Surgery With The Boys


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    1. ShiroYA

      its been a long time since i watched surgeon simulator 2013, it was beautiful

    2. SonicReece 12

      why was there so many people in live chat asking who’s dan and what’s surgeon sim, what has our world come to 😅

    3. Gino N

      wait is this live?

    4. ZasphamousHDTv

      STD 2.0

    5. Occboc

      I hate when people say ah cause Australian wifi but it’d cause the other person is on the other side of the world so it’s gonna be like that no matter what not to mention wifi was invented by australia and kangaroo meets yum

    6. Occboc

      Pewds is a bit of a child sometimes having a tanny

    7. Emmy_kitty

      Im so happy he collabed with Dan i loved dan back in the Minecraft days.

    8. Katapila J

      They went wrong because they weren't using coms.

    9. Leni leni

      dan tdm what is up my black brother

    10. Abbe Kung

      Eq w r

    11. Jacktheraider42.


    12. BallerDog 1222

      remember when the boy were mark and Jack

    13. Pacman DD

      can someone tell me whats the name of this game?? pls

    14. Belvyn Muhammad Miftahulkhair

      i love PewDiePie

    15. 100k

    16. Kindly Help me reach 200 Subscribers With No Video

      Fun fact: Just imagine how many people come here everyday

    17. ج محمد PES

      هل من مشترك

    18. I Speak 4 the Dead

      46:00 😱 that’s terrifying

    19. katarina enright

      O hell yes

    20. Sahas Napege

      I feel bad for the guy in the thumbnail that has to get his surgery done by the boys. He's probably dead.

    21. Grace L

      Stream starts at 00:31

    22. Kat Flagor

      I would hate playing w pewds, he single handedly made them loose everytime for no reason

    23. Amarjit Singh


    24. Ilka

      copied the link before it got unlisted

    25. IcyXGaming

      Wholy scrap I didn’t know the legends would come true Dantdm has been a Minecraft youtuber me and my little sister watched since I was 8-9 I’m almost 19 now glad to how far he’s come 💙

    26. BeyondAir

      when you running out of ideas

    27. jinx86

      Seems like a perfect game

    28. Logan Gamez

      Hey man how’s it going in Sweden?

      1. Ishaan Singh

        He moved from sweden

    29. A M


    30. Aditya Dhiman

      Poods look weird without the PEWrings

    31. Jan Ru

      Ranboo play this game too

    32. Zach T

      Don't look up in this game

    33. Zarek Poplawski

      Pewdiepie I got ur gfuel

    34. Ashikaga. Inv


    35. Raspberry-Jam

      55:01, 1:26:16

    36. dyah hapsari


    37. JCUTZ

      All we need to add to this is adding Mark and Jack, then happiness will emerge

    38. bubdastub

      Thumbnail though 😅

    39. jovinprime

      this feel surreal

    40. Chesca Ranullo


    41. Karissa Ann

      Just realized what I am missing in life.......Felix and Ken playing this game together again LOL

    42. Jackie-boy

      I missed Dan, I haven't seen him in years and I'm probably gonna watch some of his older videos

    43. Lucky Owl

      Haven’t seen Dan since I was like 8 watching his Minecraft role play with the villager lmao

    44. CoolbonnieXD

      I see father figure I click

    45. Ryu Kin


    46. Kevin Branam

      Pewdiepie is racist

      1. Piinhgu

        Pewdiepie is not racist man hahaha

    47. Dark side

      ahh yes a colab with dan this is my fav

    48. BLAZE

      You got games on your pc pewds?

    49. Error Playz

      Good morning

    50. Error Playz

      Good morning

    51. Choco Choco Guy


    52. Oofof

      Finally my favorite childhood youtubers finally met

    53. Chief Tiger

      Ken is just out of the picture

    54. Braydin Obrien

      15:59 when felix gets up it looks like he got chased

    55. ඞChistmasMarcus7ඞ


    56. drift and clark

      the thumbnail is what i see when ill die

      1. Wooden Turtle

        @drift and clark *God

      2. drift and clark

        @Wooden Turtle god may bless you

      3. Wooden Turtle

        @drift and clark fair enough. God bless, man

      4. drift and clark

        @Wooden Turtle patato

      5. Wooden Turtle

        @drift and clark wdym wdym

    57. StaryPlayzzz

      Lets just appreciate that they we couldnt hear them for like the first minute or so Edit: Ah yes, my grammar is immaculate, for example “that they we” Ah yes, perfect.

      1. Vinod VT

        Lmao the edit was clean

    58. Meme Lord Of Memes

      This is the best collab in history.

    59. Timuçin Cihangir

      PewDiePie is a spy!

    60. Yes

      Dan... it’s been so long since I watched you you sound so old now 😭✨

    61. Ogimus


      1. Wooden Turtle


    62. Arun Singh

      Tatti Noob

      1. Wooden Turtle

        seek the Lord Jesus Christ

    63. Pie Bond


      1. Wooden Turtle


    64. SnoopyStar

      If I was 9 and saw this I would be shitting myself

    65. Duane Schwingle

      53:03 ... Dan and pewds killin dude by accidentally ripping off his limbs at the same time... made me lose it... Hahaha 🤣🤣

    66. the real GNSS_sniper

      PewDiePie called dan one of the boys wtf

    67. King Doge Playz

      I watched this and I am not member?

    68. Arty Bone

      What the fuck is this game 🎮 hahaha

    69. Phaze Ghost

      pewdiepie speaks to himself on stream for 3 mins

    70. Jack Bosma: TutorJack Network

      Send me a comment to connect on Crowdcast please.

    71. Jay Wright Gaming

      Dan and Leeds colab I’m so happ! :D

    72. Huddle

      I was so confused when pewds was just talking to himself lmaoo

    73. mochi Isn't bad

      I just realized all of yall are dads

    74. Birb fun time

      Welcome to the floor gang

    75. Remmington Mothershead

      seeing DanTDM gave me so much nostalgia

    76. Menthols

      It's hilarious how quickly they lost interest in this crappy game. Sponsored though so have to try to enjoy it.

    77. Jekyll Nelligan

      Felix being an absolutely difficult jackwad XD

    78. CyanPHD

      2013 me would be screaming rn to see these two together

    79. Rodique The Living Legend

      Pewdiepies first subscriber must feel like the king of the world

    80. Iam Nothere


    81. Saki Yoshida

      when did i watch this? in my thing to the right(what is that called....) for next videos i saw this stream and its got the red bar across the bottom which means i watched it but i don't remember watching it? when the fuck did i do this? in my sleep? did i sleep walk to my desk, log in and just watch this in my sleep? timezones are great like that. so weird.

    82. AlyxRycx

      Never thought I would be so surprised to see Dan in Pewd’s video once again!

    83. SOMCHAI


    84. jimmyscrubsboi

      u guys look like some high class doctors, dam

    85. Duckie

      Ducks make me happy

    86. momomo CRONx

      Dantdm wtf

    87. CompilationGods

      follow @CompilationGods for the next upcoming meme and compilation channel!😄

    88. CompilationGods

      follow @CompilationGods for the next upcoming meme and compilation channel!😄

    89. CompilationGods

      follow @CompilationGods for the next upcoming meme and compilation channel!😄

    90. Atlas

      I never thought I’d see the day 😪

    91. Mr -Stillwinning


    92. ♡ . + sakuraa !


    93. Dr. FouFou

      Eyy! Nice to see a childhood legend collaborating with MRplans’s legend!

    94. Yaqin


    95. HeroX Animations


    96. James

      80,000th like!

    97. joe_mãmæ

      39:56 that catch though.

    98. ᴾˡˢ ᴴᵉˡᵖ ᴹᵉ ᵀᵒ ᴿᵉᵃᶜʰ 169ᴷ ˢᵘᵇˢᶜʳⁱᵇᵉʳ ᵀᵒⁿᶦᵍʰᵗ

      Dear parents,, just because your child is smiling at their phone, doesn’t mean they have boyfriend or girlfriend, they just watching this masterpiece.

      1. Jerpy


    99. gio

      no motherfvcking way dan and felix together this is my childhood dream