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    1. Homeless Guy

      Confess with your mouth and mean it in your heart, soul, body, and mind that Jesus/God/The Holy Spirit is Lord and that Jesus died on the cross for your sins and you will be saved.

      1. Homeless Guy

        (unless you’ve committed the unforgivable sin)

    2. BondableZeek

      Antarctica belongs to Pewdiepie

    3. Jade Ash

      6:52 I have never laughed this hard in my life xD Thank you pewds

    4. jhanere

      Wow i love it

    5. frozenfearz

      no antartica isnt yours its ours

    6. Matmaj THM

      Antarctica is owned by PewDiePie.

    7. MR. 1000


    8. Butter MyStutter

      uts iyesyours

    9. Sen Pie

      i laughed when pewds said "i dont like comparing myself to china" im a filipino and i think he's referring to china claiming the west philippine sea is theirs😂

      1. Arjun Arun

        they claim everything in sight as theirs....taiwan, tibet, parts of india, kashmir, maybe even the entire planet

    10. Executioner

      This guy took over youtube, Now he's taking over antartica. Fkn legend

    11. Хметалия

      Pewds is so ascetic: Minimalism is a lifestyle Also Pewds: AnTaRcTiCa Is MiNe!!!1!!!1111

    12. Flightrain Jr.

      So Cool !!

    13. 니

      this video got me like wake up bro, its 2011

    14. Never Give Up

      Kui piwe ??

    15. Aditya S Panicker

      1:56 hmmm, that G-fuel bottle looks sus....

    16. Sofia K.

      You can't claim Antarctica though. Norway's claim is not actually recognized by the world, they have a research station but they don't own any of Antarctica... I claim all your houses btw.

    17. Lazymotions


    18. samurai

      Antarctica is pewds

    19. don't subscribe

      Pew die pie must reply for this comment

    20. Saucysam24

      If you share a piece of Antarctica I will do all the paperwork for it.

    21. Dnows Unknown

      Antarctica mine

    22. Sk Grove

      friday w pewdiepieee

    23. The emerald Coder

      Here before PewDiePie actually owns Antarctica

    24. Joshua Morin

      Pewds was about to claim Wales but realised he didn"t actually want it. Wales just lost an appealingness contest to a deadly frozen wasteland.

    25. Kurt heroíne

      Oro todas as noites para que minhas músicas sejam reconhecida 🙏🙏

    26. Lis_ Zabojca

      just let them have at least opera

    27. SnowSoldier 777

      Swedish man can't tell the difference between vowels and nouns, Danish education system superior to Swedish education system confirmed.

    28. NeonTrap GAMING

      That is very n*ice

    29. my bro likes amugus


    30. nilleftw

      Welch cities be like: I am the Glob-glo-gab-galab The shwabble-dabble-wabble-gabble flibba blabba blab

    31. Water Shark

      Antarctica is PewDiePie's C:

    32. TRiPLe_ eX


    33. Charles Rochette

      becomes santa*

    34. Lucky L

      “I’m gonna say a piece of Antarctica is mine” “I own a piece of Antarctica” “The owner of Antarctica” World domination 1%

    35. Lucky L

      Sad cdawg noises

    36. basyki

      Felix you are a fucking genious! Please claim antartica, if anyone can do it its you ! XD all of us subscribers will go there and build the biggest snowman ever

    37. Sonu Shaik

      08:19 radal gang sosig

    38. ImBruh Meme


    39. Zilch

      A place further than the universe is really a good anime. You should guys should actually watch it

    40. Red Shaggy

      Pewdiepie in 2035: Own Antarctica But don't know what to do there

    41. skilz lost

      nice dump he took at end there..

    42. Julie Roman

      acording to google pewds subs are more than the us milatary +not in combat

    43. Jubiscleudo0019

      you cope felipe neto

    44. Echoegg

      "I bought antarctica with pewdiepie" @mrbeast here is a cool video

    45. valentino infante

      Pewds: finally do Friday with PewDiePie in Friday Me watching this on Wednesday xD

    46. lol man

      3:51 too late Pewdiepie, Spiffing Brit started planning on doing that years ago.

    47. Shreya Gawas

      Ahem Ladies and Gentlemen, Felix Kjellberg(Pewdiepie), said and I quote”Antarctica is mine”. Let’s make everyone believe Antarctica belongs to Pewdiepie. Thank you Let’s go brooos

    48. kff.

      Antarctica is yours

    49. Emir can Ballı

      Its yours my lord 🙏🙏👊

    50. Miip

      Norway should share their part of Antarctica with Sweden

    51. Liam O'Sullivan

      Antarctica is Pewds

    52. LiL TeaPot

      imagine a spelling bee in wales

    53. KhanTengri

      Build a new country

    54. Brad Billing

      All heil Felix!

    55. Catalina Myrrhpaw

      I want to see you actually buy that part of Antarctica 😆

    56. Qopiq q

      Fuck paperwork, what they wanna do, stop 110 million people? Nvm found out i have to leave my epic gamer room to conquer lands im out

    57. WaterMilk

      I’m proud to own a part of Antarctica

    58. cocogoat

      Ngl, I miss lwiay and meme review intro

    59. Nihilism.

      When you're taking a really big shit 10:40

    60. the fake Boba Fett

      Antarctica belong to pewdiepie.

    61. TJIL

      Someone for the love of god please update the wikipedia page to say pewdiepie owns that piece of Antarctica , graphic and all

    62. Farthead25

      We have army, now we have country. World domination begins!!!

    63. СССР

      Antarctica is not yours... Its OURS ☭ _communism intensifies_

    64. SJ

      add nouns😅

    65. Victoria, 2 cups a day #Vlogger

      Yes Pewds claims and now owns unclaimed Antarctica, but no taxes :o)

    66. heddja

      world domination!!

    67. Sentity

      It's pretty cool that the king of Antarctica makes MRplans videos.

    68. qewan quaikie

      iits all yours

    69. ornberg2


    70. the cursed humor TM


    71. Misterious Gamr

      Why're Welsh Town names look like someone dropped their keyboard

    72. Exal

      makes since

    73. Velo C. Raptor

      Pewds: be humble with your money, dont flaunt it Also pewds: guys im gonna buy Antarctica for the lulz

    74. Aaron Anderson

      Pewds just casually getting close to logos.

    75. Semtux

      The fact pewds began shitting himself when he learned the truth about opera is hilarious

    76. slayerr


    77. ᴷⁱⁿᵈˡʸ ᴴᵉˡᵖ ᴹᵉ ᴿᵉᵃᶜʰ100kˢᵘᵇˢᶜʳⁱᵇᵉʳˢ ᵂⁱᵗʰ ᴺᵒ ⱽⁱᵈᵉᵒˢ

      PewDiePie doesn’t know it yet but he actually makes our day

    78. KshitijMLFM

      6:58 he said 'noun' for 'vowel'. Just wanted to point out for fun and no reason 😀😀

    79. Lalita Kohale

      Felix time to get back to internet explorer

    80. zubbyi

      pewds, i am the hybrid. my grandma was norweigan on her mothers side and swedish on her fathers.

    81. sebba 499d

      And next, he kidnapped 1000 kids to make a NEW battle royale game where the pewd fans with one or more kids donate at least one for the content.

    82. theinfamousgamer

      it is yours, mate

    83. GNATRIXX

      Ngl but started using opera cuz of pewds

    84. SjaPlayz

      Opera GX : *Exists* The last meme : Imma end this mans whole career

    85. injustice 2 gaming

      Friday with peddiepie

    86. mavrick peacemaker

      Pewdiepie searching about Norwegian territory The fbi agent:

    87. NotAFurry

      Pewdiepie Antarctica Sounds Poggers

    88. Jennifer Paige

      Felix is hoping to pull a Shane. Is he says it’s his enough eventually everyone will agree.

    89. sarcastic minecrafter

      New series man coming back!!!

    90. KūraibUwU_Senpai

      ok its yours

    91. BLACKIE 007

      8:17 OMG!!!!!!! RADAL in pewdiepie video, man pewdiepie why don't you give him a shoutout man....

    92. Sying16

      I need context between pewds and Norway...

    93. Vagner Games

      Антарктида ёпта...

    94. JellyScrub

      Shout out to Holmes for looking like Pewds

    95. Just Jules

      average parallel universe theory fan or average food and sleep enjoyer. i raise you... both. and that kids is what my adhd is like.

    96. nicky

      Fake 😩

    97. Wesley Perez

      If Antarctica is PewDiePie's Antarctica how would you start your day; what can I start you off with a coffee or a tea? Or go straight to gaming for the night and order a pizza.