopenhauer's the wisdom of life as teased at the end of your Epicurus video and now finally the next book review gets uploaded and no Schopenhauer :(

      1. Rasmus H

        Me too so disappointed

    98. Remi S.

      Our Mathematical Universe!!!! i've never seen anyone else who's read that book omg i read that in seventh grade and it made me want to study physics and now i'm doing that eight years later!! big Big recommendation

    99. Elksin_93

      I'm so happy he does book reviews 😊

    100. Luna Bailey Lee