My face is famous - LWIAY


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    1. Homeless Guy

      Confess with your mouth and mean it in your heart, soul, body, and mind that Jesus/God/The Holy Spirit is Lord and that Jesus died on the cross for your sins and you will be saved.

      1. Homeless Guy

        (unless you’ve committed the unforgivable sin)

    2. Luis Cano

      Wait wait at 4:07 someone at the door behind him. Dafuck


      I dont think pewd will read it but i want pewd to know i will watch him no matter what video hkind of video he make and i think pewd should try new things like omagle or something

    4. Jasmine Betbet

      Trade for gta6!!!

    5. Jasmine Betbet

      You have ps5!!!!

    6. banana joe

      hej felix titta på denna sabaton kungliga vakt

    7. SuperManiek2009


    8. Gokul Prasath

      Pat mcafee and Felix great combo comes to my mind

    9. Dogflurf

      Stop it

    10. S

      Cows milk was probably discovered because they saw the fawns nursing

    11. Brian Christian

      😂😂😂😂 WWE meme 😂😂😂😂

    12. FlashyHippie

      Let's be honest... Discovery of milk was probably a dare.

    13. Bianka Olivier

      So all the way from fcking south africa, hi!! Your content has been putting such a smile on my stupid face, thank you! Also I downloaded tuber simulator last night and it is destroying my ability to do anything productive :) but I love it!! x

    14. Chile V Rises

      Paw poo lar

    15. Mickidebeste

      you not ral

      1. Seod13 Sheridan


    16. Horatio yen

      1:25 can we get 10 more

    17. It’s Me Bendown

      New series: Friday with PewDiePie (ft. LWIAY)

    18. Mica

      I live for that Tomba 2 soundtrack.

    19. Flemming Kanstrup


    20. HeybroXD


    21. Crabbie

      rip lwiay

    22. ꧁ e m m a ꧂

      Ya pewdiepie is famous cuz of memes not because of 110million subscribers. XD

    23. madara divyanjalee


    24. Good

      Sus pasta pie

    25. JUJU Na Mandiocajuju

      "my name is juju"

    26. aditya kar


    27. runnerm12

      Floor all is popular in canada

    28. Алексей Ткаченко


    29. Emerald Spring709


      1. Emerald Spring709

        its cool because im american

    30. Rio Muarifin

      I hope that all of you and I can be successful on MRplans and make both parents happy

    31. EquaticDuck

      Next video humbnail make yourself look like shrek

    32. Taki froyo

      Day 1 of getting pewdiepie to like my comment

    33. Vonavi Micul GiganT YT Army

      u need to be careful with that knife Pewds

    34. mello_daBOI

      the best part of waking up is g fuel in your cup

    35. Ozzy Bear

      He said it makes sense where we came from....

    36. Gustavo   Saraiva 1978


    37. manuela m.m

      Imagine something goes wrong with the knife playing one day and all of the sudden pewds loses a finger on camera (I don't want it to happen, it just scares me lmao)

      1. Name

        It's a training knife. No sharp edges

    38. manuela m.m

      Pewds: Sive add a warning before this (because there are flashing effects) Sive: WARNING, for what? idk

    39. the void

      And rugby

    40. the void

      How is golf brittish?

    41. ShOshiTa

      I just realised I’ve been watching PewDiePie for like 3hours

    42. Jak Kaj

      0:49 I don't get it what else they play in the US other than rugby?

    43. blakeoant youtube

      my school calls kubb scittles

    44. derp child


    45. Luisa Pajarillaga

      when we see a couch solution we expect sssniperwolf to comment on this

    46. Robertho Carloss

      4:07 make it 0.25 speed. someone pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee. tell me that is his dog.

    47. Moonsu Choi

      12:00 True

    48. Brian Aguilar

      Balisong hahahah

    49. scribbledman



      You r the best all r waste but not Mr Beast

    51. Yuuki42 xx

      the pringles get scooped up by the machine kind of like a water wheel if it had a spoon on the end of it to pick up the water, it just scoops up the potato and makes it curved then puts it on the next conveyor to be cooked

    52. Paras Hanchatey

      The fact that we all agree that we had more chaotic videos before (which was awesome)......and now all the videos are so dull :(


      this was posted on my birthday and my name is Austin, coincidence?

    54. Nour Syoufi

      4:08 what the F is this in the back ground bro change your home ASAP

    55. friends from roblox


    56. Zy Bunga

      Bro what do you mean i love watching memes with pewds

    57. michelle

      the smack down sign got me 💀💀💀

    58. Fine China

      Lagwana 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

    59. DragonKid

      A swedish youtuber named matinbum stole LWIAY and calles it reddit bajs

    60. cocookie22 _

      “it always cheers me up” -pewdiepie. Are you okay? 🥺

    61. Mahiba Jahan

      Please stop doing that with the knife.its creepy

    62. Miha's World

      When your too lazy to do math “that’s Like a lot of days” (Don’t worry I relate)

    63. Kevin Karlsson

      We need amnesia closure

    64. Slameron

      Pov you saw the part of the thumbnail and went to check if he put it as the thumbnail

    65. Sasuki Kun


    66. Finns 4 Life

      I love how every VPN ad talks about the **** stuff

    67. Reed Mikelskas

      Kubb is the game of games, especially at the beach

    68. Jess

      thought he said boners not bonus

    69. TheFullmetal Anvith

      Lmao I'm surprised to see the "WWE Smackdown" in the thumbnail

    70. Erick Smit

      Craziest thing just happend, im watching this on a Friday

    71. Andrew Alex

      we would

    72. Ch3z

      I want “leave your memes on the reddit 19 year olds and I’ll measure your pps on the next spisode of lwiay

    73. Austin Aries

      Pewdiepie please go to Logan's podcast Impaulsive

    74. Mr ABroad

      Reminder: Remember to keep comments respectful and to follow Community Guidelines.

    75. Persona uk

      *Broo* unprotected has it's bonuses, 'what they say' -like a ruber chicken'' pepepilepsy when the eyes go up and down, their was no Warning. (;/),'' You @hee, look n act like a different person know, like a ken comfort blankie-(What is with that?)

    76. Brennan Kish

      Is it just me or was there two ad reads

    77. meryem bl

      Jeffrey B sauce?

    78. c Fisher

      Do you remeber when he said the n word on bridge? Because I do, lest we forget !

    79. Jason Miller

      Actually the cows are really aggressive when they need to be milked so early people probably just thought of them as dangerous and one day a boy did the ultimate power play to an angry cow that attacked him and milked her making her immediately docile and of course that boy spread his knowledge by teaching his son who became the world's first dairy farmer but he died in poverty because everyone was naturally lack tose intolerant, it took many years to develop the ability to break it down

    80. Mustafa Özay

      İlove pooping 🙄🙄😅😅😅

    81. Justyouraveragemango

      Who knew Pewds was so good at portraying a socially awkward weirdo

    82. Αλέξης Αραμπατζής

      Your face is famous. 110 million subs

    83. 나 나

      ㅋㅋㅋ개웃기노 ㅋㅋㅋ

    84. Sunny

      "sive add a warning before this" " w a r n i n g " Wauw thanks, Sive.

    85. SteFried DEMON est

      okay huh? What (Dalbek) Kazakh commandeered LWAY and turned it into DWYC YES THIS IS YUTUBER'S ADVERTISING FROM KAZAKHSTAN

    86. Nikita Sokolovas

      did u fkin put lenses? blu lenses? soyboy?

    87. qentagonYT

      kral adsamsın

    88. SKY

      7:28 sive he meant an epilepsy warning, please it's no joke 🙏

    89. Maco Hates Fortnite

      2:31 böñêürš

    90. Wicked Faery

      The pringles forms are on a roller above the oil & push down onto the dough, both submerging & shaping the chips

    91. Electricalimpulse

      Watched a clip of one of PewDiePie's streams that another MRplansr uploaded in an atempt to get people to hate him. Now I am subscribed to PewDiePie. Dude clearly failed at what he was trying to do.

    92. Timestatic

      Personally I prefer watching him play games more than browsing the internet because most of the time I just browse the internet by myself anyways

    93. Freedom of speech

      But for real soccer is for kids

    94. KKaopo

      Have my eyes turned into gt 710s?

    95. Crab man

      7:20 I think he meant an epilepsy warning

    96. Sadé Jackson

      we called kubb redover in school when we played it on lunch breaks...didn't think it was a sport

    97. Alyvia Tracey

      I can tell he genuinely loves what he does😊. I believe that’s why he is able to stay relevant for so long.

    98. N/A

      america doesn’t invent sports

    99. [Sn0oby]TF

      Did pewdiepie just said balisong?

    100. Elias Kuah

      What if the guys who discovered milk just saw a calf drinking from its mother, and it dropped some out of its mouth